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Seven Cameroonian soldiers injured in accident in restive Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, Aug. 15 Xinhua | At least seven Cameroonian soldiers were injured Thursday afternoon after their armored car skidded and fell along the road in Kumba, a town in Southwest, one of the two war-torn English-speaking regions of Cameroon, according to local police.

“Some of them sustained life threatening injuries and others minor injuries. They have all been rushed to the hospital to receive medical attention,” police said.

The soldiers, all members of Cameroon elite force, Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), were on a mission to Mamfe, another town in the region where separatists are known to be operating when the accident happened.

Separatists claimed to have caused the accident with an improvised explosive, but the army denied, saying it was caused by “bad road”.

Armed separatists have been clashing with government forces in the two Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest since 2017 in a bid to create an independent nation they call “Ambazonia”.

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  1. Celui qui se lève pour tuer, piller, violer, massacrer et torturer les populations anglophones doit tout simplement s’attendre à la foudre céleste. Il ya un gros drame à l’horizon. Beware of the ides of the killings.

    • @Ali KHAN

      Just shut your nasty mouth monkey.GOD has punished ambasonias members soooooooo bad .

      just a simple accident, you will here open your nasty mouth.

      water nah water

  2. Well if it’s such a bad road that a qualified army driver can’t handle it maybe the early morning drill should include repairing roads while stationed there, since they are paid by the taxpayers ,who need good roads to make the money to pay them..

    • Hey dude.
      Get a life.
      Accidents happen

      • It’s because they were going there to kill and destroy properties. This curse must keep on affecting them, that whenever they go out to kill innocent people and destroy properties, that’s what will happen to the mad and wicked soldiers.

  3. Still waiting for that deuch bag @mbappe to comment so that I can pounce kikikik.Vivrez Ambazonia. Wata na wata

  4. How did the separatists, claim about causing the accident? No quotation, no
    anything? Some say, that some people are feeding fat from this Biya war. And
    the press, is not left out.

  5. “Two and divisible” LRC is a country ruled by deceit, deception and terror.
    13(thirteen) BIRs were NEUTRALISED in this accident. However, the GOC speaks of ZERO MORTE.
    Those LRC terrorist soldiers were on their way to massacre innocent civilians in SC. Unfortunately for them, they were instead NEUTRALISED by divine justice. They are now gnashing their teeth at the hottest place in hell.

    The legitimate struggle of the Anglophones to free themselves from the evil hands of LRC and France is God-ordained. That is the reason that the momentum will always remain UNSTOPPABLE and the war UNWINNABLE.
    Dictator Biya is simply wasting his time and energy looking for a military solution. The war will end on the negotiating table with or without Dictator Biya. MARK MY WORDS!!!!

    • That’s true. The curse is that, France must live to regret forever, and Yaounde will also regret for sending soldiers to kill and destroy properties in the NW and SW regions. There’s no repentance after dead, so, the souls that have been killed will never allow Cameroon to remain one and indivisible. Never. Yaounde must regret for having declared war in the NW and SW regions.



  7. Some media houses put the death toll at 14 as reported by someone here however these are deaths NOT injuries. Eyewitnesses however suggest that another convoy came from behind to smash those who had stopped on the road to try and claim the corpses of their dead colleagues. The high speed and confusion was because they were afraid of attacks by the restoration forces.
    40 are assassins are reported to have been neutralised on the spot.
    May it serve as a lesson, Anglophone lives matter.

  8. TWO cubes of sugar giving nuts to the ripoublique’s thugs.

    Ambazonia has risen.

    • @Ali KHAN

      stops smoking weed bastard, soooooooooo delusion

      • The SPIRIT of FREEDOM lives in all AMBAZONIANS.The SPIRIT to denounce injustice, fight against oppression, corruption, tyranny. La ripoublique and wounded agents are doomed to fail. We shall prevail against all odds. La liberté ne se donne pas. Elle s’arrache.


  9. Amabazonian **** you’ll never walk alone

    • God has bless are lands , water , air etc ….
      LRC most go …..
      Let the westerners keep playing the silent game .HAIL AMBAZONIAN

      • Camer believer (Colby)

        Is that same English people have been advocating for or the one of Shakespeare? cause I don’t understand.

    • @jesus is load

      your land hahahahahhahahaha please takes your psych medication raccoon.

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