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School book stirrs sex education debate in Cameroon [+video]

A science book for children in grades five and above is the subject of debate in Cameroon.

The book addresses the sensitive issue of sexuality with references to practices that some say are too explicit and as a result unfit for children.

Many argue the text has the potential of dangerously luring children into having sex. So what does this book in question contain and how sexually explicit is it for children?

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  1. This is what happens, when the finger stays too long in the anus. Biya and his cpdm,
    have failed and would want like a drowning man, cling on anything to survive. Soon,
    kids will be taught how to embezzle, look for ways to suck human blood to stay in
    power for too long etc.
    And the frogs, have put us in this mess by always endorsing biya.

  2. Failed state.

  3. Colonial curriculum as per their 1958 agreement with France.
    Where is the math and science program?
    Where is the technical training program?
    Teach children sexual explicit practices, teach detailed European history, emphasize foreign religions then ask them if they are ready to emerge in 2035?
    China in the last 50yrs did no rise from learning more French sexual practices than the French they copied their technology better than them.
    Why are the elite so afraid of giving power back to the people?
    They know their collaborators who write such books and force this uselessness curriculum down our children’s throat are making money doing it.
    So many ministers of education yet no practical approach to education.

  4. Ohh Beti Bulu Bassa Eton thieves have destroyed everything and now teaching Cunnulingus to children. Amba must leave.