Rebels Kill Soldier, Police Officer In Cameroon

Barrons By AFP – Agence France Presse | Rebels killed three people, including a soldier and a police officer, in Cameroon near a region wracked by a conflict between anglophone separatists and security forces, a regional governor told AFP on Monday.

The rebels attacked an army post in the village of Kengwo in the West Region on Sunday morning, killing a soldier, a police officer and a motorcyclist, said the region’s governor, Augustine Awa Fonka.

The attackers seized weapons and suffered no losses, he added.

The attack occurred near the North West region, which with the neighbouring South West region has suffered a bloody conflict between anglophone separatists and the state for five years.

English speakers make up a majority of the regions’ populations in predominantly French-speaking Cameroon, which President Paul Biya has ruled with an iron fist since 1982.

Some of Cameroon’s anglophones feel marginalised and an independent state called “the Federal Republic of Ambazonia” was declared in 2017 without achieving international recognition.

Biya, 89, has resisted calls for more autonomy in the regions and responded with a crackdown on the separatists.

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  1. What is quite exceptional is that countries like Vietnam Cambodia and Laos that reinstalled Thier national languages do not have this kind of self destruction influenced by slave identities.

  2. BAH ACHO: And what is the language cameroon should take?
    Do you want us to learn BULU in school?
    You want us to be thieves?..A people who are only good in stealing, wearing suits and drinking DON PERIGNON?No.No and NO you cannot build a country with such a culture..
    BY the way what you always refuse to mention is that the civil unrest taking place in cameroon is a result of the nature of the state or better say the form of Govt..
    No matter the language , we need a system of Govt in Cameroon that preaches equal rights and justice…
    BAH ACHO_ when your village man steals billions and hide while kids are learning under a tree in north of cameroon, you should stand up and say no..
    You are the most biased human in this forum..
    U never criticize those thieves at Etoudi

    • I understand your point bro, maybe we would still be having this issue, maybe we would not. Look at India, South Sudan, they still have conflicts about minorities being marginalized or treated like second hand citizens.
      In my opinion, the main problem is actually bad governance. Look at Canada, Singapore, Switzerland and maybe more, they are bilingual but not that bad.
      Anyways, we will never know exactly whether we would have been a peaceful country or not right?
      All we need is good governance, people who love the country etc.

  3. Again BAH ACHO , dont always look for trivial things to hang on.
    The war in cameroon is as a result of the following:
    – Mismanagement
    – Inequality
    – Some tribes feel like first class while others are made to feel like 3rd class
    – Too many thives from a particular region.
    Its not a war about ENglish and french as you always want to hide behind…
    It can be solved by changing the system of Govt.
    It does not make sense for a decision to build a bridge , build a govt house in Bamenda be made in yaounde..
    It does not make sense for people to steal money, drink very expensive wine while the majority cant have a meal..
    Stop shouting Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos when we have simple problems hare and cant even look for solutions..
    Cambodia and Vietnam fought wars of liberation-dont forget..

    • BIKO,,,,,it doesn’t make sense to go for a language that is terms strategy,it makes sense to pick a language already widely used in Africa.kiswahili is the language that suite this is not a surprise that Tanzania doesn’t have this kind of problem because they have one common african language.a system of public administration is embedded in a language and culture.if language is not the problem what does the term francophone anglophone mean?what is the meaning of anglophone or francophone Cameroonian ?why not Cameroonian? because of linguistic devide.cities should be able to build their industries generating employment and jobs not waiting on younde which has no idea of what growth is about.