Scandale de corruption au Cameroun : Glencore dit avoir versé de larges pots-de-vin |+ vidéo

Scandale de corruption au Cameroun : le trader anglo-suisse Glencore déclare avoir versé des pots-de-vin pour 7 milliards de FCFA à la SNH la Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures, et la Sonara, deux sociétés publiques. L’affaire fait grand bruit. L’opposition exige que toute la lumière soit faite sur cette affaire. On fait le point à Yaoundé, avec notre correspondant Marcel Amoko.

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  1. What scandal? it is a acncer in camroon, a malpractice condone in the entire french cameroon republic,sterning from the top to bottom leadership in all works of life, even ordinary citizens display bribery, corruption, embezellement in broad daylight with no shame. The minority of public servants who frown or shy away from this sorts of crippling diseases tend to loose their jobs due to their honesty. The cameroon military, police who are meant to protect the people, lead by example expose their bribery, corruption, extortion towards civilians daily without fear or repercussion. Civil servants have become millionaires, build very expensive mansions, travel abroad to EU, US from stealing their ministerial budgets funds for deveopment with their superiors without any criminal punishmnets