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Star Building: PM Yang Receives Freed Buea Chiefs

Cameroon Tribune | Four of the seven abducted but later on freed traditional rulers were at the Prime Minister’s Office on August 3, 2018.

Traditional rulers of the Bakweri Clan in Buea Subdivision who were freed on July 30, 2018 night have the assurance and comfort of government as the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang received them at the Star Building in Yaounde on August 3, 2018.

Four of the freed chiefs were accompanied to the Prime Minister’s Office by the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji and the Mayor of Buea Council, Patrick Ekema.

The four traditional rulers were Njoke Johnson Njombe of Wokaka Village who was in abduction for three weeks; Ikome Philip Mokwa of Wokeka Village two weeks; Herman Njumbe of Wokwei Village two weeks two days in abduction and Elinge Thomas Ndotoh Ekinde of Ewili Village who spent 16 days in abduction.

The Mayor of Buea Council, Patrick Ekema Esunge who spoke on behalf of the traditional rulers said he invested much time and energy for the release of the traditional rulers who were abducted by unidentified gunmen because, “The first role of the mayor is to ensure social peace within his municipality.”

He further said that when the traditional rulers were abducted, “We rallied forces to see how we could bring our traditional rulers out of the torture we hear they were going through.”

As the way forward, Mayor Ekema said, “We have to multiply our efforts to ensure that there is sanity, peace and that the phenomenon of abductions is eradicated from the municipality.” While mobilizing the population, he said, “I keep on telling my population to beat away the aspect of fear.

My message is that we should beat out that aspect of fear and stand like one and indivisible people.”

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    **** SCAM OF THE JAHR ****

    Ex-convict Atangana and Fraudster Ekema have created several FAKE AMBA GROUPS in SC.
    The Chiefs were “kidnapped” by these FAKE Amba boys. Fraudster Ekema then gave a 24 hour-ultimatum for their release or else…
    The FAKE Amba boys the released the Chiefs. LRC couldn’t realize the dirty trick of those criminals.
    Fraudster Ekema might soon be appointed Minister of Decentralisation in order to “appease” the Anglophones.

  2. Staged kidnapping, staged release, now stage media propaganda to distract the people from the real issues.
    With video evidence;
    When teenage girls at UB were raped by the military where was the outrage?
    When teenage girls were dragged in mud in Bali where was the outrage?
    When women and children were executed in the north where was the outrage?
    200,000 Anglophones displaced from their homes!
    70,000 Anglophones refugees in Nigeria!
    10,000 Anglophones killed since 2016!
    5000 Anglophones missing or jailed since 2016!
    Who is fooling who?
    Call for a referendum today and 95% of Anglophones will vote to leave this failed union with LRC leaving behind the appointed CPDM Chiefs!
    The government has;
    Failed in hyper-centralization
    Failed in Federation
    Failed in decentralized

    • @lum
      So what? You idiots want to separate. You thought it was bread and chocolate. You have not yet recieved the heat. More Trouble on the way. Not Long from now the Population will turn against you. Blablabla

  3. If only they could extend the microphone for one of the chiefs to narrate his own story…… Is there a presidential decree against this? And what happened to the three chiefs left behind? Are Cameroonians allowed to ask?

  4. We are seeing and hearing all this nonsense, because it is a `triangle of the blind`.
    And it will continue like this for a long time to come, because the majority are lost.
    This Ekema Esunge who went to y`de with 50,000,000 bribe money to become
    minister, will continue to do and say thoughtless things.
    But when the iroko tree will fall sooner or later, he will have no other option, than
    to get lost.

  5. @James 2. The truth is bitter and must be spoken. Lum spoke nothing but the truth, that’s why you are so bittered in your words and insults. Shame on you. Because you live from the crums your uncle or relative is receive from the failed regime, that’s why you are in support. Blood suckers. God will release His anger upon you soon. For how many years, what has this govt done!! Shame on you. Better stay quiet rather to attack someone e with a useless insult who is just voicing out the truth.

  6. Hmm, wonders shall never end. We now have a new chief; Chief Ekema Patrick.
    How comes he speaks on behalf of the chiefs of Fako? Please do we still have a tradition in the SW? Can these old men not speak for themselves?

    • Actually Ekema knows he has lost his post in Buea, so he is strategizing for a higher one in Yaounde, with a little help from fellow bedpartner Paul Nji Atanga and others.

      National largesse is in full gear looking converts. Muslims heading for the Hajj have been given free briefcases. Like free laptops given to students, this will help swell the electorate that casts vote for reelection of the natural candidate. Great calculations! Give the man for his brilliant projection into the future. Who knows, he may be one of those to accompany President Paul Biya for the triumphal entry to Emmanuel Macron’s Elysee Palace for the November invitation.

  7. It was a very big blunder abducting and killing chiefs—counter productive.

    Ekema was made a local hero, Bakweri pride was boosted, SW is now aware of the intricate nature of what they are being dragged into, the populace is now watching the new SAINTS with one eye, while the other eyes is looking back and contemplating on the devil that is known…these are some of the merits of such blunders.

    That’s why, when you’re evil, evil must meet you back…



    Whenever apologists of the junta claim that:

    1. after the election Dictator Biya will deal with Southern Cameroonians
    2. Cameroon will remain one and indivisible,

    I only laugh. This is so because these apologists still think that Southern Cameroonians will soon lay down their weapons and accept their second-class status.
    They are simply day-dreaming.

    The truth of the matter is that this legitimate and genuine struggle will only stop after the Anglophone Question has been COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, IRREVERSIBLY and UNCONDITIONALLY resolved.

    Any apologist hoping that after the phoney elections, Dictator Biya will crush the revolt should better visit a psychiatrist. There is nothing that that cruel Dictator can do after the election that he has not done before the election.