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Sécurisation de la Can 2019 : satisfécit de la CAF au Cameroun

APAnews | Le chef de délégation de la mission d’inspection de sécurité de la Confédération africaine de football (CAF) et de la Fédération internationale de football association (FIFA), le Nigérien Djibrilla Hima Hamidou a exprimé, vendredi, la satisfaction des experts « devant la forte mobilisation en matière de sécurité au Cameroun en vue de l’organisation de la Coupe d’Afrique des Nations (CAN) 2019.

Faisant le bilan d’une semaine au Cameroun devant la presse, cette délégation composée de quatre personnes, dont le Nigérian Emeruwa Christian, le Français Serges Dumortier et du général rwandais Jean Bosco Kazura a dit sa satisfaction par rapport aux sites visités et qui doivent abriter la compétition, au regard des conditions qui entourent les préparatifs de cette compétition.

Que ce soit à Bafoussam, Douala, Garoua, Limbé ou Yaoundé, ces experts ont pu « apprécier partout une forte mobilisation des forces de sécurité et de tous les acteurs de la sécurité au Cameroun».

La mission d’inspection a également profité de l’occasion pour donner des conseils sur certains aspects pour lesquels elle a « constaté des lacunes ».

Le chef de la mission a expliqué que c’était parce qu’ils avaient effectué les visites avec des experts.

La mission d’inspection de sécurité CAF-FIFA s’est rendue dans les stades, dans d’autres infrastructures et a discuté avec les parties prenantes de la sécurité dans la capitale économique, Douala, avant de terminer la visite par une séance de travail avec le Premier ministre, Philémon Yang.

En tout état de cause, a conclu le colonel Djibrilla Hima Hamidou, « le Cameroun est sur la bonne voie, et nous avons reçu des assurances que les manquements seront vite rattrapés ».

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  1. Le kamerun c’est le Cameroon yeah…

  2. Samuel Eto’o Fils also a member of CAF? Or does he represent Cameroon? Whatever the case, nothing is better than taking the true barometric pressure before sending innocent citizens to risk their lives in a far away land where uncerianty reigns supreme. The unexplained premature death of US missionary, Charles Truman Wesco in Bambui is food for thought.

    • Are these fools from Africa mad dogs?
      How can a country at war host CAN 2019?
      Or Africans want to refuse that Cameroon is at war?..
      There is no stability in Cameroon..
      The country is broke.,.
      No money , no infrastructure, just no innovation plan in place to bring any form of Economic growth..
      The country Cameroon cannot even survive the next 6 months…
      I dont know if France will continue to lend them money, when most of it is stolen on the way and does not even reach cameroon..
      FAKE failed state of Old people with no brains..



    You know what to do to protect the territorial integrity of SC.

    Having said that,


      The people of New Caledonia have to decide today in a REFERENDUM whether:

      1. their country should remain a part of France OR
      2. their country should become independent.

      After decades of campaigning by separatists seeking to break away from France, the President of France finally accepted that he could not continue to use his military to force the people of New Caledonia to remain in a “one and indivisible” France.


        **** BREAKING NEWS ****

        54 % of the citizens of New Caledonia decided today in a REFERENDUM that their country should remain a part of France. Simply put, the separatists lost the referendum.

        The New Caledonian Question has therefore been decided in a peaceful and democratic manner

        Dictator Biya should learn a lesson from New Caledonia. The Anglophone Question should be resolved with the help of a referendum.
        Supporters of LRC might win the referendum. There is, therefore, no need to use the military to resolve a SELF-DETERMINATION ISSUE


      **** MY TAKE ****

      The right to SELF DETERMINATION cannot be suppressed with the help of the military.
      That was the reason France accepted a REFERENDUM as the solution to the New Caledonia Question.

      France did not:

      1. create a Commission on Bilingualism, or
      2. translate the OHADA text or
      3. bribe the Fons to say they were against “secession” or
      4. send the military to commit war crimes or
      5. Shout that France is “one and indivisible”

      The MAJORITY of the Anglophones have stated they are fed up with the INFORMAL COHABITATION.
      Biya cannot suppress the will of the people.
      The killings, bribing and crimes against humanity perpetrated by LRC and Chad can only DELAY. It can NEVER EVER suppress the will of the people.


  5. The taste of the pudding is in the eating.
    They’ll realize when the time comes that Southern Cameroons is at war. It might have to take a few innocent foreigners to die for the world to understand this.

  6. The REFERENDUM as some ardent devotees clamor for is a sheer waste of both time and resources. First of all, like the just ended presidential elections, it will be carried out with lots of fraudulent operations by the same hired falsifier hands.

    But the futility of any referendum is clearly illustrated by the two people’s inadvertent displays of their true, separate identities and orientations.When Anglophone protested around the world, Francophones kept a respectable distance and some even mockingly called them “Ambazombie”. Following the flawed presidential elections validated by the Constitutional Court, Francophones around the major capitals belatedly went on their own street demonstrations some intoning the dirge coined by Anglophones, as the latter sat and watched in amusement.


      A referendum under the auspices of the UN. The kangaroo ELECAM and the kangaroo Constitutional Council will play no part in the referendum