Separatist leader killed in Southwest Cameroon |+video

africanews | In Kumba, Southwest Cameroon, the calm was deceptive, Friday. A convoy of the Cameroonian elite military force known as BIR attracted about a thousand people in a few minutes. The special forces were displaying in the English-speaking city, the body of “Field Marshall”, a separatist leader.

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  1. Tha war continues.Ambazonia has never been,and will never be a part of lrc.both were trustee territories under Britain and France respectively with the sole purpose of preparing them for independence.
    Lrc was internationally recognised as a territory after the French handed over the reigns of their nation to them in 1960,and the British southern Cameroons in 1961.let me re-emphasise here that both have internationally recognised boundaries.
    Their coming together as two nations EQUAL in status to form a federation was a failed experiment.there was never, and never will there be a treaty of union between the two nations,and the referendum was re-colonization by trick and crook.
    Field marshal did his best to get the occupiers out of our territory,may the Gods of Ambazonia show him love.

  2. Ambazonia is not a physical location on any map, a figment of feeble and deranged imaginations

    • I wonder how anybody in their right senses can drny what Biya himself acknowledged. Nous avons essayé de les assimiler, nou n’avons pas pu.

      Should i translate that into english for you Buea Pikin?

      Aluta Continua

      • Vietnam has Vietnamese identity and language, Cambodia the same all countries once attacked by Caucasians. but today they have rebuild their identity and language and powering ahead economically. ours are still talking about British trustee territories. this is refusing freedom.

      • no need @Epee!! That bit about “deranged imaginations” was @Bueapickin’s self-description and it is utterly pointless trying to convince them using any reasoning!

        • @Gull and @ Epee “Ambazonia” is not a physical location or a recognized territory. Its like Narnia, the fantasy world created by C. S. Lewis. It simply does not exist. That’s a fact, my brothers and you know it.

  3. @BAH ACHO:- the only man who has never been objective in this forum.
    Its good to say we are fighting today as Anglophones and Francophones..Why are we fighting?
    Because you Frogs want to impose your francofoolie on the people of southern cameroons…
    Because you want us to speak French and be slaves of MACRON..
    Have you ever come out to oppose such a move?
    Have you ever come out to say it is not fair what your brothers in yaounde are doing?
    Do you know that Cameroon is a union of 2 systems?
    Why should a system be forced on others?
    @BAH ACHO:- your stomach is too full to have a normal healthy brain.
    You are a fan of that old despot in Etoudi and as lomg as you have enough to eat and drink, you dont seem to care about the killings in southern cameroon- TIFF MAN..

    • BIKO……we are fighting because we are stupid and ignorant defending alien identities.why should we not fight for our language like vietnam and cambodia?i deny the theory of tow cameroons,it is rape we are not british or french we are africans.

  4. Francofolie and anglofolie should all be put in two colonial suitcases and send back to wherever they came from. I suspect one came from frog eating aliens in europe, and the other came from an isolated island that was once colonized by the frog eating aliens. Cameroon has hundredth of tribes. But only few tribes are creating all the problems, and these tribes happen to be in the same region. All I can say to the trouble makers is that, If you don’t like it here in cameroonland, please leave or you will be killed pretty soon.