“Racism is part of my daily life”

BeSoccer | André Onana was honest on ‘Radio Sport Info’ in Cameroon about a sad problem in the world today and which he himself suffers from everyday.

The death of Geroge Floyd at the hands of Derek Chauvin has provoked the anger and indignation from half the world.

André Onana has given his point of view in his country, where he has again reported suffering racism every day in Europe. This isn’t just a thing in North America.

“Of course, I have experienced racism. It’s part of my daily life, especially when we play an away game with Ajax”, he started saying on ‘Radio Sport Info’ in Cameroon.

“I hear things, I see things… But, fortunately, I’ve decided not to think about it too much. This plague exists in football and it won’t end soon”, the ex-Barca youth goalkeeper continued.

Onana stuck his chest out because of the good standard of goalkeepers from his country, Cameroon, and remembered Fabrice Ondoa, ex-teammate of his at Barca B and the Cameroon National Team.

“Cameroon is a blessed land for goalkeepers. And I’m not the only one who feels the weight of responsibility. Fabrice (Ondoa) is also aware of this”

In the past, Ondoa confessed that an Italian team was close to signing him but didn’t end up making it because he was black.

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  1. There is nothing shocking in his experience. What is shocking is seeing some African university graduates worshiping a red status in the image of the enemy while complaining at the same time. An African can not be for self or group respect and the same time Christian. Christianity is aryan disrespect for other philosophies.

  2. There’s no difference between the racism you suffer and the tribalism your Beti/Bulu clan in upholding in Cameroon. Cameroonians have been subjected to almost 40 years of servitude by your tribal war lords and the earlier you the younger generation and influencers speak up against this the ever things will be for our entire race. The genocidal army killing, burning and looting in especially the NW is completely of Bulu/Beti extraction. 40 years of placing your people in every position of power in the judiciary, executive, military and legislature is as evil as the American police orchestrating daily killings of blacks people. Hypocrites!

    • You just said it all in summary. What Ahidjo, Biya / France have done to the
      people of SC for close to 60 years, deserves more than what we see in the US,
      today. Man`s inhumanity to man. Let`s not be fooled, because we have IDPs
      in French Cameroon and the air is quiet for once.
      Unfortunately too, the church, out of it`s quest to make economic gains, has
      failed to stand firm on truth about it for for long a time.

    • The Ewondo-Beti-Bulu-Hausa conspiracy in Cameroon does the same thing. The moment I arrived at the airport in Cameroon, they accosted me and started the normal intimidation in french. I requested someone speak in English and quickly the officer stated that “c’est un pays bilingue, il faut comprendre la francais”. I decided to stay on the english lane. I understood him, he didn’t understand me. He got upset, tried to yank my baggage and I declined. He brought a colleague, didn’t speak English either. Finally, they got to their senses and got a Bami who barely spoke Pidgin Lingala. I requested them to put on gloves and use hand sanitizer before getting into my luggage. I challenged them to open the bags of the French whites who violate our people in Paris upon arrival. They gave up. Shame!

      • You did great holding your forte like a true Ambazonian.

      • [email protected] thanks for stating that you did what your supposed to do anyway ,which is expect a minimum standard of service from taxpayers public services ,which is as you have shown is applicable . .All public servents have decided to serve in Cameroon a dual language country ,plus a minimum courtesy requirement of basic sentences in the local languages wherever they are temporarily stationed . It’s a matter of best service to provide and be proud of doing so ,glad you gently guided them to this fact everyone else should follow suit .Its also shocking that they didn’t wear the gloves and Could accidentally infect other passengers belongings ,collleges and their own families with this unproven on how It attaches ,moving virus .

  3. Take courage my brother! Your faith and your perseverance will help you through. We are behind you. Cameroon first everything else second

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