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The conflict in western Cameroon has caused more than half a million people to flee their homes. Thousands, such as elderly Emila Ayo, have taken refuge across the border in Nigeria

Rights monitors sound alarm over ‘neglected’ Cameroon crisis

RFI | Rights groups have sounded a warning over the escalating crisis in western Cameroon, where separatists and government forces are locked in deadly combat.

“The international community is asleep at the wheel when it comes to the crisis in Cameroon,” the secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Jan Egeland, said in a report issued on Tuesday.

“Brutal killings, burned-down villages and massive displacement have been met with deafening silence.”

Two regions in Cameroon are in the grip of an armed campaign by English-speaking militants seeking independence from the francophone-majority country.

On October 1 2017, they declared the creation of the “Republic of Ambazonia,” covering the two English-speaking regions incorporated into post-independence Cameroon in 1961.

The declaration went largely unnoticed outside Cameroon, and “Ambazonia” — named after a bay at the mouth of the Douala River — has been recognised by no-one.

The government responded with a brutal crackdown, and the separatists in turn have mounted a campaign of attacks on state buildings, shooting and kidnappings.

According to the International Crisis Group think tank, 1,850 people have been killed, while more than 530,000 people have been forced from their homes, according to UN figures.

The NRC said the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Regions topped its annual list of the world’s “most neglected displacement crises”.

There has been no major mediation effort, no large relief programme, minimal media interest and insufficient pressure to stop attacks on civilians, it said.

Second and third on the NRC list were long-running conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic.

Separately, a report by a Cameroon-based rights group in Africa, the CHRDA, and the Canada-based Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights, accused the armed forces of conducting “a deliberate, violent campaign against civilian populations”.

It acknowledged that local armed groups also bore “much responsibility” for the violence.

“It is sometimes argued that the current crisis is just one more conflict in a series of reciprocal attacks and reprisals between government and secessionist forces,” the report, published on Monday, said.

“However, minimizing the seriousness of the attacks on civilians as part of the ‘normal’ conflict serves to shield serious human rights violations and crimes against humanity and may even enable their continuation.

“Minimizing the conflict also ignores evidence that the violence is spreading, engulfing Francophone regions of the country, becoming a threat to the entire sub-region.”

Around a fifth of Cameroon’s population of 24 million are English-speakers.

Resentment has long festered at perceived discrimination at the hands of the francophone majority in education, law and the economy.

In recent years, growing demands for autonomy or a return to Cameroon’s federal structure were rejected by President Paul Biya, prompting radicals to gain the ascendancy in the anglophone movement.

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  1. who cares about ambas ” terrorists organization “

  2. What do they mean by international comminuty!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Ambazombie’s can you answer Ni Bah’s question above?


      Eric Tataw the ambazombie scammer who ordered all French speaking Cameroonians in the NW/SW to be killed, is calling on all Ambazonians in the US to come out and protest for the release of Kamto. Mark Baretta the stammering scammer has reiterated the call for Ambazombies to join the match for the release of Kamto!

      It is now clear to the “international community” that Cameroon is one and indivisible because most Cameroonians from the NW/SW have a sense of Cameroonianness and the ambazombie terrorists have now joined the Kamto party!

      Who can argue that these ambazombies are not delusional/insane?

      • OneCameroonOneLove

        Delusional and insane are not enough to describe them. I really wonder what’s in their head, probably just water, no brains.

  3. If the video that i know many have recently seen, wherein Chantal Biya was the
    one telling the sitting president – Mr. Paul Biya, to carry his hands up and salute,
    turn left instead of right, is anything to go by, then we shall never see an end to
    what everyone, is glamouring – dialogue. We, are all wrong, because the man is
    a moving corpse. It reminds me of James Hadley Chase`s novel – `Make the corpse
    walk`. Someone, is doing his job and calling his name.

  4. The terrorists don’t care about their fellow brothers they rape,burn,kill indiscriminately whoever is against their agenda
    they deny school to students destroy hospitals who do they think will care about such animals ?

  5. Les forces de défense et de sécurité du Cameroun ont incendié des maisons et des magasins en AMBAZONIE. Nous avons la liste de ce qu’ils font en plus de leurs actes barbares.

    Ils pillent, ils brûlent, ils tuent, ils mangent des chiens,
    Pour se faire passer pour des Ambazoniens.
    Ils s’habillent en clochards dans les rues et cachent des armes.
    Ils infiltrent pour écouter ce qui se dit.
    Les fonctionnaires vivent dans le chantage permanent
    Ils volent les pc, les téléphones et tout ce qu’ils trouvent.

    LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources way dem thiefam.La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. NoBoDy can Accept slavery.

  6. Une fois de plus, Biya vient d’être battu à son propre jeu.

    Il crée un contre-mouvement avec la complicité de quelques personnes pour saboter la révolution de l’Ambazonie.
    De faux Amba boys qui tuent, violent et terrorisent les populations ainsi pour créer le KO et amener les populations à rejeter la révolution, mais manque de chance, toutes les familles ont l’un des leurs tué par les militaires et ces militaires ne sont pas les bienvenus.(Gagner le coeur des populations = Échec). Voyant que la stratégie ne marche pas, il essaye de saboter avec l’achat de quelques guerriers pour semer le KO chez les combattants de la liberté.

    Ambazonia has digital addicts for the sake of the revolution and they are out to decrypt and expllicit everything to the world.


    • Wandy Marc,

      so the beheaded Mbororos we saw many months ago were beheaded by fake Amba boys?

      The only outlet is for all CMRs to join hands and answer Étoudi gangsters, no solo move can ever make those gangsters shrink—and you know that.

      Swallow those separation fantasies, and think. Les faux postes ministériels qui vous font jouir dans vos rêves ne sont que des mirages—les vendeurs d’illusions vous ont eu—shine your eyes.

      Wuna go up then cam down, reality no go ever change…

      • You have failed in all attempt to sabotage the AMBAZONIAN revolution. All your crimes are getting you mad. You can even shout louder than that, nothing would change. AMBALAND is gone for good. We are now focused on our next target while keeping our determination to the freedom of AMBAZONIA.

        A coward dies many times before his real death. You are doomed to be a coward for the whole of your life.

        • Seems you read Alice in Wonderland over a hundred times when you were young.

          That Diapora hoax has been deciphered. Whom are you going to fool again?

          You spend your time now on social media querreling like some yokels in the village square.

          Your showtime is over.

          Read the book by the lines and surrender, and let that steam buff off your brain.

          Only the bold surrender, cowards remain in the forest in reality denial…

        • A Doomed loser barking and begging at the same time.

          The factual is nothing less than the Devil system of la Ripoublique of Cameroun where Dog Eaters kill children, rape kids, mass kill the population, burn their houses and steal their crops. Des charognards, des profiteurs. Ils n’ont pas honte. Des parasites qui se nourrissent sur le sang des Ambazoniens. Des esclavagistes.

          Ambaland shall BE FREE against all odds.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        “Hail Hail
        Hail the Kumkum Masssa
        We Proud Cameroonian we pledge our loyalty
        Kumkum Massa (x2)
        You shall free our people from terror
        And your blessings shall be like the stars above
        The most high God shall be your Guide”

        The Rise of The Black Legd is the Fall of the Ambazombie terrorists!
        Big thanks to My Kontri Pipo Dem for the great work you are doing to neutralize the terrorists on the internet and on Ground Zero.

        We are winning the wonderful international idiots fatly!

        We have tortured the ambazombie comedy revolutionaries to the point where they are now begging to be part of the one and indivisible Cameroon. Can you imagine Eric Tataw matching for the release of Kamto so that Cameroon can remain one and indivisible?

        I repeat the ambas are the most foolish people from the NW/SW.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri


        We all know that ambazmbies are delusional and insane as declared by the US and UNHRC.

        The greatest achievement of the Ambazombie terrorists to date is the alliance they just formed with the MRC party.

        Ambazombies who have been beheading French speaking Cameroonians in the NW/SW have now decided to join the Brigade Anti Sardinard to fight for the release of Kamto and for a one and indivisible Cameroon.

        Who can argue that the ambazombies are not the dumbest creatures on earth?

        You are fighting for indepence yet you form an alliance to fight for the release of a leader who is fighting for a one and indivisible Camerooun?

        Aha…Stupidity! When will the MRC followers join the ambazom,bies to fight for the release of the ambafool leaders in jail?

        Wonderful international idiots!

      • Doomed , Judas, cowardes like you die many times before their death.

        You shall always be an eternal slave.

        • @Wandy Marc,

          when our nationalists forebears gave up, some remained in the forest for more than 10 years believing that it was a trap. Others simply refused to accept reality.

          I know you will soon be telling me that you’ll fight till the last man standing.

          Standing in Maryland?

          Wouhbeuyyyy, ma own suffer for dis grong na kill man pay…

        • Zam-Zam

          Which Nationalists ?

          I don’t know any Southern Cameroonian who was in that your thing. You are confusing yourself. Southern Cameroon was a nation apart when you had your problems with your French masters.

          These frogs are so confused that they mix everything.

          The time you had your nationalists, we the Southern Cameroonians were a nation with a full established system. On n’a rien en commun, mais alors rien en commun.

          We are Ambazonians and we have never been and shall never share a common goal with you people from the French cameroun. It’s very weird to see these people dive into the unknown to them, It’s very curious to see people running away from the truth which ends up dooming them for their lies.

        • Wandy Marc,

          are you a SC? Joke of the month!
          You are a cloned equatorial Gaulist, your forbears’ A were flogged by Hit-ler.

          Authentic SCs have refused to abide by your debunked logic, cos we know you don’t belong to us. Which father will deprive his own children of education: behead, amputate, mutilate and/or terrorize them?

          Go back to France or UK and claim your heritage there!

          All man yi eye dan open, wuna go fool wukan man again?…

        • Keep crying as i’m moving up to Freedom, while you go rot as a doomed la ripoublique agent. You go hang as ya lies are choking you.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          The ambazombies continued their advance from Ekona to Buea. On the night of June 8th the BIR visited an amba camp in Ekona and distributed first class bores tickets to a few amba terrorists.

          The amba general from Ekona released an audio communique stating that they can no fight the military with their dane guns so they have to run to the forest because they do not want to get to Buea before Sako, Baretta, Wandy, L’enemie, Biko, Joshua, Ayaba, Tataw, Baretta and co.

          So if you see your name above, know that the amba general in Ekona is waiting for you to come fight the military with dane guns because he has conceded Ekona to the 2000 BIRs he claim attacked his camp. He also said he knew the BIR will turn up the heat after the GCE so he was prepared to run to the forest!

  7. The boy was arrested and handed over to the authorities on Wednesday, June 5, after investigations revealed that the son of late Alhadji Dere, connived with some unruly military officers to kill his father, steal his cattle, sell and share the booty among themselves.

    In the racket, the aforementioned individuals resolved to accuse Amba Fighters for the Grazer’s death.

    According to sources close to the DO, when the renowned cattle rarer was successfully eliminated, his cattle was stolen, but could not easily be transported out of Wum because of the heat his demise generated.

    Our source said when the plan backfired, the deceased’s son and his accomplices quickly rush back home and instigated the Fulanis to vent their anger on the indigenous, accusing them of killing Alhadji Dere

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Ambazombie idiots can lie all they want but the facts are there for the World to see.

      Anyone interested in the truth should visit kontripipo(dot)com or go to you tube and search for the channel “My Kontri Pipo Dem”. There you will find numerous videos with eye witness testimonies from the Wum population and Mbororo population.

      One thing this ambafool idiot can not lie about is the fact that at this moment the Mbororos are combing the forests of Mentchum looking for Amba boys.
      The ambafools cannot deny that the Mbororos have identified the homes of the family homes of the amba boys and burnt them down including the palace of Naikom as the chief is an accomplice of the amba terrorists!
      The Mbororoshave also kidnapped some “Nchindas” from the Naikom palce.
      The Mbororos are winning fatly!

  8. Vous aller bientôt manger des cailloux.


    • The danger in this your madness is not Biya’s head, but the final battle between Anglo against Anglo. It would be the bloodiest civil war in Africa.

      Just imagine the short Cho Vs Sisiku in an ego-bout. They’ll set Buea ablaze within a fraction of seconds…


    Dry DEM. Don’t Buy anything Brasseries du cameroun or anything coming from Ripoublique. BoyCott ALLL la Ripoublique Poisoned Stuff.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Lizard Che

      I am offering free beaufort light at the Club house in Bonamoussadi every Saturday.

      5 free crates of beaufort light.

      When the guys drink they sing the song ” In my cup, In my cup, I want to see mimbo in my cup!”
      This is the club house for the veteran footballers from the NW?W.

      Spread the word!

      Bonamoussadi Oye! Oye!

      Club House Oye! Oye!

      Any man wey e no want drink beaufort light make e by e own mimbo!

  10. When you engage on a certain path, make sure you upgrade your understanding capacity, else you are doomed to follow rubbish paths. Learning is very important to grab the essence of the law of the human nature. The law of emotion, truth and lies.

    Long Live Ambazonia

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Ali Khan, are you okay?

      The above is another example of ambafool delirium and stupidity.

      Have you ambafools upgraded your understanding capacity?
      Is the new alliance between ambafools and the MRC party a result of you upgrading your understanding capacity?
      Did the ambawatcdog jump ship because he upgraded his understanding capacity?

      Are the ambafool supporters/terrorists following the rubbish path because they failed to upgrade their understanding capacity?
      Does the law of human nature state that to achieve autonomy you must abolish education in your region?
      Did ambawatchdog jump ship because he upgrade his understanding capacity and realized that Cameroon is one and indivisible?

      Longlive the delusional republic of ambazonia in the minds of the ambafools!



    No genuine Ambazonia soldier shall make any video to activate a possible localization through forensic analysis or ip tracking or fake phone tower and jamming.

    All Amba people engaged, please do password protect your phones. DO IT, Please.

    All AmbA fighters, please stop using OS based phones as they easily give tips about your position. Only use simple phones. At times, put off your phone as much as possible. to dismay the continuous connectivity.

    Don’t make phone calls for serious issues. Only make use of messages and if possible, a password msg app.

    when publishing anything, please do make use of GIS far away from your location.

    Password protect your phones, as they can link to serious problems.

    Binary protection.

    Amba OYE

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      My Kontri Pipo Dem

      The ambazombie comedy revolution scammers called leaders in the diaspora do not have a way to communicate with their fighters on the ground. They post comments under articles on Cameroononline.org as their main means to communicate with their fighters. Is this a joke?

      No, this is not a joke. This is ambafool absolute stupidity on display.

      Who can argue that Wandy is not delusional and insane? The ambafool terrorist scammer can not reach his fighters because we (BIR) neutralized them, so he has to post a message on a public forum to communicate.

      How do they discuss military strategy and tactic?

      Ambafools are the most foolish Cameroonians

      Is this the ambazombie terrorists communication platform?

      Wuna come see comedy revolution! Wonderful international idiots!

      • Binary manipulation is far above your miserable understanding. You seem to be crying everyday and running after your own shadow while we the people of Ambazonia advance.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          The amba general in Ekona asked me to tell you that he read your message and it does not make any sense. He requested you come teach him “binary manipulation” so that he can use that against the Cameroon BIRs when they attack him.
          He said a few amba terrorists received free tickets to Buea last night and he does not want to go to Buea on a free tcket! The general wants to get to Buea on a ticket bought by any of the ambafool scammers.

          Ambafools are so stupid they can not distinguish between joy and sorrow. I am here celebrating the fact that we (BIR) have distributed over 100 free first class tickets to Buea in the last 7 days and this idiot thinks that I am crying.

          I am laughing at how desperate, stupid and delusional you are!

          You are a waste of space on earth!


  12. C’est fini le Njomassi
    C’est fini Les Bamenda
    C’est Fini Banana
    C’est fini le café
    C’est Fini CDC
    C’est Fini Esclavage
    c’est fini le njo de SONARA(rubbish french name)

    Ambazonia shall regain all the ressources.

    Ambazonia shall be FREE

    Ambazonia is not la RIPOUBLIQUE

    • Keep on having your sweet dreams which will never ever come to fruition. Don’t only send those your useless Ambazonia thugs to kidnap and kill sensible anglophones who don’t follow your foolishness. You’ve already retarded the lives and future of anglophone kids by destroying their schooling while yours are well fed and go to school in the diaspora. God go punish wuna. |Badluck pipi.

      • Keep sabotaging in the void. You’ll always fail and end up fooling yourself. We, the people of Ambazonia shall expose all your crimes and evil deeds.

        Ambazonia shall be Free, like it or not.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @ Ambazombie Dullard Lizard cheaps

          You terrorists continue to expose videos of your own crimes and evil to the world!

          You kill an innocent teacher cut off his head and drop it off at the centre of Nkwen.
          You cut off the fingers of CDC workers!
          You cut off the arms of students who want to go to school!
          You have abolished education in the NW/Sw depriving children of their inalienable rights for 3 years! Ho criminal and evil is this?
          You kill Mborors, burn their homes, steal their cattle. Now that the Mbororos have decided to fight back scamming cowards Tataw and Baretta are unwilling to go help their amba fighters in Cameroon because they do not want to fight till the last man standing!

          Ambafools are the most stupid ppl on earth. There is no logic to their behavior!

  13. Kumkum Pass Garri

    Ambazobie Insanity on Display

    My Kontri Pipo Dem wuna cam see yam oh!

    The ambazonia scammers in the diaspora are totally desperate now. Can you imagine the amba scammer – Eric Tataw on whose orders thousands of Cameroonians have been killed, tortured or their fingers/hands chopped off crying like a baby on a life show? The scammer is crying because the funds have dried off thanks to the awareness raised by My Kontri Pipo dem.

    Can you imagine scammers Tataw and Baretta begging to join the MRC party? Can you imagine ambazombies matching for the release of Kamto while SickSiku rots in jail.

    The comedy revolution is over. security situation is improving! The Mbororos are gathering the ambas in Mentchum forests right now and handing to the BIR!

    Delusional Nyamfukahse and Shumbus

  14. Lazy noise makers shall never reap anything worth.
    Lazy thieves are from La ripoublique francophone du cameroun.
    Lazy dog eaters dwell as JUDAS and KAPOS in the rottenness of la ripoublique du cameroun.
    Lazy blacklegs are crying for their francophone slave masters to come a whip them.

    Ambazonia is the the land of the BRAVES, not the COWARDS who die many times before their death.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Ambazonia does not exist! The Delusional republic of Ambazombies is a terrorist scam!

      This scam was developed by some Cameroonians in the diaspora who used to make a living from the Cameroon 419 black money scam (wash wash). Over the years this wash wash scam has become obsolete so the wash wash scammers in Europe and America developed this terrorism scam and have collected over USD 2million and distributed amongst themselves while misledilliterate youth are neutralized daily.

      How can people be so evil?

      Mark baretta and Tataw are a big part of the scam. They started with collecting funds for displaced persons, then changed to My Tip To Buea, and then NAtional AK campaign and the most interesting is The return of Sicksiku to Nigeria!

      Ambazombie bravery is cowardice to a normal man!

  15. Blacklegs are doomed for eternity spawning through generations. A doomed sold out soul is a lost rotten useless mouthless KonGossa noise maker. The proud blackleg slave with a nulled brain is doomed forever.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Ambazombie stupidity on display. Thanks to chicky Ngwa


      He wrote:
      “Fellow comrades and followers of the Southern Cameroons News: “Ambazonian Watchdog”, it’s with deep regrets to come to the conclusion that our revolution is currently not what I had personally fully signed up for!
      Meanwhile, as our RF forces have been killing themselves in recent times in GZ, our diasporans are stupidly hanging at each others throat without any justification as well.
      I’m therefore taking some time off the entire revolution at the moment and equally going in for a personal long retreat going forward.

      I did exit all Amba platforms as of yesterday and now trying to have my *peace* of mind for having played my utmost best role within the last three years!”


    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      “…Unfortunately, it has been an unproductive, crazy unnecessary time wasting, energy and resource consuming to me in particular, most especially with total consistent lack of collective strategies against the enemy across the board; ironically out here in the diaspora, particularly with the persistent infightings.

      It has also been a very frustrating and depressing experience and journey for me in particular so far; especially without any signs of good faith at all fronts at the moment as well….

      I only hope our people back home in Ambaland will continue fighting for justice and their freedom until the day they either gain it or give it up like myself as well…

      Have a good day comrades and I wish you all the best as you all continue with the fight from where I recently abandoned it!”

      • @KPG,

        does he have a choice?

        It’s astonishing to see that what visionaries saw 3 years ago, it is only today that some numb brains are starting to understand how this world functions.

        Don’t really know what goes inside their brains. And they are so naive to think that if it were that easy some of us would sit behind and watch them fumble, and clap for them.

        If some of us have a different approach, it is not cos we are not crazy too, but simply cos the draft board is there in front for all to see.

        They probably thought that Pa Ni is pretty busy pounding his Achu koko in Ntarikon cos he doesn’t own a Tcha’vem, or he doesn’t know how to raise funds.

        Were I to be born again and have the choice, I will choose to be dull and very naive—at least peace of mind will thus be secured…

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          He has no choice!
          When my Konti Pipo Dem de-radicalizes an ambafool supporter like AmbaWatchdog or an amba terrorist like Kawa Yannick, it becomes very clear to the ambafool that he was indeed extremely stupid.

          Like Kawa Yannick said he was extremely foolish to be an amba boy.

          We need to continue to expose the stupidity of these ambafools to the point where they will be ashamed to identify themselves as ambazombies!

          Ambawatchdog is now very ashamed that he wasted 3 years of his life on the comedy revolution! He has no choice but to jump ship!

          MENTCHUM NEWS: The Mbororos are winning fatly in the forest. They are gathering the ambas with sticks. The ambafool terrorists have sent SOS messages to the ambas in the diaspora but Joshua & Wandy declined for fear of death!
          Mbororo oye

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          The stupidity of these amba terrorist is beyond human comprehension.

          We have been challenging them here to explain how depriving their own children from education, killing teacher and burning health facilities will help them achieve independence and below are some of the responses they give:

          L’enemie’s response: “Your smelling lass”. l’enemi scored 0%.
          Lizard chick’s response: “Keeep sabotaging in the void”. Lizard scored 0%
          Wandy’s response: Noise makers. Wandy scored 0%

          You can tell from the responses provided by these ambafools that they are definitely insane and delusional people. Their answers have no relation to the question!

          My Kontri Pipo Dem will continue to expose these scammers, thieves, fools and terrorists!

          There is no logic to the behavior of the evil Nyamfukahse!

        • Hahahahahahahah, KPG!

          L’enemie has more than quadrupled his daily intake of mimbo to catch a few minutes of sleep.

          He sent Amba boys to finish his own relatives simply cos they told him to be careful. He was already seeing himself as the future mayor of Pinyin.

          How man pickin fit foolish so eh?…

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          I can assure you that My Kontri Pipo Dem will never let that idot l’enemie ever see Pinying land in Cameroon. He can go to Pinying in the Delusional Republic of Ambazonia and not Pinying in the NW of Cameroon.
          If he lads in Cameroon with a Cameroon passport we will take him straight to Kondengui. If he lands with a foreign passport we will keep him at the airport for 72 hours in a very nice non air conditioned and now windows room next to the toilet before repartriating him.

          Have you seen the video of the Pinying people rounding up l’enemi’s amba terrorist fighters and handing them to the BIR? That means that l’enemie must have issues buying mimbo now that he is no longer getting ransom money from his amba terrorists/kidnappers.
          l’enemie, langa mimbo go kill you!

  16. Kumkum Pass Garri

    My Kontri Pipo Dem we are doing a wonderful job of de-radicalizing the misled ambafool supporters in the diaspora and in Cameroon.

    We have succeeded to de-radicalize AMBA WATCHMAN! He has jumped ship!

    According to AmbaWatchman, the revolution “has been an unproductive, crazy unnecessary time wasting, energy and resource consuming to me in particular, most especially with total consistent lack of collective strategies against the enemy across the board; ironically out here in the diaspora, particularly with the persistent infightings.”

    We will continue to expose the stupidity of these ambafools to the point were most of them will be ashamed to identify themselves as a stupid ambafool supporter or scammer.

    The Rise of The Back Legs is the end of the Comedy revolution!
    Mbororo Oye?

  17. Kumkum Pass Garri

    Ambazombie terrorist General Wata was killed on 27 May 2019 by other amba boys!!

    hahahahaha…the comedy revolution is dead!

    The ambazombie fighters can only communicate with their scammer bosses in the diaspora by making a video and publishing it on youtube. How stupid are these guys?
    In a video released a couple of days ago the fighter is pleadig with his boss Akwanga Ebenezer to call Ayaba Cho and make peace with him otherwise there will be a very bloody war between the two ambazombie terrorist groups. Can you imagine?

    How dumb do you have to be to allow yourself to be remote controlled bby scammers in the diaspora you call bosses that you do not have a direct line of communication with?
    How do they discuss military strategy?

    The ambafools are the most foolish people from Cameroon.

    • Camer beleiver (Colby)

      @ KPG keep it up tu es l’homme de l’année 2019 sur cette plateforme ceci dit all the delusional scambazonia termites will get all their senses by fire by force on peut être idiot pour un temps mais on ne peut pas être idiot toute une vie…

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        My fellow Proud Cameroonian.

        We are stepping up our de-radicalization efforts because of the great success we have had in the last few months.

        We have succeeded in de-radicalizing Kawa Yannick and converted him into an amba de-radicalizer/hunter. Any ambafool terrorist who submits to deradicalization will be given a new life and any terrorist who does not drop their weapon will be hunted and neutralized.

        We are now working on Eric Tataw and Mark Baretta. We will expose their scams, lies, ignorance and stupidity to the point where they will either change their identity or jump ship like the Ambawatchdog.

        We just made Eric Tataw weep on a live show. Yes, the devil wept! We have converted tataw/baretta to MRC party members. They will both jump ship shortly!

        One Cameroon Oye! Oye!

  18. Forever young

    U dis @kumkum u are really crazy fellow don’t u have something else to do in your life, u need to see a psychologist, I’m pretty sure u haven’t taken a shower now for days dis crazy ugly old sociopath

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      Why are you so stupid?

      What makes a grown up man like you to be so stupid to assume that the realities of your life are similar to mine when you do not know me? Are you crazy? You are so dumb that you make assumptions in your mind and have an argument with yourself?

      I understand why you are angry.
      You are angry because:
      – You are a loser and scammer.
      – We have de-radicalized Kawa Yannick and converted him to an amba hunter.
      – We have de-radicalised the Ambawatchdog and he has jumped ship!
      – Your kidnappers in Bali have not sent you any ransom money lately because the BIR is all over them.
      – You can not explain how depriving your own children from education, killing teachers and destroying health facilities will lead to independence.

      You dumb Nyamfukah bambe!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Forever Young

      The Amba terrorists in Wum need your help. They are waiting for you, Joshua, Wandy, Lum, Zero, l’enemie, Biko, Ngwa Che Lizard, Bretta, Anu , Sako, Akwanga to come help them.

      Some proud Cameroonians in Wum(mainly Mbororos) have had enough of the amba terrorists and have decided to go chae them out of the forests like cattle. My Mbororos are using sticks and bow and arrows against the dane guns and odeshi of your terrorists. The Mbororos are winning fatly!

      The Mbororos have kidnapped some “nchindas” from Naikom palace and burnt down the palace.

      A jihad has been declared against all your terrorists in the Mentchum forest. Man no run!

      You do not have monopoly of violence. You want to fight go to Cameroon. I bet you will never see Bali again. You are on the list!

  19. Kumkum Pass Garri


    You are an old loser who has spent decades in the US and has nothing to show for!

    On June 26 all ambazombies will meet in Washington and match with the Auntie Sardine Brigade for the release of Kamto!

    If you have nothing relevant to say, you can just reiterate the call for all ambafools to gather in Washington on 26 June to demonstrate that most Cameroonians from the NW/SW have a sense of Cameroonianness and that Cameroon is one and indivisible.

    You ambafools are the dumbest creatures on earth. Auntie Sandine’s Brigade has never joined a demonstration for the releae of your ambafool leaders but you are happy to go match for the releae of Kamto who made it clear that Cameroon is one and indivisible during his campaign.

    Now tell me why you are not an absolute fool?

  20. losers drowning with la ripoublique are trying all they can to issue all they can for their slave masters.
    they are doomed to fail as always. They know it. They fabricate fake ambas for justification and self satisfaction, whereas, all is clear that French is for froggies and English is for Ambazonia.

    Winning is clearing the path smoothly.

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