Paul Biya decrees state funeral for late business tycoon Pascal Monkam

Business in Cameroon | On April 5, 2021, President Paul Biya signed a decree announcing the organization of a state funeral for business tycoon Pascal Monkam, who died of illness in Pretoria (South Africa) last February 27.

Through this state funeral, to be held on April 10, 2021, in Bakassa, the whole country is paying tribute to the man who was one of the first economic operators in the country’s history.

Pascal Monkam, who died at 90, left an impressive legacy to the Cameroonian economy in several sectors like the hotel, real estate, and mass distribution.

In a recent tribute to the late businessman, SABC group indicated that he was one of the 52 distributors that entered brewery products distribution when they started operations in 1948. “At the creation of Union camerounaise des brasseries (UCB) in 1969, 51 of the [SABC] distributors became shareholders of UCB. Only Monkam Pascal chose to remain loyal to SABC. With his demise, Castel group has lost one of its loyal partners,” SABC wrote in the tribute to its all-time largest distributor.

Pascal Monkam was one of the largest brewing products’ distributors but he also had luxury hotels in Cameroon and South Africa. In Cameroon, he built the La Falaise hotels in Bonandjo, Akwa, Bonapriso, and Bafang. In South Africa, the Monkam Pascal twin towers, the Pretoria Hotel, the Tamboti Lodge, and the Park Lodge Hotel also belong to him.

With his demise, Cameroon has lost one of its first economic operators like Joseph Kadji Defosso, Samuel Kondo, Jean Samuel Noutchogoing, and Victor Fotso.

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  1. A State funeral for a private business man is an abuse of executive powers

  2. Anyone who promoted the use of collectible and re usable glass bottles anywhere in the world as opposed to polluting plastic bottles should have a good send off

  3. what charity did this business tycoon Pascal Monkam run in one of the poorest, deprived country cameroon in the world? with all the luxurious life style he lived in a foreign country as a tycon his own native country of birth is a embarrassing, dirty shithole dictatorship banana republic where 80% of youths have no jobs, 90% of the population live in poverty, 80% of the youths population are illiterates,99% of the population lack basic human necessities,99% of the population have no freedom of speach against a regressive tyrant corrupt regime run by dotage dictators of one failed unpatriotic cpdm party of bullying, crooked blood money thieveswhite