Over 60 civilians abducted in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, July 13 Xinhua | Military authorities in Cameroon said Monday evening they have launched an investigation into the abduction of at least 63 civilians, including women, who were taken away by gunmen in the troubled English-speaking region of Southwest.

A special investigative squad is on the case, according to the army that has blamed separatists for the kidnapping.

Local sources told Xinhua the civilians were drinking in a bar early Monday in Mmouck Leteh, a locality in Lebialem division of the region, when heavily armed men held them at gunpoint and took them away to an unknown destination.

Armed separatists are known to be operating in the locality that recently witnessed “fierce” clashes between separatist groups leading to the death of five fighters, according to security sources.

Separatists have not claimed responsibility for the abduction.

Fighting between government forces and armed separatist groups has been going on since 2017 after the separatists declared the independence of a nation called “Ambazonia” in the two English-speaking regions of Northwest and Southwest.

According to the United Nations, more than 700,000 Cameroonians have been displaced internally and externally due to the fighting. Enditem

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  1. No, let the gov`t and or military, come clean on this also. Gov`t, is looking for
    every escape route, to distract attention and to get away freely. If lebialem
    is difficult to infiltrate, what else, can they turn to?

  2. ambazonia madness. who are they fighting for? is this a revolution? by kidnapping your own people?. kidnapping is what the tramadol heads are good at. amba na one chance

  3. It was the MOTHER OF ALL BLUNDERS for Dictator Biya to declare war on the peaceful people of Southern Cameroon.
    SC is now almost ungovernable. The security situation is now out of control since more than 2+twenty armed groups are now fighting against LRC terrorists. The junta in Yaounde has no feasible EXIT STRATEGY. That is the reason they have started BEGGING the so-called “terrorists” for a ceasefire.

    Thank God, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE, UNSTOPPABLE and financially UNSUSTAINABLE war will rescue the Anglophones from that sh*thole VIVRE-ENSEMBLE with LRC.

    • Thank God Germany has a generous health system that provides free internet access in psychiatric hospitals so patients can spend their days repeating mantras that have no bearing on reality.

      Thank God Balla created this forum. We can enjoy free entertainment from frustrated individuals who want to turn back the clock of history.

      Thank God the likes of Nambere, Success Nkongho, Okha Naseri Clovis etc are exposing the evil cult that wants to send a whole generation to their graves to satisfy their egos.

      anti-regime/anti-amba Blackleg

  4. this conflict came at a time cameroon was already falling apart..The govt is just made up of some GANGSTERS who dont have a clue ..We all know southern Cameroonians have suffered in this union..When they came up to complain, they were beaten and humiliated..When the went to the streets with leaves, they were shot and killed..Then they decided to pick up arms to defend their families and property..The mighty BIR and the GAngsters thought they will come and crush the determined people in 3 weeks..Today is 4 years and these GANGSTERS in yaounde still dont have a plan.
    We need to meet, talk and solve a long standing dispute..
    We dont need to be calling names of half mad people like Nambere, Success Nkongho, Okha etc who fought LRC and are today eating and drinking with them. EQUALITY for all.

    • BIKO,,,, did you think about what younde, s reaction would be before advising ignorant children to take guns to fight an established army with superior arms and finance? For your information what dictates negotiation terms in all conflicts is the military position you occupy on the ground. Knowing that they are in a superior position with unfinished resources. Younde will never make a compromise.

      • Thank you Bah. I don’t understand why some of our people can’t use their brains. Who is suffering in this their so-called war? Biya or the anglophone people? These Ambazonia na really bad luck people wei they no di use head. Modern freedom fighters don’t use weapons to fight a superior and well equipped gov’t force for they know that it’s like committing suicide. They use their intelligence. Those kids they have deceived to run to the bushes and fight are being killed like flies by the Biya BIRs. They keep on saying that it’s an unwinnable war when anglophones are the ones losing while Biya is going on with his business as if there is nothing happening. They must be very very stupid if they think Biya cares about what is happening in the anglophone region.


      • @ Bah acho

        If you think they have all the weapons and can resist, what progress has your so called military made in restoring calm in the war area? How long has this gone on for? You just come and babble here without a clue about what’s going on. These are sit-tighter, lazy morons who think that they can reconstruct yet their part of the country is sinking each passing day. Look at the stretch of road between Mbounda and Santa. Let them reconstruct that first before thinking about big-for-nothing reconstruction. A well-trained army which started fighting boys with dane guns and not able to put them down, and you come here to talk trash. Wake up from slumber and see how they are using under-hand gymnastics to end the war! What a shame!

      • @BAH: i am not surprise to hear such a comment from you..
        I know in your culture and upbringing, you dont revolt nor rebel against a system..
        You cant even understand that people can protest against inhustice..
        Your stomach is full…Your brain is tired because too much food..
        You are satisfied but dont have the energy to turn around and see how the country is falling apart..The french, Germans, Eu and the chinese are the ones helping you with simple basic neccessities, but all you do is hide, eat sleep and fear BIR..
        Southern Cameroon is a blessing to cameroon for they are the people opening the eyes of the lazy sleeping people like you BAH..If you cant fight for the future of your children to make cameroon a better place for all, then continue to screw your brain with beer and food…

        • BIKO,,,, one of the preconditions necessary to win a Conflict is being coolheaded and rational.showing anger or being emotional is a sign of weakness.if you start a conflict without assurance to win base on calculated thinking. Then it is sucide, i have the impression this is where we are. We are too emotional, no calmness and rationality. This same attitude is found with architects of the so called biafra Republic in Nigeria. They never ask themselves realistically if victory is possible and how will it be obtained?


    The truth always prevails.

    Even a baby in der kindergarten should be aware of the facts that:

    1. there is no place on planet earth known as the so-called NOSO regions of LRC.
    The truth is there is SC , a country EQUAL IN STATUS with LRC
    2. Cameroon is NOT “one and indivisible”:
    The truth is that SC is “one and indivisible” and LRC is also “one and indivicible”
    3. etc.


    A country ruled by deceit and deception is likened to a house built on sand.
    It is common knowledge and a celebrated fact that a house built on sand cannot stand for long.

    Thank God, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE, UNSTOPPABLE and financially UNSUSTAINABLE war will rescue the Anglophones from that sh*thole VIVRE-ENSEMBLE with LRC.


    • Graffi terrorist you are on your own. SWtnersbwill never join your diabolical union.

      • Macme,

        Unstoppable is a proud son of ‘Victoria’, in the South West region of Cmeroon. Tell your SWELA anti-graffi brothers and sisters to stop the finger pointing and join us in the NW region to build a better Cameroon.

        You ought to be ashamed of yourself ….

        • You all are graffi, fight for your region otherwise we will cause more bloodshed. You can team up with your graffi w brothers.

        • Macme,

          You are no different from the zombies. All noise. If you have the balls go after the graffi in Kumba, Limbe and Buea and watch yourself get banished across the Mungo.

          Keep on dreaming instead of trying to build Cameroon.

    • **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

      „Si vous voulez la vérité, sachez donc ceci : si le Gouvernement persiste dans sa répression et son entêtement à maintenir les Anglophones dans l’Etat unitaire, c’est l’Etat du Cameroun qui va s’effondrer et non la Sécession Anglophone“.

      Dieudonné ESSOMBA ( a citizen of LRC )

  6. Cameroon will never divide. Ambafools can kidnap all anglophones but Cameroon will never divide.

    • @Nelson, Tell those foolish people my brother. Let them show us a world map with a country once called Southern Cameroon. European imperial masters will never determine Cameroon’s boundaries that was created by God nor will European languages determine our boundaries. How can you kidnap your own people and say you are fighting the Biya BIRs? Is that not madness?

      • @BOBJAZZ:- my brother are you ignorant or you are just playing the fool..
        To be honest my brother , so you dont know the country cameroon is a union of two separate countries?..
        U dont know west Cameroon had its independence too in OCtober and the french part of cameroon in Jan?..It is a union of two countries, NOTE that well..
        We can fight here and have different opinions but please be honest with history..Tell your children the truth and dont turn history upside down…If you dont know go and read..Southern cameroons is even bigger than Eq. Guinea, Gabon, sierra leone, liberia, Gambia, Botswana , Cape Verde etc etc…
        Southern Cameroon is over 8 Million…

        • Ignorance is a sin. What was their flag and anthem? Who was their president and what currency did they used?

        • @ biko for your information the country Cameroon was one before the imperialists separated it to evenly distribute its natural resources among themselves. That’s why you can never ever find any country called West Cameroon in any world map. You can manipulate history as you want but the facts remain the same. That’s why some of the SW languages are similar to some of the Littoral languages because they were brothers and sisters before being divided by the imperialists. SW and NW people have nothing in common. Western Cameroon was a European fabrication that God reversed and nobody in this world can change it back.

        • @ biko

          My brother, stop wasting your time with morons or rather, ignoramuses (Macme & bobjazz) who continue to live in self deceit and self denial. That is the lie they’ve been taught since they were tadpoles in primary school before growing into bullfrogs. Let them bring the other parts of the German Kamerun in Chad, Central African Rep, Congo and Gabon before exposing their stupidity here.

        • Von jesco,

          Besides insults and violence, what did you learn from your foster colonial fathers the anglo-shacksons?

          Well, if you think your rubber guns and odeshi will take you to Buea, oya fight all you want for all I care. Just remember that they people you victimize today will one day use the very violence you claim LRC is using.

          If you think calling others names will convince a black leg like me then you need to restock your arsenal.

          The black legs are coming for you, starting in the US. Eric Tataw, Sako Ikome, Chris Anu etc. All of you in the kidnapping rings will go down. Kikikikiki

        • @ von jesco you can make your noise as much as you want. The European languages can never ever separate us from our brothers and sisters. If you don’t like to be a Cameroonian, you are free to go to England and worship your queen there. READ MY LIPS: Cameroon will never ever separate. If you vex, go enter bottle.

  7. Many are thinking that the military, is not dying. You are mistaken. They too,
    have widows, ophants and families, lamenting. Because of the Ambazonian struggle
    for independence, even Biya, is greatly touched. Is anyone, seeing Biya? That is
    the power of a people`s resolve. When all will end, both sides, will lick their wounds.
    Make no mistakes, SC, have giving the frogs, a blow of the century, regardless. Truth,
    is truth.

    • You see what I mean? you Ambazonians don’t use your brains. For your information @ joshua Biya likes what’s going on right now. He knows that the more divided the country is the easier for him to stay in power and handover to his son Frank Biya without any real opposition unlike if the country was united. He knows your Ambazonia thugs are no match to his BIRs. Trust me if Biya wants to eliminate those your Ambazonia thugs in a week he will do it but he knows it is disadvantageous to him. All your thugs do is kidnap and kill anglophones which doesn’t affect Biya in anyway. How does depriving anglophone schools from going to school affect Biya? While other African cities are progressing, you are there destroying yours in the name of fighting a war.

      • @bobjazz

        New cities shall rise up in gold and diamonds and you frogs will continue to wallow in mud. Watch and see!

        • keep dreaming. ambazonia will end on facebook. What type of revolution that they kidnap and kill their own people na?. Cameroon will never divide papa. i supported the ambazonia nonsense when it started . i stop when i realized it was a money making business for thieves in diaspora and it was senseless and full of destruction of the anglophone community. Cameroon will never separate. we should unit as one Cameroon and see how we can better our country. At a time Africa is trying to unit as one i dont separation is an option. ambozonia is senseless. we have inflicted suffering on ourselves with ambazonia dullness.

  8. Leave CAMEROON alone, and go back to where your ancestors belong, EU!

    All these equatorial Anglo-Saxon and Gaulists thugs are the reason why Africa will never progress. No matter how high one pulls Africa up, these Anglo and Gaulists DEVILS will always drag her down.

    If I had the means, believe me, I’ll kick the s### out of their entrails until total submission to Africa…

    • Good passion.

      The problem is that Biya has been a stooge and Cameroon like other Francophonie countries are governed from France.
      Ghana’s GDP 2019 est. is $68 billion and Cameroon’s in 2019 is $38 billion. Ghana is 30 million people and Cameroon 27 million. Ghana is half the size of Cameroon. What accounts for the difference?

      Ghana is a democracy, has change of power and relatively independent on the world stage. Ghanaian president is a policy make and “Year of Return” was a genius idea. People of African heritage across the world- US, UK, EU, Jamaica, Canada etc. are flocking into Ghana. There’s cashflow and velocity of transactions. Yep, more foreign exchange earnings.

      Biya is a stooge whose “Me Alone, I can do it all” mentality set his country into a wreck.

      Love Cameroon not Biya.

      • So what’s your point then? Can’t get it.

        Didn’t I not say ” Leave CMR alone”?


        on another note, Success Ngongho has torn his Amba passport into VERY tiny pieces. At least he’s is coming back to square one where some of us were 4 yrs ago.

        The prob is the system, and until we all join hands together to break the neck of that system, nobody is running away, none….there shall be no con short to solving our prob. For, Franco or Anglo, we’ve all organised chaos in that beautiful TRIANGLE, none is innocent, directly/indirectly. Not even me. But I have vowed never to sell an inch of CMR for personal aggrandizement.

        I don’t wish to be squashed in the bowels of CMR whenever my resting time comes…


        They would soon be chasing CMRs out of Ghana…we have to fix our own compound.

        • —Didn’t I say—

        • “Leave CMR alone” may be your approach but I have a different take.

          First of all, I do not take the route of Amba. That’s settled.
          Biya and cronies are the ones to “leave CMR alone”. It is long overdue.

          The use of Ghana was to demonstrate a country that was poorer than CMR when Biya was HANDED power and how it came out of dictatorship by the man who was in power and transitioned into a civilized economy where political ideas and economic prescriptions are traded in the public square. Rawlings did a great job stepping aside. He at least won an election.

          Biya is bereft of the citizenry distrusting him and is afraid of being prosecuted for stealing and manipulating his stay in office. No love of country.
          You don’t need to be in Ghana. For CMR to thrive the system must change in truth.

      • @ Nwambo, That your comparison is wonderful. We should be doing better than Ghana if we had real leadership and democracy. Some of our brothers here want to take us back to the 19th century where Africans were known for killing each other and not using their brains to look for solutions to their problems. Fortunately Rawlings did that for Ghana. Here in Cameroon, the Biya regime and the Ambazonians are our problem. We have to look for a way to eradicate them in order for Cameroon to attain the Ghanaian standard. What a disgrace. When I was in Cameroon, Ghanaians and Ethiopians were looking for greener pastures in Cameroon but today look at the impoverished Ethiopia and look at Ghana compared to Cameroon. Biya has really really put us à genoux and the ambazonians are helping him do it.

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