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Still another fire in a market in Douala

Business in Cameroon | In the night of November 23 to 24, 2019, fire broke out at Cité des palmiers market in Douala, the Cameroonian economic capital. According to our sources, the flames burned more than 50 shops, stalls and other merchant counters.

The first research on the reasons for this disaster, in a Cameroonian market, points to a short circuit created by the anarchic electrical connections, which are recurrent practices in the country’s markets.

As a reminder, the same reasons had led, in the night of February 23 to 24, 2019, to a fire that consumed more than 150 shops in the Congo market, in Douala.

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  1. The right strategy to organise a city preventing situations like this is creating four mini industrial zones about 40 minutes from douala. This zones will have a concentration of plantations from sugarcane to sunflower ? fruit orchards.once industries are build to carry out the transformation of finished products with raw materials from this farms. Small mini cities will be build to house people working in the farms and factories. This will incite people in douala to move to this small cities opening up the possibility to reorganise douala section by section. Wealth creation is what determine where people move. Douala is not a planned city created around an industrial system.

    • What has this got to do with a market that burned down?

      • Without looking at things in a wholistic way. It is simply impossible to grasp a complete picture of why such tragedies occur, and will cotinue to. The main cause of the fire is the chaotic nature of the city. It was not properly designed, planned and constructed with space for water canals, energy paths, walking paths, those for public and private cars. Without this, all kinds of accidents will continue to occur. But to reorganise the city, money is necessary. That is why designing a strategy like what I mention above is more effective because it is possible to start from zero. All problems must be analysed from the root causes. Without this, everything will be like in the disaster called democracy.

  2. Loin of the Desert

    In as much as we all regret this. As long as there is not Standardization (ISO) in the construction sector in Cameroon. This will keep happening day in day out. They could blame the electrical company for power failure, or go to church to give tithes or minister Paul Atanga Nji goes around and hand in cash.

    The only way to reduce this from happening often is to set standards, add it as a requirement to often business license, reinforced it by inspection from the civil defense. All public building should have a fire alarm system, this not only save the business but create job for my professional. When things like this happen, we say witchcraft … nonsense.

  3. When you got responsibility you don’t wait for someone else to come along and Imform you ,you go ahead and do stuff yourself as well as you can,as much as you can.owning goods left overnight in a market is your responsibility. Just because your paying rent to the local council or property owner dosnt really mean you can trust them 100% on safety ,worldwide ,not just Africa .
    You collectively get together with others in your same position ( of possibly loosing your entire savings and livelihood overnight) and solve the problem, before it happens there’s more than enough cheap technology and cheap Labour in the country to entice stall holders to make sure this dosnt happen .

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