Rights group accuses Cameroonian soldiers of mass rape

DOUALA (Reuters) – Cameroonian soldiers raped at least 20 women and killed a man in a raid on a village last year, Human Rights Watch (HRW) alleged on Friday, calling it one of the worst attacks by the army since an insurgency by Anglophone separatists began in 2016.

Witnesses told the New York-based rights group that the attack on March 1, 2020, was a reprisal against civilians in the western village of Ebam suspected of collaborating with rebels seeking independence from the mostly Francophone state.

Reached for comment, Cameroon’s army spokesman dismissed the findings.

“We have better things to do than react to this report. Human Rights Watch is clearly complicit in the terrorists’ atrocities,” said Colonel Cyrille Atonfack, referring to the rebels.

The conflict between state forces and rebels demanding independence has killed more than 3,500 people and forced 700,000 from their homes, researchers say.

Rights groups accuse both sides of committing atrocities. While the government typically dismisses these accusations, it has, in a few cases, subsequently arrested soldiers and accused them of being involved in killings and torture.

News of the attack in Ebam has been slow to emerge due in part to stigma and fear of reprisals, HRW said in a report, adding that the incident suggests sexual violence is much more pervasive in the conflict than has been documented.

The group said it conducted interviews with 20 rape survivors as well as multiple other witnesses, a doctor who screened the survivors, aid workers and U.N. officials with knowledge of the incident.

The witnesses said more than 50 soldiers entered Ebam at around 3 a.m. and broke into nearly all 75 houses in the village, stealing money, assaulting women and rounding up the men.

“The military asked me and other villagers: ‘Where are you keeping the amba (separatists)?’” one of the victims told HRW. “They said: ‘The next time we come here, we’ll shoot everyone if you don’t show us the amba now.’”

One man was also killed after being transferred to a nearby military base, the report said.

Reporting by Josiane Kouagheu; Writing by Aaron Ross; Editing by Nick Macfie

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  1. This is exactly what happens when a gang of fools are cautioned not to start a rebellion without strategizing and/or weighing the firing power of the opponent.

    Now, everybody is taking advantage of the situation: raping, maiming, kidnapping, racketeering, burning, murdering…peaceful Anglos.

    When I think about such folly coming from the great majority of cloned Ph.D. holders in the diaspora, I feel my pulse rising.

    I pray every single day for CHINEKE never to let the plan the beast in me has against Senior Amba boys in the diaspora to ever materialize.

    I know a handful of them, and I know where to get them…

    • Look at this Satan. Evil from the pit of hell. Paddy Asanga aka ZamZam your Mami Pima.

      How dare you open your sh&t filled mouth and blame the victims just like your Yaoundé handlers? Is it the Mbalmayo blood or the famla pledge? Who is this wicked Satan never blaming this corrupt colonizing government that has taken upon itself to spread lawlessness, rape and disorder? If I had the means I will show this comment to your to the German MP controlling your refugee enclave so that you can be arrested and charged for engineering looting, genocide and rape. Bastard!

      • Paddy Asanga, sounds like them – graffi. No doubt about his outings.

        • And Joshua Osih denying a genocide exist all all Dull Joshua? Take your gong gong head gtfo! Tribalistic tribalist!

        • Listen to dis one!

          Always charging, na da same loss sense meik’am we sacrifice Anglos.

          The last time wey I dey CMR, I see some Anglos dem. I bos cry, na dem sef-sef turn-turn start calmé me again.

          All man yi small life for Bamenda/Buea, and other places, all dan vanish.

          Na so ya bald head short Ayaba Cho bin want’am, for sacrifice Anglos.

          Man no fit even travel sef go bury especially remé witi repé….sef for poh-poh payee, dem di bury Anglos jes non for place wey dem die.

          Ifi some of wuna reach payee jes non, wuna go crack down…

        • See this Paddy Assanga devil called @ZamZam.

          The last time you visited that dirt hole was to endorsed the cpdm meeting called National Dialogue. of course there was free money and ur flight/hotel was paid on arrival. They even used SuzzySparks to deceive you that u will get free fvck of which the wowo girl rejected ur ugly face as sep her dirty burst burst dross u no be fit see am. After that failed u took ur frustration to Kondengui prison where the prisoners beat u to an inch of ur life after which those half book criminals called wardens arrested u until your cpdm handlers had to make a call as u had no money they could extort. And then u returned to Germany on borrowed money and stole cigarette from a conrner shop and was caught. Dirty poor man, u are nobody! Amba must be free!

  2. @Zam-Zam Keep blaming ”anglos” for the rape,i guess that will end the war….

  3. **** GAME CHANGER ****

    1. Executive summary

    Recently a German ccourt sent a Syrian national toprison for war crimes committed in Syria.
    This is what isreferred to as universal jurisdiction.It provides the authority to national courts to investigate and prosecute international crimes committed on foreign territory by foreign nationals. It focuses on the international crimes of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, torture, and enforced disappearance.

    2. MY TAKE

    This new policy of the German goernment is a golden opportunity for Southern Cameroonians to drag LRC war criminals to court if they ever set feet on German soil.
    The writer has already contacted his lawyer and is already monitoring the movements of LRC citizens in Deutschland.

  4. It is always amazing to read shortsighted comments from those identifying themselves as patriotic Cameroonians, those who think they are more patriotic than others, how like the evil regime in Yaounde, they are quick to blame those who have risen up to fight against the discrimination and marginalisation of the people, as the troublemakers who have brought misery to Cameroon. Failed leadership is always to be blamed for insurrection in a country. It is rare that a people with leaders who respect them, enshrine and uphold their human rights values, would rise up against their leaders, consistent with the saying that there is no smoke without fire. All the geopolitcal problems Cameroon is facing today are the result of myopic leadership from the failed Francophonised Jaunta in Yaounde!

    • @ Eyallow. Are your Ambazombi leaders not tribalistes? They’re even worse than the so called “Yaounde junta”. So far it’s caused by a francophone’s way of leading, you can just cross the border westward to enjoy an Anglophone’s way of leading. Is it not the army instead of police that had been sent to kano to protect trucks (stopped by Northern youths) loaded with food to the south.
      F Y I. Kamerounians are wiser than you think. Have your ambazozos terrorists’ leaders ever accepted their crimes? At least Kamerun government has arrested some soldiers who violated rules with evidence. This is just a proof that they are more credible than you terrorists

      • Bafia terrorist genocidaire from Mbam & Inobou called @Mbumbu or Mbamois. your mouth really dey like rotting Mbboumbou. We will make you leave Ambazonia by force. Terrorist devils.

      • @Mbamois, sorry my brother if my note offended you. I am simply pointing everyone to the fact that the problems in Cameroon have arisen from failed leadership. That failed leadership favoured corruption, tribalism, nepotism, favouritism over living together, over sharing the national cake evenly. Remember that those from whose lands the oil reserves of Cameroon are derived, some of the most marginalised people in that union, have never asked that the revenues collected from the harvesting of oil from their land be given entirely to them. Instead all they ever asked for was for a more even spread, justice and peace, so that everyone can have a space at the table. I don’t support any form of discrimination and will never for any reason seek to harm another human, as many in this forum do.

        • eyallow, do not appologize to anyone next time you make a good
          and strong point. Comeon man, this is weakness.
          However, have you heard that what goes around, is beggining to
          turn around? Sarkozy, in jail for corruption. More to come if he
          loses the next case. They have hidden this latest, from the LION

        • @Joshua, my apology is metaphorical, even comical. I have no reason to apologise to anyone, but I make a point to realise that we are indeed Africans. If we had good leaders away from the corrupt, depotic, nepotic and tribalistic forest people at the helm, and the rest of the Francophonised Cameroon community who now believe they are French and should therefore join the French to marginalise, subjugate and colonise their fellow Africans, we probably will be talking with a different tone today. That is the metaphorical meaning of my apology, because it is exceedinly sad that these our brothers and sisters keep supporting the myopic regime in Yaounde. Instead of rising up to bring it down, they are willing to rape and kill their own kind for the sake of these mad men they call leaders!