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Six membres du service de sécurité de Paul Biya arrêtés en Suisse

Jeune Afrique | Six membres du service de sécurité de Paul Biya ont été arrêtés mardi à Genève. Ils sont soupçonnés d’avoir pris part à l’agression d’un journaliste suisse le 26 juin dernier. Cinq sont toujours en détention provisoire.

La police judiciaire de Genève a procédé mardi 2 juillet à l’interpellation de six membres du service de sécurité du président camerounais Paul Biya. Ceux-ci sont soupçonnés d’avoir, le 26 juin, blessé un journaliste de la Radio-télévision suisse (RTS) venu couvrir les manifestations de la diaspora camerounaise contre Paul Biya, devant l’hôtel Intercontinental de Genève.

Les suspects se seraient en outre emparés des effets personnels du reporter – son téléphone, son porte-monnaie et son sac – et de son matériel professionnel. Cinq des six interpellés ont été mis à la disposition du ministère public du canton de Genève. La sixième personne, la seule femme, détentrice d’un passeport diplomatique, a en revanche été libérée, explique un communiqué du ministère public suisse.

« Spectacle ubuesque qui déshonore le Cameroun »

Le procureur général en charge de la procédure – le journaliste de la RTS a déposé une plainte au pénal – a entendu les parties mercredi 3 juillet.

Le gouvernement camerounais n’a pour le moment pas réagi. Le 29 juin, il avait exprimé « sa réprobation totale face à ce spectacle ubuesque qui déshonore le Cameroun », quelques heures après que les manifestants anti-Biya aient tenté de rejoindre l’hôtel Intercontinental.

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  1. The crazy idea of bronze statues the past three years since Biya`s war on SC,
    is very alarming and if not, a call for concern. And the visitors, are very willing,
    to rush for it. It is unfortunate, that these entourages of statue receivers don`t
    know Etoudi, is the seat of the kingdom of ocultism in the highest order. Oh,
    Guteres -ie. UN sec general, the london Baroness, EU reps etc, have been there,
    in turn to receive theirs. After that, no word or action follows. The are quiet and
    souls are perishing in great numbers, in favor of the king.
    One point is clear, even in the eyes of God, ignorance, is no excuse. Someone,
    should hint them, that the are messing up themselves and a rath, is awaiting them.
    No crime on humanity, is small and unpurnishable.

    • Now you see why you must support the contender forces. No one is coming to safe us. Support the operation AK47 or we all get extinct.

  2. “According to reporters’ conservative calculations – based on publicly available hotel room prices and a compilation of entourage lists – the total hotel bill of Biya and his colleagues for one stay at Intercontinental adds up to around $40,000 per day,” says OCCRP. “At that rate, the cost of all of the president’s private trips (1,645 days in total) would add up to about $65 million since he came to power – and that’s not counting food, entertainment and the rental of a private plane.”

  3. A report by the Wall Street Journalexternal link in November 2018 said that since Biya became head of state the hotel is transformed several times a year into a kind of offshore presidential palace for several weeks. According to the WSJ, Biya pays for everything in cash. A normal stay costs several million Swiss francs (about the same in US dollars), according to Christian Penda Ekoka, who was Biya’s chief advisor before moving to the opposition. Ekoka told the WSJ that the money came directly from the treasury, and that everything was paid in cash to prevent the trips appearing in the state account.

  4. Another report by Swiss public broadcaster RTSexternal link (in French) in June this year also highlighted Geneva as a “paradise for dictators”. It includes some scenes of the frequent demonstrations by Cameroonian exiles outside the Hotel Intercontinental when Biya is there. “Shame on Switzerland!” they cry. “It’s taxpayers’ money!” “He is stealing the money from the oil of our anglophone region, which is in ruins.”
    Cameroon has a reputation for corruption. In 1998 and 1999 it was ranked bottom of the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Indexexternal link, and in 2017 it was rated 153rd out of 180 countries.

  5. Le pays de la honte= LRC of thieves and criminals

  6. what i still dont understand:
    – How come Cameroonians are calling the little , young freedom fighters in the NWP AND SWP terrorist..
    – If these are terrorist, then who is Biya?..This despot is the worse terrorist in Africa..
    – Spending the peoples money for over 30 years with a group of gorillas from his village and depriving over 23 million people of basic needs is a crime against humanity..
    – Depriving the cameroonians from basic needs like health care , water and infrastructure thus leading to the death of thousands of cameroonians each year , is a criminal act that shpould be termed terrorist act..Its the biggest human rights violation ..
    Let cameroonians wake up now or never , hang these thieves and clean the country for good..
    Send the Gorillas back to the forest now or never..

    • @ biko. They are calling them terrorists because they are terrorizing their own people instead of Biya. They say they are fighting for separation. How do you expect the francophone Cameroonians to support them? Most francophones were supporting the anglophone marginalization protest until the barbarians called Ambazonia took over and started killing people.

      I don’t understand how you can support a group that has prevented anglophone kids from going to school for over 2 years, that chop off the fingers of anglophone people who go to work to feed their families, kidnap and behead anglophones who don’t support their foolishness, kidnap rich anglophones and demand ransom, turned schools into torturing chambers etc etc. The evil is too much. No sane person can support this type of people.

      • This dirty smelling big maggot mouth rotting teeth @bobynyox is worst than a devil. A gorilla mbalmayo half Santa criminal only interested in protecting his park boy father heritage. My family was pulled out of our house and shot at extrajudicially by terrorist soldiers of your gorilla clan and here you are opening ur smelling tumbu mouth killing them the second time. Listen dirty armpit smelling pig, we are not stopping any time soon. Keep sharpening that leaky smelly dirty droopy mouth of yours but we will not blink. We will defend our homeland from the occupying invasive pest forces of your dictator clan until you kill us all. Our surgical operations to purge out rancid pests like yourself and their supporters is building steam. After these political pretenders we will face u. Shumbu

        • @L’enemie,

          BAS is ready for act 2 tomorrow, your group has to send some members to increase the number demonstrators.

          You cannot win this fight alone, all forces have to come together and take this fight right up to the gates of Etoudi, only so can those gangsters be forced to total submission. This has always been the vision of visionaries, including Mme Walla, Alice Nkom……

          Should the king die in power, Biya II, BIR, is definitely taking over, and the people will still remain hostage.

          No CMR can defeat BIR with guns. The only thing that can keep BIR running is if they face millions of unarmed protesters. They’ll all swap sides in less than a minute.

          So be it BAS, Amba, or whosoever that wants to go solo, good riddance…

        • @ L’enenemie I am very very sorry about the dead of your father. The people to be blamed are those who picked up arms against a brutal dictator who doesn’t care about his people. Your father would have been alive today if the Ambazonia thugs didn’t go to your village. This is exactly why we kill them each time they come to Santa. They start a fight with a military full of illiterates and what do you expect? Biya’s military if full of illiterates and barbarians and ones you invite them into your territory you are inviting the act of evil to be committed on your people. In the 21st century people use their brains to conquer dictators like the B.A.S are doing in Switzerland or the Burkinabes, the Sudanese and Algerians. You can’t let your emotions get the best of you.

        • ZZ as always you are the best. let’s work hard to convince brother L’enemie to follow the right track to take out this brutal dictator. I know it’s really hard on him especially with the killing of his dad by the Biya BIRs. He has to find a way to let his emotion go and understand that you can’t conquer Bya and his BIRs with the use of force. We all have to unite and march peacefully to the gates of Etoudi just as the Burkinabes, the Sudanese and Algerians deed to free themselves.

      • @bobjazz – exactly to your point, very well illustrated by L’enemie and yet he wonders why he and his type are branded terrorists. What a pity. I’d expect be used that energy to articulate his points in favour of the Ambazonia fighters, oh well!!!

        • @Mbappe

          the son of a gorilla whore. you cannot hide! you hear me short baboon. idiot.

  7. Whatever one’s circumstances, it is a very risky gamble playing the role Christophe Junior Zogo has assigned himself – yesterday he took up a loudspeaker and blasted the corrupt government of President Paul Biya but today he uses the very loudspeaker urging President Biya to recruit him to take down his enemies one by one.

    Such duplicity is a recipe for inviting sure premature death at the hands of unknown assailants in his constantly changing entourage!

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