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Paul Biya exhorte le gouvernement Dion Nguté à « déployer les efforts nécessaires pour assurer un meilleur accueil aux investisseurs »

Investir au Cameroun | Le 16 janvier 2019, s’est tenu au palais de l’Unité à Yaoundé, la capitale du pays, le tout premier Conseil des ministres du gouvernement Dion Nguté, mis en place le 4 janvier dernier, au terme d’un réaménagement gouvernemental.

Le chef de l’Etat, Paul Biya (photo), a saisi l’occasion pour exhorter l’équipe Dion Nguté à « déployer les efforts nécessaires pour assurer un meilleur accueil aux investisseurs […] et à leur accorder les facilités appropriées », souligne le communiqué officiel ayant sanctionné la rencontre.

Selon la même source, le président de la République a par ailleurs rappelé aux membres du gouvernement les principaux points du programme économique, financier et culturel du Cameroun pour l’année 2019 – présenté en novembre 2018 aux parlementaires – en les invitant à le considérer comme une feuille de route.

Ce programme est bâti, rappelle le communiqué susmentionné, autour de « la maîtrise des contraintes sécuritaires à l’intérieur du pays comme aux frontières ; la consolidation de la paix, de l’unité nationale et du vivre-ensemble ; le parachèvement de la mise en place du Plan d’urgence triennal pour l’accélération de la croissance, ainsi que l’exécution du Plan triennal « Spécial Jeunes », la préparation des prochaines élections législatives, municipales et régionales ».

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  1. Foreign investors must be listening very keenly to find their silver linings. First some basic questions:

    Is the government in partnership with investors (NEXXTEL, CDC, CAMTEL, CAMAIR, ) or a supervisory position overseeing what and how business is done? Do foreign investments have to take permission from the government for their internal functioning – when to go to the bathroom and do heavy duty (poo) or light duty (pee)? Does the government decide who is employed and to perform what function? Does government pry into Dangote’s internal workings the same way it does ORANGE, NEXXTEL, etc?

  2. The lazy diaper wearing dictator signs decrees and gives instructions. CameroUnese are equally naive, if they want the imbecile dictator and his inactive regime they can vandalise everything and that will force him to step aside

  3. Dead man walking

  4. Augustine Enow Agbor

    Where are we with “emergence 2035”? Cowards chasing their own tails. Capital is very mobile in the 21st century business environment, so countries compete to provide the best business environment to attract investors. To attract manufacturing jobs, we must offer an environment with lower production costs and higher productivity. However, we invest peanuts in education, infrastructures are absent or inferior when present, institutions are very weak, and poor governance and corruption is rife.
    The war in Anglophone Cameroon and in the north increase the cost of business etc. Biya’s wishful thinking is amazing

  5. Hehehehe…let them continue to blame France and the FCFA
    Capital is not blind

  6. we cant expect anything from such a meeting..
    It took 16 mins..
    A minsiterial appiontment in Cameroon is just a possibility for Biya to thank the irresponsible people for being loyal to him..
    Then members and friends will come and dance..
    Nothing is functioning is this failed state..
    Cameroonians have become too use to the system that they dont even know wrong from right…

  7. Food as Medicine

    Investors in Mining, Acid food ‘manufacturing’, Healthcare through treatment instead of prevention, Timber, Junk food importation, all for profit and no consideration for mother nature. Where are we heading to? We upset the natural every single day, to please our selfish egos when infact we need so little to live so long, healthy and happy. We build mansions that stand high long after we are buried even before we are 40 years old but the wise ones are still in the jungles, not many left who can still see through the rest of us all who; like it or not, are guilty of failing mother nature.They are on the mountains and down in the valleys living and eating plant based and celebrating what we will never attain, birthdays above a hundred years old with little or noneed for care from their kids


    **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    Dictator Biya should take note that:

    1. Justice is the condition sine qua non for sustainable and lasting peace.
    2. Sustainable and lasting peace is the condition sine qua non for economic development