Sonara contracts a local firm to efficiently and quickly mitigate environmental damages of hazardous material spills

Business in Cameroon – In June 2021, Cameroon National Refining Company (SONARA) contracted Services camerounais d’assainissement (Seca) to ensure the urgent removal of hazardous substances that get spilled on the ground or at sea.

“To remain compliant with national and international environmental protection rules, SONARA has initiated measures to prevent the spilling of hazardous substances but also quickly take action when they get spilled. In that regard, it is crucial to have a specialized firm permanently at our disposal in case such materials get spilled on the ground so that the potential impacts on the environment could be mitigated,” SONARA informs.

SONARA explains that its daily operation can cause several damages to the environment, through accidental or deliberate spilling of hazardous products on the ground.

Therefore, in the framework of the new XAF94.49 million contract, for 36 months, Seca will urgently and efficiently intervene on hazardous materials (hydrocarbons, chemicals, etc..) spilled inside the SONARA’s refineries. The firm will also take action beyond the refinery when SONARA’s responsibility is ascertained in incidents where oil slicks appear along Limbe coasts after oil spills at sea.

It will pump the spilled substances and transport them to areas dedicated by SONARA, create temporary storage materials, install absorbents, scrape the polluted areas, carry out high-pressure cleaning as well as replace polluted sands.

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  1. **** POINT OF CORRECTION ****

    Services camerounais d’assainissement (Seca) is NOT a so-called LOCAL FIRM. It is a firm from LRC. A local firm should be situated in VICTORIA, where SONARA is also situated.
    SONARA also pays taxes to the Douala city council despite the fact that SONARA is situated in VICTORIA.

    GENUG IST GENUG with the constant deception of the people of SC.

    Thank ALLAH, the UNWINNABLE war will resolve the above-mentioned injustices.

  2. I hear sonara, has mostly bulus / betis at every strategic position of employment. More
    free money coming.