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Paul Biya to address Cameroonians on Tuesday

cgtn | The Head of State Paul Biya will address the nation on Tuesday September 10 at 8pm Local Time, the civil cabinet at the Presidency has announced.

The message will be broadcast on radio and television, the Director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency Samuel Mvondo Ayolo said in a communiqué.

However, no further details were given on the message from the Head of State but it is widely reported that Paul Biya will focus on the crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

It is very uncommon for the Head of State to address the nation from the traditional dates which Cameroonians have been accustomed to, notably; to the diplomatic corps at the start of every year, on February 10 to youths and December 31 to the nation.

More to follow…

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  1. According to the constitution, the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is BILINGUAL. That was the raison d’être for creating the so-called commission on bilingualism.
    The President will surely be making a mockery of the constitution and the bilingual commission if he addresses the people of the bilingual country only in french.

    • Having said that, permit me also to remind the Dictator cum President that Dr. Foncha is no longer around. Simply put, the present NEVER AGAIN GENERATION is wiser than the FONCHA GENERATION. It is therefore not possible to use cosmetic measures to deceive them.
      It is common knowledge that the following strategies and measures have failed:

      1. the BIR
      2. the commission on disarmament
      3. the commission on bilingualism
      4. sending Anglophone CPDM sycophants to “dialogue” with Anglophone CPDM sycophants
      5. decentralisation
      6. etc

      It is therefore high time for the Dictator to propose something that is acceptable to the “secessionists”. This SOMETHING is either:



      2. SEPARATION of the the INFORMAL union into two independent countries: SC and LRC

    • The above-mentioned options are the only PEACEFUL scenarios acceptable to the “secessionists”.
      Believe me or not, any proposals from Dictator Biya that does not include the above-mentioned options will be considered as a sheer waste of precious time and energy. LRC will NEVER EVER again be considered as an ISLAND OF PEACE. Simply put, the “secessionists” will continue to defend the land of their ancestors till the last man standing.

      The ball is now in the court of Dictator Biya. He can decide to continue with his sh*thole UNWINNABLE war or choose one of the above-mentioned peaceful options.
      One thing is 100% certain:

      the Anglophone Question will be resolved this time come rain come shine. There is absolutely Biya, Macron or any other person or group of persons can do to prevent it.

    • @VICTORY

      you are very idiot and dull

      you needs to take your psych medication ” son of a bitch ”

      you re here talking about war , but your parents are living in Douala “water nah water”

      • Man your english is so bad and terrible.Please you can do so in your vernacular and avoid the disgrace.He @victory is entitled to his opinion…just like your very poor usage of english.

        • What are you doing in Sweden whereas the centre of action is in NW/SW?

          Your mission in Sweden was to plant trees, 24/7, for a year and return to your village in CMR.

          Newspaper distribution go shu poh-poh malambi for da kontri, you go distributam sotai ya own cam meetup you…

        • Hahaha…Riff raff…are you still worried about what i do and my location? Hahaha.

    • Dictator Biya is part of the problems of the country. He is surely not part of the solution.

      The best-case scenario for the country is the RESIGNATION of Dictator Biya.
      The chances that he might RESIGN today is 60%.


      • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

        Dictator Biya has finally drawn the battle line.
        He swore that he can offer only DECENTRALISATION. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS

        Simply put, onöy the war will decide the fate of the INFORMAL UNION.

        Southern Cameroonians will fight to the last man standing to liberate themselves.

        The future of the country is very bleak.


      • Thank God, Ambazonian leaders have finally agreed to unite. Hon. Joseph Wirba joins Amba leadership team.
        They will meet in the UK to finally stamp the unity deal. Hon. Joseph Wirba, CIC Ayaba Cho, Sisiku AyukTabe’s rep and some high profile activists including Mark Bareta, AmbaNews and others will be there. The date is Saturday, Oct 5, 2019. The upgrading of the weapons of Amba boys will be item number one on the agenda. Dictator Biya thinks that only his terrorist soldiers have the monopoly of violence. HE missed a golden opportunity today to find a peaceful solution to the impasse, Only the war will now decide the fate of the INFORMAL VIVRE-ENSEMBLE. The speech today was for the consumption of the international community. That is why he praised the successes of the disarmament comm.

  2. In 1945 after Japan was defeated militarily and brought under political control with an American written constitution. Japanese industrialist sad down and decided the best way to defend the countries sovereignty was to concentrate one hundred percent on the Industrial sector. Building a highly vibrant industry was the only way to give Japanese people decent life, and the same time maintaining the countries strength even under control. We are faced with a similar situation. Either we forget about who is president. Concentrate on industry knowing we will obtain results equal to the effort invested. Or continue waiting for change of leadership that is not going to happen. Even if it did, we still have to work extremely hard to catch up and surpass others.

    • How can forget of a president , who is treated like a semi God in Cameroon..You see his pictures hanging all over the place..Everybody starts talking by calling his name..?
      The culture of the people in power is disgausting..Money , large sums of money have been given to BETI-BULZU people, but they have not been able to do any good to the country..
      You give a lazy people political power, they cant progress nor take the country forward..
      You give them economic power, they eat and broke the pots…
      @BAH: your line of reasoning confirms you have either eaten too much bread and sardine and now thinks with your stomach or you are blind and suffer from denial..Nothing cannot work in Cameroon today withouth a good organized political structureyour stomach is too full to think as a marure man.

  3. Popol, leave your bag of tricks and promises home and come clean! There is still time to save your fiefdom. Free all political prisoners, stop the genocide, accept meaningful dialogue to address the political, social and economic problems hurting lrc. Rebuild on a system based laws, merit, accountability, and national pride. The choice is yours and so are the consequences.

    • Camer believer (Colby)

      @Fai fonso i hope you’re from one of our neibhouring countries like @OJe,@Brown sugar etc… who use to visit our website on reading your post otherwise you will not like the answer I will give to you.

  4. Nothing good comes from la republic, annexationists. The lazy diaper wearing tyrant has nothing to say

  5. Deja Vu!!!!!

    • Big John,
      I will be very surprised if any substantial or decisive come out of this.
      By the way and just by the way, it is said whatever we will hear was taped earlier, in fact, as far as last Saturday

  6. Is it the old Paul Biya or a new picture of Paul Biya, that will address the nation?
    Just curious, though. It will just be the usual jargons, for formality sake.

  7. Nothing good can come out from this Man. He is just playing games as usual. One day he will be held accountable.

    • @bitter leaf.. who actually is going to hold him accountable? UN? don’t think so as he just got a 10B FCFA bonus for his “hard work” for stabilising the economy and whole of CEMAC. so it’s time we all understand that 1. he’s got the international community on his side. 2. he’s got time and resources to drag this on as long as he wants (so is the next person if he passes away). i have never seen a fight for freedom where it’s the supposed people you claim u are fighting for their future who tends to suffer the most from kidnappings and killings. anyways i just dey pass na to pass

      • @ spizy you just made my day. Make God bless you. I have said this so many times and these Ambazonians still can’t understand.

  8. see me those nyamfukas here ” ambasonia is a terrorist organization period

    • BAMENDABOY:_ you are just a brainless non creative lower class citizen..
      We will fight, exchange ideas and liberate cameroon..
      People like you dont have a place in any part of the world..
      You cant even speak any language not to talk of your own language in Cameroon..
      be happy you can ake noise here..
      When Cameroon is free, we cant even put you in a pit latrine ..
      We will wash you, make u clean and send u to school to start re-education…
      Your brain is lover than that of the most retarded creature..
      You dont have a brain to think, no ideas to share and in short you are nothing…

      Sorry i even waste time writing about u…
      U dont deserve to be flushed in a pit latrine in Southern Cameroon ..You are too dirty..

  9. He is coming to say how he has succeeded in quelling the social and political uprising in Ambazonia, in the same way, he said peace had returned in Ambaland and the dodgy commission on bilingualism with his hand-picked cronies, was ready to do its work in peace.

    He will tell us how he has won the war by capturing the leaders of the Ambazonian struggle and how the wonderfully rotten justice system of lrc has come to bear on them, how they are now out of the picture.

    He will tell us how Cameroon is one and indivisible, how the Cameroonian military has never committed any atrocities. He will tell us through every orifice in his dark soul. Else what can you expect from a buffoon whose overburdened cabinet is composed of pathological liars and ex-convicts? Total buffoonery!

  10. The fire economic situation of Cameroon has resulted in strange bedfellows carrying out criminal joint ventures right before the citizenry!!!
    Take the case of a court judge demanding five million ( 5,000,000) CFA francs as condition to appeal against the judgement passed on the Nera Ten. How reasonable was this? By which laws of the land? Wasn’t that not a shrewd method to forestall any appeal?

    Most countries refuse to negotiate with kidnappers, extortionists, etc because doing so only goes to encourage others to enact similar criminal acts!!!!!
    UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterrez seems to be outdoing IMF boss, Lagarde in funding the Yaounde dictatorship!!

  11. I am convinced that this man B.I.Y.A. may well have lost his mind.
    I cannot believe he actually came to spew the gar.bage. that he spewed.
    He can continue to tickle himself and laugh, we are convinced that we must leave.
    We must continue to contribute funds to free ourselves.

  12. Cameroon is lost.
    What a waste of opportunity. The most inappropriate speech regarding the very dangerous situation the country is in.

    I still cannot believe this man came out of hiding to say such little and even kept on provoking.

    I feel sorry for Cameroon. I have finally lost all hopes. Only a miracle can now save the country.

  13. CRY MY BELOVED COUNTRY !!!! We need this fratricidal war to end. Please people should stop spewing the nonsense about people being comfortable elsewhere and fanning the flames of war. What about the hawks in Yaounde? Have they sent their children to fight the war? Are their children members of the BIR? Have they themselves gone to the forefront to fight? We call that “deux poids, deux mesures” in French (Double standards in English, I believe. Please lets pray for the end of this war instead of propagating such inanities. Its a bad situation that needs to come to an end, Stupid. CRY MY BELOVED COUNTRY!!!!!

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