Rapid Degradation of Roads in Douala

Cameroon Tribune | Some of the newly constructed roads even get bad before they are officially handed over.

Douala has an acute problem of roads and despite efforts made by the government and the City Council, the issue still persists given the rapid degradation which gives the impression of starting all over again every time. A case in point is the newly-constructed road running from Ecole Publique Deido to the university residential area, Ange Raphael.

Though the road was re-tarred less than a year ago, it is already full of fissures and potholes around the stretch passing through Camtel Bepanda. At the level of the bridge near SIC Cacao, a gully has already developed forcing motorists to either use the other side of the road or slow down to meander through the pool of water in the middle of the road.

Some people of good faith have attempted to refill the gully ground, pebbles and stones, yet without remedying the problems as it is washed off immediately rain falls. It is the same sad spectacle on the bumpy road from Bepanda leading towards Bonamoussadi which is equally full of potholes and complete reaping off of tar around the bridge near Garage Multi Services. Another cavity has developed around Tradex near Parcours Vita, whereas the road was just recently constructed.

The rapid degradation of roads causes one to question why at such an alarming rate. Is it due to the quality of work or due to the nature of the soil? It is true the nature of the soil in Douala is not good but a solid road can be constructed even in marshy land, said Aloysius Mbom, a civil engineer. He attributes the rapid depreciation of the newly constructed roads to the poor quality of work executed by contractors questioning why roads such as the one running through the 20th May Avenue built on marshy has not depreciated for decades now.

“When a road is constructed, it is supposed to last at least 25 years before any sign of depreciation”, said. How comes that roads get bad less than one year after they are constructed, he questioned.

It is worthy to mention that the poor execution of roads work weighs on government coffers as not only does maintenance work begin early, but it also gives an impression of an eternal recommencement, further depleting the scarce resources of the State. Some people suspect complicity with the control missions given that these roads are constructed under the supervision of control missions.

The nature of the soil in Douala is also partially responsible as it is sandy and easily sinks around marshy areas urging constructors to opt for pavements in such places which have proved to resist better over time. Whatever be the reason, effort should be made to construct long-lasting roads in the economic capital.

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  1. Mwambo (Buea son)

    From the Douala Airport you figure out how rundown the country is. Biya is inept, inapt and a total letdown. Unfortunately he had 38 years to do this in his ambition of being president for life controlled by the “No one can take me out ” impulse. “C’est pas qui veux mais qui peux”.

    No lights when you exit the main airport in Cameroon which looks like a relic of prehistoric times. The road is littered with potholes and you are immediately consumed by pitch darkness which only x-rays a failed state. Yet, Biya Mbivondo spends $40,000 a night at Hotel Continental for about 90 days a year.

    The Europeans know that Africa (esp. Francophonie) will hardly get out of this mess because despots love power over country. Kudos to the sensible ones; JJ Rawlings, Nyerere, Abdul Diouf, Gen. Abubakar.

  2. Without a highly productive competitive industrial sector to generate money to be used in building above world class infrastructure. There can be no roads, top research laboratories, hospitals, schools, etc.

  3. A whole big budget, is allocated to every project in that country. But it starts being
    reduced to a small amount, after the `les ministre, directeur, delegue, etc`, have taken
    percentages. The small balance, is then used by the contractor with his own interest
    too at heart. His interests, include girl friend, beer, big car and a hotel room. How
    then, does anyone, expect a good job on the field?
    This and every other reasons, are a good excuse, for lrc / Sc, to go as two countries
    and let development or what ever, be done in the way that the people`s culture,
    want it. It is worth, dying for this.

  4. This underdevelopment is referred to by the CPDM crime syndicate as “la force d’expérience”

    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is an oil-exporting country.
    However, the Dictator simply transfers the oil reenue to his offshore bank account and squanders part of it in the Geneva Intercontinental hotel yet his own country leaves much to be deserved: Child malnutrition, insecurity, poor infrastructure, scarcity of potable water, poorly furnished hospitals,refuse-infested beaches,etc.It is self-evident that this Dictator is completely out of touch with his own people..
    To add insults to injuries, this evil dictator continuesto deceive his people that the country will emerge by 2035.

    The truth of the matter is that this evil dictator has destroyed his country BEYOND REPAIRS.

    • Conclusion

      A country ruled by deceit and deception is likened to a house built on sand.
      It is common knowledge and a celebrated fact that a house built on sand cannot stand for long.
      Thank God, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE, UNSTOPPABLE, UNCONTROLLABLE and financially UNSUSTAINABLE war will rescue the Anglophones from that sh*thole VIVRE-ENSEMBLE with LRC.


  5. Once upon a time, Southern Cameroons, a full functioning state with a legislative, parliament and executive had an independent organization; the Public works Department (PWD) to handle and maintain all roads in the country. And it worked. Today PWD has been relegated to a local football club with the same Blue and White stripes her erstwhile nation once carried and being used as a political tool to win the league and bring an end to a legitimate uprising tearing down a brutal dictatorship. Light will overcome darkness this time around. Long live Ambazonia, God bless Dr Ayaba Cho Lucas the man who speaks the language Paul Biya the killer dictator understands.

  6. Your so called brain is really worth your nickname (.) Nothing more nothing less.

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