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Separatist Leaders Shun Cameroon’s ‘National Dialogue’

YAOUNDE VOA | Next week, Cameroon’s government will host what it calls a national dialogue on the separatist crisis in its Northwest and Southwest regions. However, U.S.- and Europe-based separatist leaders invited to the talks say they will not take part in any dialogue unless it is held outside Cameroon with non-Cameroonians as mediators. The government has stated it will not accept a foreign mediator.

The week-long dialogue on the separatist crisis is due to begin Monday in Yaounde. The government says it has invited more than 1,000 people, including lawmakers, clergy, teachers, and civil society activists.

However, none of the U.S.- and Europe-based separatist leaders contacted by VOA said they will attend the talks.

Among those turning down the invitation is Eric Tataw, who lives in the United States.

He says he will not attend because he and fellow separatists based in the diaspora are wanted in Cameroon on charges of secession and terrorism.

Those are the same charges for which separatist leaders Ayuk Tabe Julius and 10 collaborators were arrested and sentenced to life in prison by a Yaounde military tribunal.

Tataw says Cameroon should free Julius and the other leaders as a sign they are truly ready for dialogue.

“I have told them categorically clear that let them release all detainees, and then start discussing with them and then from there we will know if the president of Cameroon is serious to have dialogue or not,” said Tataw.

Fighting in Northwest and Southwest Cameroon has claimed more than 2,000 lives since hostilities broke out two years ago. English-speaking armed groups in those regions want to break away from the rest of Cameroon and its French-speaking majority.

Some separatists have said on social media they want the dialogue to take place either in Switzerland or Ivory Coast, under the supervision of world powers like the U.S., Germany and Britain, and in the presence of the United Nations.

George Ewane, spokesperson of the national dialogue, says Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has ruled out the possibility of inviting a foreign mediator. Some nations that have offered to mediate, he says, have not stopped Cameroonians in the diaspora from financially sponsoring violence back home.

“Some make the propositions in good faith but we also know that others do not do that exactly in good faith,” he said. “Now let me ask a question. Are Cameroonians, are Cameroonians unable to solve their own problems to the extent of seeking a foreign mediation? The answer is an emphatic no. International mediation is not necessary.”

Ewane did not name the countries he was referring to, but last July, the Swiss ambassador to Cameroon, Pietro Lazzeri, announced his country was helping the Cameroon’s government negotiate with the rebels.

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  1. People like Ewane, like Elvis Ngole Ngole, will die in place of Mr. Biya. But death,
    doesn`t accept that. Cameroonians, can not solve their own problems well, hence
    the war and the attendant other stories. Also if they could, did Foumban solve any?
    Why the AAC 1,2,3 if cameroonians, can solve their problems?
    The `Never again generation`, shall not fall so cheaply to Biya and co.

  2. Absurdistan provides a wonderful touristic attraction as from September 30. Don’t miss the grand all-inclusive national dialogue to solve the separatists problem.

    Main Features:
    Excludes separates’ leaders
    Excludes the shape/form of the state
    Excludes use of English in the grand debat
    Excludes Maurice Kamto and his holdup team
    Excludes discussion of healthcare abroad
    Excludes limitation of “mandat presidentiel”
    Excludes any mention of NOSO Genocide

  3. What they want to promote is:
    – VIVRE ensemble..
    – Continue to marginalize Southern Cameroonians..
    – Continue to sing song of praises to BIYA and his Gang of thieves..
    – Keep fooling the people that Cameroon is one and indivisible…

    If Balla was caught during talks with the fake Govt and thrown in jail with cahrges of terrorism, then what will happen to those so called separatist?..
    ATANGA NJI said they will not discuss the nature and form of the state, right?…
    So why bring in federalist and Separatist?..
    These frogs are just too foolish…

  4. None event. Just a Gang of manipulators. Nothing will come out of the so call Dialogue. So why should the Southern Cameroons bother to participate. Ambazonians should resist and fight for their liberation. Not even the UN, Americans or Europeans will liberate the Ambazonians….We have to Put on the fight till we free ourselfs.

  5. The practical lessons of life are many and varied. Smart people always observe first, before they join in dancing. Reasonable persons master the rules first, before competing in a game or match.

    Last October all sorts of candidates jumped into the 2018 presidential race, paying little or no attention to the nature of ELECAM or the Conseil Constitutional. Then it happened!!!

    “Holdup Electoral” has become ” O Cameroun…”

  6. Stop postponing the SC problem, CPDM.

  7. “Enforcing illiteracy on our children and turning our small merchants into paupers does not ensure a sustainable future for Anglophones. On the contrary, it is the surest way to make sure that we remain second class citizens, only poorer and more uneducated. May be that’s what our liberators want, since such a community would be even easier to control, intimidate and exploit” …by Julius Wamey, 13 August 2017 Anglophone Crisis: The Internet Generals Leading Us over a Cliff

  8. West Cameroon remains One and Indivisible and shall dialogue with LRC on unfair colonial terms of the Foumbam Ahidjou tricks to foul Foncha and his delegation. Nothing more nothing less, The war has shown everyone Southern Cameroonians what our former brothers could be capable of doing to Southern Cameroonians and that Kill them like Goats

  9. @ Yaounde VOA – Separatist Leaders Shun Cameroon’s ‘National Dialogue’…”Among those turning down the invitation is Eric Tataw, who lives in the United States.
    He says he will not attend because he and fellow separatists based in the diaspora are wanted in Cameroon on charges of secession and terrorism”

    The national dialogue is meant strictly for Cameroonian in and out of Cameroon. The last time I checked, Cameroon does not accommodate dual nationality. Eric Tataw is not a Cameroonian!!

  10. The delegations from 9 regions, including the Southern zone aka the NW, have told the toothless PM that the people want DECENTRALISATION. Only the delegation from the Southern zone aka SW has proposed a federation of 10 states.
    Simply put, Biyalogue will end with the already written recommendation of a DECENTRALISED UNITARY STATE.
    Dictator Biya will immediately sign a decree instructing his Minister of Decentralisation to implement the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

    • Motions of support, wishes, congratulations and prayers will then be shouted from every arena of the ruling CPDM party and civil servants.

      Like subjects in kingdoms like Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lesotho and many others, apologists and Spin doctors of the Fon of Fons always wish that the BULU Dictator lives and outlives the oldest person that ever lived. They even send him motions of immortality. Yes, Biya should live forever. He should be like the Almighty God.

      Sooner than later, these stooges will realise that the implementation of decentralisation in SC is a nightmare waiting to happen.
      LRC terrorists have to DEFEAT the INVINCIBLE Amba boys before members of the ministry of decentralisation can set feet in SC: a herculean task second to none

    • On the flip side, BIYALOGUE is a blessing in disguise to the struggle. This is so because Dictator Biya has inadvertently drawn the battle line with his dirty trick of dialogue. Southern Cameroonians are now aware that it is either DECENTRALISATION or nothing. Federalists and separatists will surely see red and support the armed struggle financially. Pa Che and his team will be extremely busy supplying BOMBS, AK47, IEDs and other lethal weapons. The war will surely enter LRC. Bombs will explode in offices and other infrastructure in LRC. SC will be considered by citizens of LRC as HELL ON EARTH.
      Dictator Biya will surely gnash his teeth and shout “had I known I would have taken the prophecies of Agbor Balla and Hon. Wirba seriously. It is now too late to repent”.

    • **** PROPHECIES 800% FULFILLED ****

      PROPHECY 1:

      “Now that the anglophones are asking for federalism you people are refusing, there would be a time you people would be begging for this federalism and the anglophones would be asking for a complete separation.” (Balla, A., 2016)

      PROPHECY 2:

      “ When the people shall rise even if you take the French military and add to yours, you will not stop them” (Wirba, j., 2016)

    • “Now let me ask a question. Are Cameroonians unable to solve their own FINANCIAL problems to the extent of seeking foreign financial assistance? The answer is an emphatic YES. International financial assistance is very necessary.”

      • [email protected] relevant question for the foreseeable future but stick in a task force against corruption and false international billing for exported goods,immediate cancellation of negative to Cameroon agreements, especially energy. and within a year you would have an extremely posative picture for all citizens.Romania is presently doing it ,on a smaller scale than we need,but its working.

  11. The only one and indivisible Cameroon is the Southern Cameroons. According to UNGA RES.1514(XV) PARA.6 and 7, LRC has no right to violate the territorial integrity of the Southern Cameroons. So the splitting of this Country Southern Cameroons into what they call SW/NW Regions is illegal and against International Law. Only the Southern Cameroons as an independent country a fact LRC has never challenged has the singular right to alter the boundaries of the country.


    That is all we want

  13. The only way the frogs have shown concern, is that they host us as IDPs. And this is
    a similar way, that SC, hosted Nigerians in their 3 years war. And we SC, have never
    had a say in Nigerian politics. Therefore, to call the 8 frog zones who constituted the
    killing force, is not justice at all. Biya, thinks he is smart. National dialogue and he
    should be absent. CPDM or their central committee meeting, Biya is always present.
    What a game. What does Biya, think he is?

  14. Are some Anglophones that stupid to go to “dielogue”? I am shocked and equally surprised. This is no dialogue but a simple waste of time by this regime. We do not need any dialogue or the time for it is over and has been over since 1990. The only dialogue that is needed now is on how we shall develop a diplomatic relationship with LRC. With this are they anymore “anglofools” still thinking about dialogue with a regime that is still killing our people?

  15. Why are people soo soo stupid to attend this masquerade in the name of dialogue? Can’t anyone predict the outcome already? Why can’t some of you learn from your past mistakes? Why committing the same error? OMG, brainless attendees.
    For thirty plus years the country has been growing in the negative direction all because of his dirty policies and absenteeism. OMG, more slavery to you. Arise people, arise and defeat the grand bandits of your wealth.

  16. Who is fooling who?
    The people of the southern Cameroons AKA Ambazonia know there is no dialogue.
    This is a CPDM kumbaya party.
    Ayuk Tabe is kidnapped from Nigeria and taken to Hutu jail in tribal Yaoundé.
    Kamto is falsely arrested and jailed in Hutu Yaoundé
    Nobody in the southern Cameroons believes that a monologue with a tribal dictatorship in power for 40yrs will bring any positive change.
    Dictators always die in power, Franco-African dictators supported by France usually give power to their children e.g Gabon, Togo.
    The people of southern Cameroons are fighting for their freedom, all this brouhaha of a tribal monologue to impose Napoleonic decentralization on the Francophone Majority for the next 100yrs!
    Our desire is freedom this Century
    Very Low IQ people

  17. This shambolic propaganda of fake dialogue constituting a meeting of CPDM despots, warlords and unscrupulous warmongers looking to preserve their clamp on the people by deceit is going to backfire. The complete lack of foreign observers or a mechanism to check neutrality implies that at the end of this, the war in SC will reach new heights. I am afraid this humbug dialogue would spiral out of control and even Francophones who are being deceived to believe they are safe in their 8 regions now risk the wrath of separatists. This is not a joke. lrc reacts to situations rather than being proactive. They ignored the anglophone problem, the wise words of Wirba and Agbor Balla and killed peaceful protesters. Today 1000s dead & displaced, CDC down, AFCON fiasco, secession now an imminent fact!

  18. Our collective resolve must be seen in what we do immediately after the so-called national dialogue. Attacks on on everything that symbolizes LRC in Ambazonia must be accelerated and increased. Agwafor, Fru Ndi, Agbor Balla, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, etc., who live in Ambazonia and attended/participated in the charade–so-called national dialogue–must not be allowed to come back to Ambazonia Take them out–KILL THEM. Also, flush out citizens of LRC who have so far refused to leave and go back. Boot-licking colonial agents and slave-boys Ekema Patrick, Ndumu Nji, and Ngoh Nkele must be taken out.

    Please, whatever we do, extended lock-down MUST not be an option.

  19. Tout ce que nous demandons est clair et net.
    *Les termes de la séparation. POINT*
    2 seperate states en bons voisins.
    English = Southern Cameroons (AMBAZONIA)
    French = La republique francophone du Cameroun

  20. @Joshua, either Biya thinks he is more Cameroonian than you and I or he is not just a Cameroonian. And we don’t go to dialogue having VIPs on the one side and NIPs (Non-important Personalities) on the other side. It defeats the whole idea of dialogue.

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