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Roger Milla: «Que Ahmad Ahmad arrête de menacer le Cameroun» [+vidéo]

Roger Milla a exprimé son mécontentement face à aux déclarations répétitives du président de la CAF Ahmad Ahmad, faisant allusion à un possible retrait de l’organisation de la compétition au Cameroun.

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  1. That sh*t hole does not have the infrastructure to host a tournament of this caliber.Ahmed go ahead and withdraw the damm hosting from that corrupt nation.Ahmed musa ayop Ahmed musa kelle osu.


    The “cahier des charges” (parfois abrégé en CDC) is menacing the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC Not Ahmed.


      CAF has therefore drawn the attention of LRC on salient “retard important”. CAF will take the “décision finale” at the end of November 2018.

      The chance that LRC will complete the stadia, hotels, roads, etc in two months time is ZERO. The two months were given because the Minister of sports went to Cairo to beg for more time.

      Algeria has therefore officially applied to replace LRC in case the “cahier des charges” is not respected by LRC

      If something is more than you, accept the fact and move on with your life


      LRC should accept that CAF19 is more than her.

      She can then divert scarce financial resources to the FOOLISH and UNWINNABLE war against the so-called “secessionists”.

      Simply put, LRC will no longer use the plight of the Anglophones as a smokescreen to beg for money from her citizens and international partners. The “Plan d’urgence’ masterminded by an ex-convict was a dirty trick to raise badly-needed money to :

      1. pay the salaries of civil servants
      2. sustain Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE war
      3. finance Dictator Biya’s phoney elections
      4. Whet the insatiable appetite of embezzlers
      5. prepare for AFCON19


      As a corollary, rumours abound that Dictator Biya will be visiting the capital of SC on Tuesday, the 02.10.2018.

      During the so-called 50th anniversary, Dictator Biya entered Buea as an emperor. He had a triumphal entry into Buea.
      However, this time around he will be entering Buea as a thief. ZERO TRIUMPHAL ENTRY; ZERO CrTv info about the visit, ZERO CPDM propaganda.

      This change of mode of entry is because of the “secessionists”.
      It is another crystal clear proof that “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is NOT stabilizing”. The so-called Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism can therefore not start teaching the people of SC the French language.

  3. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    What is the consequence if the tournament is taken away from Cameroon?

    Will Cameroon still participate?

    • Depends! If Morocco is awarded the right to host, CMR will have to finish above Comoros and Malawi to qualify. But if a team in another qualification zone is awarded the right to host, then CMR will have to finish among the top two to qualify.

      For consequences, CMR can report CAF to the Court of Arbitration of Sports (CAS). CAS will then have to decide if CMR host or not. From day way, Ahmad has been insisting on stripping off CMR from hosting even without haven’t evaluated infrastructure progress. CMR can use that against him and claim it has been his agenda from day one.

      Ahmad also changed the AFCON format from 16 to 24 teams without consulting CMR. This is wrong and to me is dictatorship. To strip a country 8 months to a tournament is wrong.

  4. Mila has to be realistic. He has been playing in well-organized tournaments with safe infrastructure. His country has no infrastructures, and he shouts that the lives of persons visiting for the CAF tournament be endangered because he wants his country to pride itself as host. There is insecurity in the west and north of his country: Ahmad and CAF value the lives of people. No health, hotels, road, air, and sporting infrastructures. Let the sick republic forget about 2019 hosting and fix the sick Republic. Tell him in simple words, His country is not ready

  5. One consequence of using politics to kill economic, social and educational life of the nation is the absence of a sense of competition, a sense of time. We can play ostrich for every aspect of our internal life but there is a larger world out there that respects time, principles, rules and regulation. We can live in our self-imposed “comfort zone” only for so long and then reality comes knocking.

    A lot of our old men, fondly called “mobile libraries” die without publishing their lives’ accomplishment. They die with their wisdom and knowledge. To add insult to injury is the current fad of military men invading private homes and settling some ablaze to show their might. In the process they burn everything inside, including books. There is only so much indulgence out there!!!!

  6. This country is really sick..
    So What Mila is saying makes sense?
    We are almost last in Africa today…But these stupid people, still talk like drunkards..
    We dont know what we are doing but always claim to know better than all others …

    What I hate is this arrogance that we have in cameroon..
    We have a big population that does not travel, dont even know what is happeniung in other african Countries..
    If cameroonians travel and have the chance to see other african countries, a bloody revolution will start in all the provinces..
    A broken country with a very primitive arrogant mentality..
    How can you even host or organize CAN when the country is at war?..

    • Comment of the day, boy. Kudos.
      You are very lucky because your post would not have been allowed.

    • please stop talking what you don’t know ok??? cameroon is the only country in the Sahara that invest in all 10 provinces he has ok?? tell me the other countries in Africa you talking about where once you get out of the two mains cities you see roads and any other infrastructure. stop lying to peoples ok?? I travelled all sub Sahara africa with the UN and I know wat i am talking about..going to youmossocro and Abidjan then come and talk about ivory coast…or to macabo….we have to improve but look at facts not stories

      • @pharaon, because you see others poor, it is good that you remain poor.
        Sad your obssession for biya, made you blind as you traveled sub saharan africa.

        • Joshua if you only knew me…no one hate Biya more than me I promise you…you are the on3 obsessed with him..you things dont get up in bedroom you blame biya…you spend more time focusing on him that mean you are same like him full of egos instead of looking at the system you look at peoples…i made a statrment of facts instead of saying i visited 5 city in Nigeria or ivory coast and herein is my statement you speak of biya…empty barrel

      • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

        @ Pharoan,

        Naija is just in your backyard, have you also travelled there, Mr.UN Envoy?

        Pls travel to Portharcourt, Akwa Ibom, Imo, Gombe, Warri, Kano, Calabar, Lagos and Abuja.

        Your cities in Cameroon are all in ruins.

        The truth hurts, but admit it.

        • listen you cannot compare mango and potatoes ok?? where did u go to school..look at the whole nord of Nigeria..i only visited Abuja and Lagos and I can tell you it is not paradise ok…they have more infrastructure but only the budget of Abuja or Lagos is more than the budget of cameroon ok

          your cauchemar is biya….biya..boya….can you think pass biya for a second? then we can have constructif arguments about future of cameroon…biya to me is dead long time ago and he did his own job…he did not sign the colonial contracts with France when they expire in 2010…and the french and hypocrites english are back creating troubles in cameroon open your eyes….fool ..let see what the new president will do…run to France and sign it…macron have it on his desk

      • I dont know in which countries you have travelled..
        Take a look at Ghana, Kenya, Eq Guinea, Nigeria, Gabon, Tanzania, Rwanda .
        I dont know what you saw..
        Look at the infrasture, the social amenities…
        I think Cameroon today can only be compared to Somalia, and most of those countries in war like Suouth Sudan..
        your writings seems like it came from CPDM or Atanga Nji..
        MY friend, open your eyes when you travel to these african countries…
        As i said , Bamenda -Mbouda is just 40 kms or less and its done in 3 Hours..Dont forget its the high way that link the NWP and Western province to DOuala and yaounde..and we have a centralized system of Govt where u need to go to yaounde to do everything…Think twice..
        There is no place in Africa today where u can do 40 kms in 3 hours except cameroon.

  7. cameroon should prepare a plan for milla to take over or eto’o to take over the CAF as payback to this bouffon that clearly have personal issues with cameroon…milla or eto’o can have the vote…show this monkey the gorilla level he knows nothing about

    • Pharaon @ agree people are coming to watch football they arnt coming over for a 4 star holiday with candlelit dinners with the wife ( which they could get in Cameroon anyway ) so this guy Ahmed is being rude .Its going to be a great tournement i only hope the airfare,number of flights and visas prices are realistic

  8. Caf is supposed to inspect finished infrastructure not a sick republic unable to finish hotels, health unit s stadia and of course road s airport. . CameroUn ese are emotional instead of being realistic

  9. This is what happens when you give the mic to an illiterate who has nothing to do with a mic. Take that mic away from this confused cpdm loyalist who thinks cameroun is better than any other country and who thinks they own the country. This arrogance is what annoys me most. Come next month, CAF will hand it over to Morocco, because cameroun simply cannot host this event.

  10. Le Cameroun n a pas les moyen reunir tout ce qu il faut, ils vont finir pas construire un stade qui va s’effondrer sur les specatateurs. En plus il y a la guerre dans ce pays. Etoo a suivi son pere Milla dans le Rdpc. Pima.