Results show Cameroon’s ruling party wins sweeping victory in municipal elections

YAOUNDE, Feb. 13 – Xinhua | The ruling Cameroon’s People Democratic Movement (CPDM) won a sweeping victory in the municipal elections held last Sunday, according to results released by council supervisory commissions.

More than 30 political parties contested in the municipal elections. CPDM won the majority of the 360 municipal councils nationwide, including all councils of the capital Yaounde and the economic hub Douala.

Several petitions have been submitted to Cameroon Constitutional Council demanding cancellation or recounting of the results in certain councils.

The elections took place on Sunday, with authorities expressing satisfaction with the conduct of the polls, despite threats from armed separatists in the country’s restive English-speaking regions.

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  1. Dictator Biya has finally used his PREFABRICATED election figures to destroy the SDF.
    For the benefit of hindsight, Kamto was lucky not to participate in the PHONEY elections. His party would have also been crushed with the help of FAKE election results

    Only AK47 can liberate the country from the evil hands of the crime syndicate that rules the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC, not PHONEY elections.

  2. Very true, that a drowning man will cling on even a snake, for survival.
    Who, will pay for recounting / revoting, traitors and opportunists?
    Edith Kah Walla, deserves praises. She, has that country at heart and can be a good leader.
    As for the enablers in SC, they should be taught the lessons of disobedience.

  3. Truth stands.
    Well have left the gar$bage

  4. Its even funny some of u guys took ur time to go and vote.ur votes are useless as nothing in Cameroon will ever till some pple I’m power dies.we don’t even want them to be removed we want them to die.

  5. On Paper, Paul Biya has a better democratic results than Regan, Bushes, Clinton, Obama, Trump, Cameron, Major, Blair, Johnson, Merkel, Chirac, Mitterand, Macron, Hollande, Trudeau, Harper, Mandela, and even young Marin of Finland. His Cpdm party has produced better results than the Labour, Conservative, Democratic, Republican parties. In reality, his people are under unbearable repression and oppression as his entire subjects live under extreme squalor. He is always at the door steps of loan sharks to borrow money and compensate the thieves that help him rig elections or create misery

    If these CPDM idiots are really proud of this daylight farce, robbery and primitive rigging then they need to seek deliverance. As for us Ambazonians, we are proud not to be part of this black man disgrace.

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