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Six killed in anti-separatism military operation in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, April 14 Xinhua | — At least six people were killed and several others injured early Sunday during an anti-separatism military operation in Ekona, a locality in Southwest, one of Cameroon’s two war-torn English-speaking regions, local sources said.

The army searched for secessionist-terrorists in the bushes and found them there. Most of those killed had been terrorizing the people, a military source who opted for anonymity told Xinhua.

However, there were conflicting reports of who committed the act. Locals claimed that they were shot by government forces.

“The six people including two children are members of the same family. They were hiding from the army in the bush when they were shot dead. The corpses are still scattered in the bush,” a local resident who asked not to be named told Xinhua.

Since November 2017, government forces have been clashing with armed separatist forces who want the two English-speaking regions of Northwest and Southwest to secede from the largely French-speaking nation and form a new country called “Ambazonia”.

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  1. Hutu propaganda by supporters of the dictatorship to distort the true narrative.
    Civilians including grandmothers were massacred in the bushes after escaping war in the city.
    Systematic campaign to kill Anglophones in Anglophone Cameroon in the land of their ancestors to promote Francophonization and French culture in Cameroon.
    550,000 internal refugees
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    130,000 children no school
    20,000 killed
    300 villages burnt
    10,000 jailed in French Cameroon.
    English in Courtrooms and classrooms was the initial request of the marginalized Anglophones to the Francophone government in a constitutionally bilingual country.
    War is the governments response. Why?
    7.2M Francophones in Canada are respected.
    8M Anglophones in Cameroon are being massacred. Why?
    Low IQ

  2. Fake news!truth on the ground report is the barbaric french Cameroon terrorist army did not kill and separatists self defense fighters, they killed innocent unarmed youths and two younger children who were members of the locality which was attacked.Cameroon dictatorship news continue to publish fake news which never account for their hundreds of army killed on a daily basis by separatist fighter in a war with causalities on both sides, the army with their training and ammunition are being killed by guerrilla youths like flies and will not stop fighting for a Justice not peace, while lrc army is dying fighting for a dotage dictator, selfish old embezzling regime which cares little for its citizens

  3. Our heads may be bloody but we will never bow until the occupier leave Ambazonia, the land of glory. Support the National AK campaign.

  4. @Mabanda Boy

    you can talk nonsense because you are living in the diaspora big fool, I wished they can kill your families

  5. SANS SALAIRES, les militaires de la republique
    du Cameroun pillent des maisons, v-i-o-l-e-n-t,
    incendient des villages, tuent tous les animaux,
    chiens et chat pour manger. Ils prennent des otages,
    font du chantage et tirent sur ceux qui ne respectent pas les
    ghost towns pour SABOTER la Revolution de L’AMBAZONIE.
    Ils tuent des gens et accusent des AMBA BOYS pour pousser les populations
    à se retourner contre Les VAILLANTS AMBAZONIENS, combattants de la LIBERTE.

    Tous les JOURS , la milice tribale tue, assassine, massacre, détruit, et pille l’AMBAZONIE.


  6. Buhari, says his arch rival in the last presidential elections, Atiku, is not a Nigerian
    but a born Cameroonian. Similarly, Ambazonians are not Cameroonians, regardless.
    So it is time, for both peoples to look for their real identity.
    History, can not be hidden, even when it is distorted in any form.

    • @ Joshua, Please stop using that your useless name Ambazonia to call all anglophones. We don’t want barbarians representing us. the majority of anglophones have nothing to do with Ambazonia. All you do is terrorize villagers who don’t support your foolishness. Your silly terrorist organization has put anglophone villagers in a difficult situation as they are being harassed and killed by the BIRs for supporting your foolishness and at the same time being harassed and killed by your Ambazonia thugs for not supporting them. PLEASE LEAVE ANGLOPHONE VILLAGERS ALONE. Why don’t you go to Mvomeka and confront Biya if you and your Ambazonia thugs have any balls.

  7. Notre Dame Cathedral in paris on fire. The evil that men do……………………….. them.
    I heard this from day one. Perdophilia etc. etc. and etc.

  8. @joshua

    so what will change if Notre Dame of cathedral in Paris on fire. Meaning ambaland will paying for the construction again nymfuka.

    • Take it easy man. Wow!! Either way, Cameroon was destined to go down this road. The are no good actors in this stalemate. Africans are not good managers or at least they’ve proven not to be. The insecurity is faced by everyone no matter their political, social or cultural leanings, even diabolical wishful thinking may not help either side. I transferred almost 50 million CFA to start up a project two years ago and when this mess started it took a while to re-transfer, thank goodness! I am done, dusted and gone. Good luck Cameroon with your war, roguery and dictatorship!!

    • tu vas bruler en enfer dans qques heures

      • Abakwa Boy,

        dameanseh none of wuna no dey for GZ eh?

        As you loss so, ah bin be di mimba sey you di coordinate logistics for GZ.

        Me sef ah dong forget! Pa Ajasko fit sacrifice cheries dem for war?…

  9. Mopping season.
    All the army is doing now is cleanups.
    It’s over.

  10. A depaved land of mass killings by the cameroun militaires.

    What a shame for Africa !

  11. @ joshua

    … live with them… this time but not after them.

  12. The National Interest

    Pull all these rats out of their hideouts and give them some peanuts.

  13. We will never yield.
    Understand that. Never .
    We were and still are warriors, we descended from Sudan and conquered the land. You will not take it from us , nay you cannot.
    We shall live free or die fighting.
    A m b a

  14. The European Union Parliament says the crisis in the Anglophone regions should be put on the action agenda of the United Nations Security Council, if it persists.
    A motion signed by members of the parliament has urged international bodies like the African Union to step in and mediate in the conflict without which it should be tabled at the UN Security Council.

    The parliament condemn the human rights violation in the Anglophone regions and called for an immediate investigation of allegations of rights violation by Cameroonian soldiers.

    “”Cameroonian authorities (should) ensure accountability for human rights violations by the security forces and to conduct prompt, thorough, independent and impartial investigations into all allegations of human rights violations,” the statement.

    The EU

    • Leave that talk. The same thing has been happening in the Congo (DRC) for more than 30 years with millions displaced and killed. What has the EU or UN done? These people don’t give a damn about black lives especially when it’s profiting one of them like Belgium in DRC and France in Cameroon.

  15. Les eurodéputés déplorent « la violence et la discrimination à l’encontre de la communauté anglophone », raison de la crise anglophone qui a dégénéré en conflit entre séparatiste et soldats gouvernementaux. particulièrement préoccupé par les allégations selon lesquelles les forces gouvernementales seraient responsables d’homicides, de recours excessif à la force et de tortures [et] demande au gouvernement de prendre immédiatement toutes les mesures nécessaires pour mettre fin à la violence et à l’impunité dans le pays » ALL collabos like you, MKPD shall answer to these crimes.?

venenatis, quis id, ut ipsum ut Praesent at luctus ut