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Sexual violence on the rise in Cameroon’s Anglophone region [+video]

FRANCE 24 | In this edition, how rape has become a weapon of war in parts of Cameroon as separatists fight government troops in the Central African country. Also, Brexit may have been delayed for now but what will it mean for women’s rights? We talk to Remain campaigner and feminist, Jenna Norman. Plus, the Iranian who became the first from her country to compete and win in an official boxing match, is now worried about heading home.

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  1. Sexual violence perpetrated by the genocidal Interahamwe Beto-Bulu militia army that have been caught red handed raping young girls and even nursing mothers on several occasion.

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  2. IN the art of war by sun tzu now used in all military and schools of economics.the authur advice that before starting a war.be one hundred percent sure to win.in his words there is a difference in winning temporary battles that change nothing in the end game than actually winning the war.
    if we reflect on this line of thinking,can we say that strategically speaking we took time to think through the current conflict with younde?and what the result will be?
    are we sure to win base on calculated thinking as sugested by strategist sun tzu?

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