Separatist violence increases in English-speaking parts of Cameroon – HRW

(Reuters) – Separatists fighting to carve an independent state out of Cameroon’s English-speaking regions have increased the number of violent actions this year, including killings, kidnappings and attacks on schools, Human Rights Watch said on Monday.

Anglophone insurgents began fighting the Cameroonian military in 2017 after civilian protests calling for greater representation for the country’s English-speaking minority were violently repressed.

“Armed separatist groups are kidnapping, terrorising, and killing civilians across the English-speaking regions with no apparent fear of being held to account by either their own leaders or Cameroonian law enforcement,” said Ilaria Allegrozzi, senior central Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch.

The campaign group said that since January armed separatists had killed at least seven people, injured six, raped a girl, burned at least two schools, attacked a university and kidnapped up to 82 people including 33 students and five teachers.

The findings were based on 38 telephone interviews with victims, relatives of victims and witnesses, as well as a review of medical records, videos and photographs.

The group reported that on Feb. 26, separatist fighters killed Jenette Sweyah Shey, a 46-year-old nurse working for the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS), a medical organisation, as she returned from a humanitarian mission.

Shey was shot in the head as she sat in a CBCHS vehicle that was stopped at a separatist checkpoint in the North-West region, witnesses and colleagues said. Another nurse and a doctor were injured.

Human Rights Watch said it had shared its findings with representatives of the three main separatist groups and none had responded apart from Capo Daniel, defence chief of the Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF).

Daniel was quoted as saying that ADF forces were present at the checkpoint where Shey was killed, that “it was a case of mistaken identity” and that “we have apologised with CBCHS” for the incident.

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  1. one of the naive ambazonians in the diaspora appeared on a cable television openly declaring that they met with the European union to ask for help but the response of the European union was, what help has your African brothers offered you?. this simply mean that the Europeans they see aa savoirs consider them as fools. this is the classic behavior of people under linguistic occupation. they don’t think.

  2. The NW crisis is doing it best now on the Bda people. The Bda people will learn the hard way once they finish killing themselves. To Bda man fighting a war is to torture and kidnap your brothers and sister. amba a failed facebook country.

    • when this crisis started, i said it was a strategic mistake because it is unwise to attack a superior adversary thinking they will not respond.
      all of you called me traitor, biko in particular. where are we today?

  3. @BAH ACHO:_ the most one sided human being-
    Who is the cause of the problem?
    What do you expect from people who feel treated as second class citizens in their own country?
    Have you ever stoped drinking and eating from the govt to think a bit?..
    Why are you so foolish to always play the blame game without a proporsal to a peaceful solution?
    How dare you blame the people for rising against a system that has made them 3rd class citizens..?
    Which country was built without a revolution?
    When thieves like BAH Acho who are only singing praises to the old Despot in Etoudi come back with arguments in this forum , you ask yourself many questions..
    Cameroon is a union of 2 systems..
    The only alternative for such a system is federalism..
    Let the people stand up and fight for their rights -PERIOD..