PWD Bamenda champions of Cameroon as season cancelled

(Reuters) Cameroon has cancelled the rest of its league season and declared leaders PWD Bamenda as champions, the country’s football federation said on Tuesday.

Cameroon is the eighth African country to abandon plans to resume the season, which has been curtailed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bamenda were leading Coton Sport by a single point, and had also played one match fewer, when the championship was suspended in mid-March. There were six rounds still to complete.

It is a first title for the club from the country’s north-west region, who now qualify for next season’s African Champions League.

No team will be relegated from the top flight, the federation added, but the top two sides in the second division are promoted to an expanded 20-team league next season.

Leagues in Angola, Burkina Faso, Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mauritius and Niger have already cancelled the rest of their season as African football grapples with the impact of the coronavirus.

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  1. Camerbeleiver (Colby)

    Congratulations though the season ended in that way…

    • @Stupid Colby

      What congratulation? all your sinister ploys to win a war you cannot win will meet a brick wall. Stop lying to the world and listen to what the Americans are telling you by starting to call a ceasefire, withdraw your genocidal army and initiate an open dialogue with no preconditions while releasing every single prisoner of conscience linked to the Anglophone crisis else there will never be any end in violence. It has been proven beyond reasonable that the phantom entity called Cameroun must be disintegrated so that those who can manage their affairs by themselves can get along and develop their territory.

      Anyway someone at the top in Fecafoot saw an opportunity to loot the rest of the money that was budgeted for the league hence a premature termination to please Amba.

  2. Bamenda is suddenly becoming ” too good to be true” – Miss Cameroon, Best D1 team, Best Agric products, etc.

    The only problem is this. Whenever something is “too good to be true”, it is probably not good enough. Take a second look!

    As with Ambassador Christophe Guilhou’s stage-managed visit to Unity Palace, there may be a gulf as big as the Grand Canyon between the real and the make-believe.

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