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Seconde prorogation du mandat des députés camerounais

APAnews | Le mandat des députés et des conseillers municipaux du Cameroun a été prorogé pour la seconde fois suite à l’adoption, mercredi, par l’Assemblée nationale du projet de loi y relatif déposé la semaine dernière par le gouvernement.

Cette prorogation de deux mois du mandat des députés et des conseillers municipaux prend effet le 29 octobre 2019. Elle vise, selon le gouvernement, à « permettre la tenue régulière de la session parlementaire ordinaire de novembre, traditionnellement consacrée à l’examen de la Loi de finances ».

Par ailleurs, cette prorogation devrait permettre «la tenue du double scrutin législatif et municipal devenu une tradition dans notre processus électoral depuis 2007 », ajoute l’exécutif.

Cette prorogation mandat des députés et des conseillers municipaux est la seconde et la dernière conformément à la loi, une première prorogation d’un an ayant eu lieu l’année dernière alors que les législatives et municipales étaient prévues pour le 30 septembre 2018.

Selon des analystes, le scrutin législatif et municipal pourrait avoir lieu en février 2020, pour renouveler élire 180 députés qui constituent la chambre basse du parlement et 360 conseils municipaux à travers le pays.

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  1. It is on record that on the 31.12.2018 Dictator Biya swore on CrTv that elections MST take place in the country in 2019 come rain come shine. He made this promise based on the assurance from the military that Amba boys will all be neutralised before July 2019. Dictator Biya has finally realised that his terrorist soldiers can NEVER EVER defeat Amba boys in 2019.
    The military has now promised him that they will defeat Amba boys by December 2019. That is why he extended the term of the deputy to February 2020.

    Believe me or not, even in 2035 there will be ZERO elections in SC. Elections can take place AFTER the Anglophone Question is resolved.
    It was, therefore, a sheer waste of precious time, energy and resources to extend the term of deputies by two months.

    • The priority now is for Dictator Biya to resolve the Anglophone Question. After that elections will take place.
      The only TWO FEASIBLE solutions are:


      1. a federation of TWO states EQUAL IN STATUS (cf. UNGA resolution 1608 )


      2. SEPARATION of the two states ( SC and LRC (

      There is no other sustainable solution. Simply put,

      1. a Federation of 4, 10 or 99 states
      2. decentralisation
      3. BIR
      4. etc

      will NEVER EVER resolve the impasse.


    • **** RULE BY DECEPTION ****

      A few days after the SONARA incidence, the Minister of Energy told the workers of SONARA that Dictator Biya has decreed that the workers will continue to receive their salaries and bonuses for no work done. The writer said on this same forum that such a promise is hollow and can NEVER EVER be respected because LRC is in dire financial straights.

      Barely a month after this hollow promise of the Dictator the writer has been vindicated.


      « Plus d’un mois après le grave incendie qui a ravagé des circuits de raffinage de la SONARA à Limbe dans la région du Sud-Ouest, le directeur général de l’entreprise, Jean Paul Simo Njonou a créé le 1er juillet 2019, un Comité Ad Hoc chargé d’examiner et de proposer la réduction de certains avantages du personnel”.


      “Brigade Anti Sardinard (BAS) , a group of Cameroonian activists against the leadership of President Paul has announced that the aircraft to transport President Paul Biya and wife out of Switzerland has landed Geneva.
      The destination of the presidential couple from Geneva is not clear.” ( Mimi Mefo Info )

      * MY TAKE *

      BAS militants have defeated Dictator Biya ” pants on fire”
      The chance of Dictator Biya ever returning to Geneva is equal to ZERO
      The humiliation was unbearable.

      Kumkum Pass Garri should take special note

    • **** BREAKING VICTORY NEWS 2.0 ****

      “Eight military men were neutralised in Agborkem German – Manyu Division in the south West region of Cameroon.
      In a telegram signed today by Lt. Col. Anamba Lazare, a group of about thirty secessionists attacked over a dozen military men as they were returning from a mission.
      In the process, 10 soldiers went missing. Since then, search teams have found two”. (Mimi Mefo Info)

    • * MY TAKE *

      There will be ZERO surrender of weapons by the GENUINE Amba boys.
      The so-called commission on disarmament is EXCLUSIVELY for the FAKE Amba boys of ex-convict Atanga Nji

  2. Do parliamentarians need an extension of their mandate? Why not simply enter the dance and join the GHOST WORKERS?

  3. JEWELS OF CHANTAL BIYA, estimated 200 MILLION EUROS, SEIZED BY THE BELGIAN CUSTOMS. Thieves, criminals and genociders are empty criminal useless vessels. They are DOOMED.

  4. this is a group of idiots the despot have created….
    They think only with their stomach…
    No brains ..They dont even want to discuss the war at home..preferably the white man in switzerland should talk about it..
    All they can do is worship that Gorilla on diapers….
    In the cleaning process, we need to jail them…
    Send them to school to learn patriotism, CIVIS and be obedient citizens to t laws of the state not to one man ..
    These Idiots have made Biya a semi God, made him feel he is the only one who can take cameroon forward…
    Southern Cameroonians have thought you what it means to rebel against the system..
    Today you call them terrorist as they die to liberate u from slavery..
    Fools – eat bread and sardine and sleep – Stupid frogs..

  5. What can be expected from a useless hand clapping group of incompetent individuals ?

    La ripoublique is a land of thieves, criminals, bandits and FEYMEN who spend the time killing the brave people of AMBAZONIA.

commodo leo. massa ut Aliquam eget Nullam mi,