South West Development Authority resumes road maintenance in Cameroon

African Review | The South West Development Authority (SOWEDA) has linked Bokwaongo, Bwassa, Likombe, Mapanja and Bonjongo villages in the Buea Council area with a rehabilitated earth road

As reported in the Cameroon Tribune, the work started in May 2020, costing US$48499.30.

According to the divisional officer for Buea Abba Abdouraman, the new road is set to revive community works and keep the road passable throughout the seasons.

After suffering poor communications, the villagers will now be able to smoothly carry out their economic and social activities through a sure road.

The source further added that the working tools such as wheel barrows, manual rammers, shovels, spades, pick axes, crow bars, cutlasses, rakes and hand files were offered to the local road management committees so that they can continue constant maintenance of the thoroughfare.

SOWEDA general manager Dr Besong Ntui Ogork stated the villagers that more amenities such as potable water scheme is being planned to be installed in the area.

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