Prison à vie confirmée en appel pour le leader séparatiste Sisiku Ayuk Tabe

RFI | La condamnation à la prison à vie du chef séparatiste anglophone Sisiku Ayuk Tabe a été confirmée en appel jeudi 17 septembre. Arrêté en 2018, celui qui se présente comme le leader de l’Ambazonie, a été condamné l’an dernier par un tribunal militaire pour « sécession » et « terrorisme » en lien avec le conflit dans les régions anglophones du Cameroun.

L’audience aura duré moins de 20 minutes. Le président de la cour d’appel a confirmé le verdict : la prison à vie pour Sisiku Ayuk Tabe et ses neuf co-accusés, tous militants séparatistes arrêtés au Nigeria il y a deux ans et extradés vers le Cameroun.

« Les juges se sont comportés comme des chargés de mission et non comme des juges en charge de rendre la justice. Comment peut-on juger une affaire aussi grave en si peu de temps ? », s’indigne l’avocat du séparatiste anglophone. Emmanuel Simh.

« Lors du procès au tribunal militaire de Yaoundé, il avait également été jugé très rapidement en une seule nuit, ni nos clients ni les avocats n’avaient été entendus, déplore-t-il. Nous demandions à l’époque que la traduction du procès soit faite en anglais. Le tribunal militaire, qui n’a pas voulu nous suivre, a jugé nos clients en notre absence. Ils n’ont pas été entendus ni à cette audience militaire, encore moins à la cour d’appel ».

L’avocat des militants séparatistes estime qu’il y a eu déni de justice depuis le début du procès, ses clients n’ayant pu présenter leur défense, ajoutant qu’il compte bien se pourvoir en cassation devant la Cour suprême du Cameroun.

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  1. Here we are 4 years after parading around like Anglophones nominated him like their president. Some of the same people who were applauding his delusion have now abandoned him in the refuse of history.

    Sako Ikome, Chris Anu, Eric Tataw, Mark Bareta, Cho Ayaba, Emmanuel Ngong aka Capo Daniel, Tapang Ivo, and Akwanga should remember what awaits them when the blood they have spilled catches up with them…


    • RrotherJosephus aka Massayo

      You are no match for Dr Cho Ayaba you remnant of Muna infested Sawa refuse with your sh#t filled mouth. Ayaba remains Biya’s nightmare and he will eventually send him to an early grave.

      If you have balls bigger than the size of a grape go to Maryland and face the Sako who is your neighbour you little bastard.

      For you and Biya, I’ll leave you with the latin phrase …”MEMENTO MORI!”

      • Dr who? Kikikikikikikikikikikikiki. Isn’t he the sent one that sent 36 of his boys into Sako’s killer’s hands?

        This palava concern na wuna and wuna cousin dem for etoudi. If na hungry blood di do you abeg go drink am you coward.


        • Go to Maryland and face Sako you sh$t no wipe lass. All you know is the Achu and Mutzig hotspots and all the Ashawo corners in Maryland. Open you dirty mouth call Ayaba yi name I go castrate your small tiny mbangas where you stand. Bad luck Metta disease. I don’t know what is wrong with the thought process of some of you Momo people. Always in the forefront of establishing a killer system amongst those you try to associate with and too wonder shey we expose your Muna Sawa ancestry. Go tell Mbah Acha that just like Mbah Ndam, Fabian and Hariett Fomunki, Uchiba Nelson, and Tassang Wilfred, Irene Ngwa met their Waterloo, you’ve met yours.

        • L’enemy,

          You forget to mention Cho Ayaba, Tapang Ivo Tanku, Chris Anu, Mark Bareta, Eric Tataw, Ebenezer Akwanga, Ngong Emmanuel and J Carr.

          These individuals who are sponsoring beheadings and the kidnapping ring will face justice for their crimes against Anglophones. And it wouldn’t be in a court in Yaounde run by their brothers.

          My Trip To Buea and War draft for clear Heineken for ya head. Dull cultists..



    The ruling of te KANGAROO court is indeed a blessing to the struggle. Itis another crystal clear proof that the criminals ruling the so-called ” one and indivisible” LRCare interested only in VENGEANCE; nothing more nothing less. They consider reconciliation as a sign of weakness. That is the reason they are still dreaming of achieving a military solution tothe Anglophone Question.
    The ruling of the KANGAROO court will therefore serve as a warning and wake up call to all Southern Cameroon who still believe in a “one and indivisible” LRC.
    Of court, the judgement will surely help to increase the momentum of the struggle and intensify the war.The ruling is crystal clear proof that Anglophones are an endangered species .


      LRC is ruled by the most corrupt, dishonest, faithless, deceitful, arrogant, foolish, stupid, despicable, evil, demonic and insensitive people in this world.

      A country ruled by deceit, deception and terror is likened to a house built on sand.
      It is common knowledge and a celebrated fact that a house built on sand cannot stand for long.

      Thank God, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE, UNSTOPPABLE; UNCONTROLLABLE and financially UNSUSTAINABLE war will rescue the Anglophones from that sh*thole VIVRE-ENSEMBLE with LRC.


  3. `Time, will vindicate them`, Joshua.
    Those who can remember, will quote me tomorrow. To keep Sissiku in Kondengue
    is to use him as a porn. He elected to be seen and called that, because of the type
    of the poor choices he has made so far – cabals and thinking he is a `be all and end all`.

  4. To live in a world and yet not be part of that world is the most absurd thing any sane human beings can dare to celebrate.

    General Pierre Semengue is chest thumping about his victory over FECAFOOT. He claims he did not use his military might! Where does football stand today?

    Mrs. Germaine Ahidjo today, like her daughter Aminatou Ahidjo yesterday, is distancing herself from Barrister Alice Nkom for appealing to Chantal Biya on her behalf, yet she has run out of steam in fighting to bring home for burial the remains of her dictator husband.

    Last night a Yaounde appeal court judge upheld the life jail sentences and others passed on the Nera 10 by a lower court after some laughable calisthenics.

    Permission for RDPC demonstration is OK, but for Kamto supporters it is tagged INSURRECTION.

  5. @joshua ”To keep Sissiku in Kondengue is to use him as a porn”. ……U this Sako’s milk head…How did Sisiku’s imprisonment stoped Sako from using the MTTB funds to buy guns and good explosives to fight LRC? Sisiku is in jail,Sako is outside.How is Sisiku stopping Sako from using the MTTB money to take the war to the door steps of LRC? U this Sako’s milk heads like to shift the debate.Let Sako use the funds in his disposal and fight LRC and stop concentrating on what ever conspiracy u are cooking up to nail Sisiku becos u want Sako to stay relevant..a huge chunk of Ambasonian’s money is with Sako..Let him use it and fight LRC……If he and his gang have chopped all the money,then know that they will go to jail for thievery…

    • @Kongosa,

      I di enjoy dis wuna inter-cult war. Keep it up! Kikikikikikikikiki

      • @kongosa, don`t pretend, like you have either forgotten or you don`t
        know that too much money was put in the hands of almighty Sissiku
        when this whole thing started. Until now, is there any accountability?
        Just be honest, for once. And where, is any likely balance?
        Sako, used money from what source, to fight for the world, to know
        where the Nera 10 where. And he used money, not words, for Sissiku+
        case in Nigeria. It wasn`t words, that did all this, boy.

  6. hahahah ambazonia facebook country. Bda people donc suffer

  7. @joshua U are not making any sense….Ambasonians moneys is with Sako, and Sako is outside,he is not in jail like Sisiku….Let him use the money and fight LRC and stop diverting the debate…Those of u who keep supporting Sako’s thievery will not be there when he will be arrested and taken to jail in America for that money….Just wait.It’s just a matter of time…

    • Kongosa,

      i am not sure this will make you feel better but you can be assured that Reverend Dr. President Sako Ikome will spend the rest of his natural life in an American jail for embezzlement, fraud and the ordering of the killing of innocent people in the North West and South West of Cameroon.

      American ngata no get kwacoco…

      Meanwhile, keep the inter-cult war going. It is very entertaining. Kikikikikikikikikikikikiki

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