Roadside bomb blast kills 3 in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, Sept. 15 Xinhua | At least two Cameroonian soldiers and a civilian were killed late Monday in an improvised explosive device blast in Bongongo, a locality in Cameroon’s restive English-speaking region of Southwest, local authorities said on Tuesday.

A local government official told Xinhua on condition of anonymity that the soldiers were patrolling the village when the device planted along the road exploded.

The explosion destroyed the military vehicle, leaving two soldiers and a civilian killed and another civilian injured at the scene, the source said.

Armed separatists fighting to create an independent nation in the country’s two Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest have claimed responsibility for the roadside bombing.

Cameroonian government forces have been in clashes with the separatist fighters since 2017.

The security situation in the troubled regions has improved since the start of the year, but clashes between security forces and separatist groups are still occasionally reported, according to security reports. Enditem

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  1. Security improve???!! Really Xinhua!!! Can you also mention Bongongo is where Prime Minister Dion Ngute and myself are from? Also where he’s the local chief.

    • That is why they are called “2 for 5 francs” journalists. They just raise your appetite for news but fail to satisfy it.

  2. And this why I doubt that Lrc can ever succeed to end this war through spearheading violence rather than meaningful dialogue. Really sad to see people losing their lives like this? You can never win a war where you don’t know who the enemy is, have no idea where they are and when they will appear and disappear. I don’t know of many historical successful cases of the kind.

    • @ Eyallow, The important question in this wahala is who is the one suffering? Not Biya and his regime of course. What do the anglophones gain from actions like this? What this does is make the lives of anglophones more difficult without any positive outcome. The Ambazonians because of their lack of thinking and amateurism are slowly and surely turning the SW and NW provinces into the Katanga province in the DRC. What a shame. Only cowards do things like this.

      • bobjazz,

        Should I be the one to remind you Ambazonia is a cult. The freedom fighting is just a cover for something sinister.

        Their responses to the loss of innocent lives is revealing enough. To call them cowards does injustice to cowardice. Cowards do not thrive on blood but Ambazonians do…

      • @Bobjazz

        Your idol Kamto has slated Sept 21 as the day to march, protest and oust Paul Biya from power. If you don’t participate in this demonstration of grandiose then forever shut up in this forum. Jack of all trades and master of hot air.

        • Dot,

          Kamto shouldn’t be your concern. He has balls. You have pebbles for balls.

          When you dot sized balls are big enough for you to call out Sako Ikome, Cho Ayaba, Capo Daniel, Chris Anus, Eric Tataw, Tapang Ivo etc for ordering the killing of Anglophones, then you can talk about Kamto.

          You will have to live a thousand years multiplied by 10 to be half the man he is

          Cultist coward…

        • You said it all Bothajoe. I don’t need to reply to this Ambazonia idiot called Dot. I asked them a simple question: Who is suffering as a result of their foolishness and of course the idiot knows the answer but chose to talk about Kamto. There is no civilized gov’t on earth that is going to support roadside bombers. Roadside bombers are called terrorists in the civilized world.

  3. **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    „Si vous voulez la vérité, sachez donc ceci : si le Gouvernement persiste dans sa répression et son entêtement à maintenir les Anglophones dans l’Etat unitaire, c’est l’Etat du Cameroun qui va s’effondrer et non la Sécession Anglophone“. Dieudonné ESSOMBA

    * MY TAKE *

    1. Mr. Essomba is one of the few Francophone realists.
    2. He is not a daydreamer like Dictator Biya
    3. Assymetrical warfare is UNWINNABLE. The defeat of the US in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Irak speaks volume
    4. There will ZERO surrender of weapons by the GENUINE Amba boys
    5. The Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around “6. Koste es was es wolle”.

  4. If we do not find a way to impose a single African language as language of culture identity and comminucation. We will end up with a culturally uprooted population that develops self destructive habits like it is today in south America and looks definitive. No people can maintain thier existence with the language of others.

  5. There is a certain foolishness which continues to characterise the plight of our people as a senseless struggle over a foreign language. Time will tell who sits with righteousness.
    As for Cameroon as we once knew it, it’s over.
    We will not be ruled by ignorant fellows seeking to ape a failing French master.

    • Epee Dipanda aka General Long Distance Big Mop,

      You loss eh. You don di tok about Cameroon again? You don forget wuna 4 president dem? Tsuippp.

      Of course, Cameroon will not be the same. But your Anglo-Saxon outpost in Africa will not see the light of day.

      If e hot you take Sako or Ayaba e belt climb Amba mango try hang yourself. Useless cultists…

      • @MassaYo aka BrothaJosephus,

        The forgotten remnants of Muna and his Sawa ancestry. Abakwa no go ever come last and we shall never bow to the butchery and thievery of your Yaoundé brutal cultists. As u may have noticed, we don’t have time right now for your arrant nonsense. Pa Che and Dr Ayaba are too busy shipping in heavy artillery. We are focused on guerrilla warfare to liberate our people. The LRC terrorists all over Ambaland and Abakwa but it’s a feat we’ve seen before. Once we are done, the focus will be chopping off the heads of you, Zamzam and Sako the embezzler and putting MKPD into phosphoric acid so that he doesn’t even have a shallow grave as his cells are too dangerous for our worms. Time is coming MassaYo. Tell your Pede cultists To pack up and leave of they all die.

        • L’enemy,

          The delusional dullard and drunk, abeg go drink Heineken. No Buea for your cult:)

          Allez dire!!

        • L’enemy alias killer,

          have you and Kappo Daniel, ngong dog, already squandered the money you received from LRC for leaking out general mad dog’s girlfriend’s place?…

      • Miss me @Brothajoe?
        Been busy man, takes a lot of effort and energy to craft new ideas, new ways of doing things for our newfound freedom.
        No time for larepublique

        • ED,

          Freedom? Well, enjoy it! Too bad the Anglophones your cult is terrorizing can’t say the same.

          Facebook country dem free sotay….

        • Epée Dipanda,

          this is a purely CMR matter, it is no Akwa Ibom matter.

          you may continue to hide…

        • Zamzam the ntongtouh bastard.

          It’s always been about money for your ugly face right? The bomb that will blow up your halfbreed Mbalmayo – Bami ancestry is still making push up. a true zamzam indeed with your scattered dirty teeth like that of joshua carr.

  6. And so, the pm Ndion Ngute, has soldiers in his home area to kill his own.
    It is not surprising, but it is registered already. This, is how a chief functions.

  7. This is just to steal the limelight from the recent discovery of more bodies in the southern zone butchered by lrc terrorist occupational soldiers.while we go after their terrorist soldiers,they go after our innocent civilians.

    If lrc wants to keep up this craze,then we are going to suffocate them.we are already in the pond lets see how long it will last.

  8. The Island of Barbados, a country with just 300,000 people, has opted, to remove
    the Queen of England as it`s head by 2021, 55 years after independence in 1966.
    All, that England and her Queen have done, is accept it and asked the people, to go
    ahead. In Africa and Cameroon in particular, it must be killings of the peoples and
    paying of colonial tax, by the countries involved, to mighty FRANCE.
    Ambazonia, take note. Stop the infighting, and fight for your God given rights.

    • Joshua,

      Isn’t it funny how you Sakolites are turning to unity after realizing the errors of your cults? Blue and White army abroad and 25 man squad on GZ was created by Sako with a singular objective. Attack, intimidate, destroy and eliminate just like the LRC BIR of Paul Biya. Take this message to Sako Ikome the fake pastor and fake Dr. There will be no unity with Biya hired thieves or Mafani sponsored gangs. Chris Anu can sacrifice his family all he wants as he has the Bamilike ntongtuh monyongo blood in him but we will bury them alive the day they step foot into Ambaland. You see, the ADF doesn’t have time for TV that’s why they don’t rely on the propaganda Anu uses to spread chaos. We rather invest our money on heavy artillery and the result is clear for all to see.

      • Wuna don bring that wuna inter-cult fight for forum? Wuna domo well well. If wuna lke wins cut wuna head dem sef!!

        Kikikikikikikikiki ikikikikikikikiki

  9. funny to see how these ambafools haven’t realized they are inflicting more pain and suffering on anglophones. anywhere it is a kidnapping business and MTTB scam now how will they even stop it.

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