Raissa Kengne speaks up after judge asks her to be silent [+video]

Two people are dead and another is hospitalized after authorities say Raissa Kengne opened fire at an apartment building. A Fulton County judge denied bond for the woman accused of “targeting” people in shootings in Midtown.

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  1. This is what happens to people when they lose Thier language culture and classical traditions that guide behaviour and regulate society.adopting an Aryan tongue comes with adopting thier costoms.candidate for execution?

  2. Here comes the schmuck again. What has culture and language got to do with criminality and trial at the locus where the crime was committed?

    By the way, where is the dam you were to build and create hundreds of jobs?

    • Thanks for replying to that deuchbag above infact when I see him commenting on an article I don’t bother to check the details.Plus what amazes me is how the deuchbag calling himself bah or whatever has a personal vendetta with any thing USA probably most have been denied a visa.

      • platini,,,,,,what is absolutely shooking is that when one arrives in america,it is nearly impossible to see you where the future wealth of america is created.last year when i was visiting the potato expo event.i did not see one african resident in america exposing there.all africans i saw there came from nigeria,kenya ethiopia and they were farmers looking for buyers and other technical solutions.at the same time you are there doing menial jobs paying debts while aryans become rich.no long term vesion,no aspiration to even employ others.living in america is an achievment in itself.one can not be more irrational than this.look at the millions of people sleeping on the streets there,and you are talking about visa?in which america are you?

  3. ambaman,,,,,for your information the way people think and act is guided by the specificity of thier culture carried by language.once you lose your language,you lose your culture and automatically adopt the culture of the language you speak.if you examine the profile of those who commit this kind of crimes in america.you will realize they are all of anglo ethnic stock with english names.you adopt thier language,you adopt thier costoms becoming a hybrid.
    continue waiting for the dam i said i told you i was building.i will certainly come and show you in america where you are doing salaried work.i now employ 2400 people .does america make people stupid and bakcward?