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Some 30 people kidnapped in western Cameroon

APAnews | At least 30 people, most of them fishermen have been kidnapped in the town of Bangourain, western Cameroon by suspected separatists active in the country’s Anglophone Northwest and Southwest regions.

Security sources told APA on Thursday that the first details of an investigation by the gendarmerie and police, suggest that the fishermen were seized by ten heavily armed individuals as they worked.

The kidnappers believed to belong to the Anglophone separatist militia, took their hostages to the other side of the river on board three canoes.

Law enforcers, including the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), have been hot on their trail.

Local authorities, who arrived at the scene with government troops led by the Prefect of the Noun Department (West), said two of the abductors were arrested by vigilantes.

According to accounts from the two suspects, the attackers were English-speaking militiamen campaigning for the independence of the north-west and south-west regions of Cameroon.

This is the first time a large number of people have been kidnapped since the outbreak of the crisis in the Anglophone part of Cameroon.

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  1. Atanga nji and beti mafia staged the kidnapping . They kidnapped a lawyer in bamenda recently

    • Please leave Atanga Nji alone, when people are kidnapped, it is Atanga Nji, when Amba terrorists are killed, it is genocide.. We are tired of the same old music

  2. u cant proving.

  3. AFCON withdrawn from LRC as host