South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu has died at 90

USA TODAY | South Africa’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu dies at 90-years-old.

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  1. in our tradition,we don’t talk bad about some one who is death but i will make an exception here because of the grave situation in which creminal tutu and mandela plunged african people to gain the favour of caucasian bandits.where do i start?this caward join hands with mandela to put a comedy in place called truth and reconciliation as if our people were fighting for five hundred years to live with the enemy?even worste they allow land and the countries economy in the enemies hands living our people landless and completely disherited with no hope.fortunately for us TAH MUGABE did the opposite giving our people hope toi build and own the economy.mandela and tutu are the greatest traitors in the history of the other two people in history have betrayed thiers like them.cawards.

    • Bah Acho, when you have something intelligent to say, maybe, just maybe there will be one soul desperate enough to read. I have never learned anything from you! You are like an obnoxious, self-absorbed, negative human that finds fault with anything and everything.

      • WAIN WULCOM,,,,, that is not a counter argument to demonstrate that Mandela and tutu did not betray African people by allowing land, energy, water, in fact the whole economy in the hands of our enemies. While our people are living in ghatos landless you are here trying to defend Caucasian propaganda. Political power without complete control of the economy is a body in Thier normal sense would caution the crimes committed on our people in the name of reconciliation. Where is justice in all this? In fact the Caucasians were rewarded for destroying African people by traitor Mandela and tutu.

      • Using this analogy of yours with regards to the suffering of the Anglophones in Cameroon and you stand towards their plight one can only conclude that you are a two-headed snake. You can’t eat your cake and have it back or pour blames only to suit your narrative.

        • ELITE,,,,,we must be lucid enough to accept that we made a mistake responding to younde with was not a properly thought approach but an emotional response.the result is here with us.

  2. @BAH ACHU:- it is shameful for a man like you to blame Mandela, Desmond Tutu but dance and praise Biya and his Gang of Thieves ..This man in the name of Biya is the worse cursed Cameroon and Africa ever had, but because you profit from the dirty system, you always come out here and play your dirty tricks..
    Cameroon have been given to the french..Sold for almost nothing, and you come out with your bread and sardine brain to play the typical yaounde blame game..
    Go clean your dirty house before doing finger pointing

    • BIKO,,,,if we look at the evidence at hand,we can conclude without possibility of doubt that mandela and tutu betrayed african allowing land,water and energy in the hands of the enemy,everything was lost.

      let us be clear,i have never said that mvondo biya was the kind of leader we need with the kind of grave strategic mistakes he made especially in the domain of industrial production.secondly let me repeat this was a grave strategic mistake to respond to younde with guns because we were never going to come out you see this point?

  3. @BAH:- before running your big mouth pointing out what Mandela and Tutu did wrong, again first of all clean your own house which is even more dirty and smells than the one in south africa.
    Cameroonians are running to south Africa for Jobs and career opportunities.
    Cameroon is in the hands of a lazy tribe that have taken the country hostage and given to the enemy for free..
    And you have the audacity to look at others without shame?
    If you live in a glass house dont throw stone.
    Mandela and Tutu made mistakes but died as heros.
    That man on diapers in Etoudi who is your god father feeding you with bread and sardine have already turn your brain to be extremely naive..
    See the union of the 2 cameroons, read the union treaty and see how Anglophones have been sold to France..
    So please be quiet