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Slow progress for Cameroon’s Yaoundé-Douala highway

World Highways | Progress remains slow for the construction of the highway connecting Cameroon’s two largest cities, Douala and Yaoundé. The two cities are some 202km apart and the new route is intended to improve transport between Cameroon’s capital, Yaoundé, and its key commercial city and port, Douala.

The existing National Road No3 linking the two cities currently suffers from heavy congestion and the new route will help alleviate the problem and cut journey times, boosting both capacity and safety.

Around 30km of the new highway has now been surfaced. The construction work is being carried out by the Chinese contractor, China First Highway Engineering Company (CFHEC). The project to construct the new highway link includes access roads and will also improve transport to and from Yaoundé International Airport.

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  1. So so moquette all place while Pigsty Douala is flooding, Yaounde-Douala Road blocked by a fallen trailer. How I wish these forest gorillas could have hosted that AfCON for the world to see inside their pigsty. Anyway, make Ambaland shift make LRC fall hard. “Until I reach Buea, until I reach Buea, I will never never leave my journey half way oh until I reach Buea…”

  2. Since 2010, they have not finished the first 30km of the road. Then how many years will they take to complete the whole 202km? That country is a joke and they want to host the nation’s cup



  4. These Gorillas from the central African forest ruling this failed state have just decided to do projects only on Paper or writing..
    They have a dream and it is a dream to steal money…
    These people are just a group of evil..
    These people are buying houses in France..
    They steal and buy houses in the USA, France , Belgium to keep their kids and family members and then make poor pictures and fool cameroonian on projects that dont even exist..
    Since this despot Biya came to power, his government have never completed a project..
    The mafia from these Gorillas is just shameful and scandelous..

  5. That is a sign to show the fools: Ras, Penguiss etc etc, that there is no emergeance
    come 2035. It is all a falsehood, to get stollen victory.

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