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Student football team abducted in Anglophone Cameroon

BBC | An entire university football team has been kidnapped in the Anglophone region of Cameroon.

The 15 students were abducted by gunmen from the University of Buea, in the southwest of the country, on Wednesday morning.

It is not clear who is responsible for kidnappings, which have become frequent amid tensions between separatist groups and government troops.

On Tuesday, a football coach was kidnapped in Bamenda and later freed.

A member of the women’s football squad, Raisa Ajeba, said she was training on the same day the team were kidnapped.

She said as soon as she heard of the abduction, she ran home.

A spokesperson for the Yong Sports Academy in Bamenda and said there was no ransom and they did not know why coach Emmanuel Ndoumbe Bosso was kidnapped on Tuesday.

Club chairman Yong Jacques told BBC Sport: “Coach Ndoumbe Bosso is loved here in Bamenda and we don’t think anyone will want to hurt him.”

A former junior minister of justice, Emmanuel Ngafesen, has also been kidnapped in Bamenda and has not been found yet.

Last year the government accused Anglophone separatists of kidnapping nearly 80 schoolchildren.

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  1. These fools are really loosing it.
    Stray rats should be taken out.

  2. Akwanga is gently but surely going crazy. Now that it is becoming apparent to them that they will never be a country called Amba under the leadership of warlords, the new tactic now is to burn down everything before giving up. They tried with schools, they were ignored. Beheading, same. Hospitals, still ignored.

    What I am seeing is that once kidnapping would be ignored too, they would resort to placing locally made explosives in public places.

    Hope the populace would soon stop hesitating to take that bold step some of took when this madness started. We have to fight them back, wherever they are, brutally. That is the only thing that can stop those mad Amba dogs. They can only be defeated with their own tactics.

    This is how their blood cousins, Boko, were brought back to their senses…

    • Forgot to ask you. Did the plane carrying the Southern Cameroonian leaders from the US make it to your capital yet?

  3. @Zam-Zam Why do u keep blowing hot air here? there is nothing like terrorism when a war has been declared.Even if Amba boys are kidnapping,it is one of the ways they have chosen to prosecute the war.Why do u keep complaining of kidnap when they are all characteristics of war? Biya and his Nigeria partners connived and kidnapped Sisiku,on the guise of wanting to judge him,when they know,he is not their citizen.

  4. @Zam-Zam U guys keep saying that Amba boys have caused the suffering of Anglophones…Ha ha ha ha..i go die laugh.It sounds like u would say that the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and their military caused the suffering of the Afghan civilian popula when US decided to invade Afghanistan in 2002.
    When US invaded Agbhanistan,the Afghan army fought back and defended their territory from aggression,and on the cause of doing so,the Afghan civilian population paid heavy prices,as more than a million Afghan civilians fled to other neighbouring countries for safety.In the end,US did not win the war. Amba boys are only doing what the Afghan army did,during US’s aggression war against Afghanistan.Amba boys are only defending their territory from aggression.

    • Kikiki Kongosa!

      Kidnapping of Anglos is now self-defence?

      Da wuna movement na really ndon.

      No wonder no country no want for put yi mop for inside dis crisis…


      **** OPERATTION AK47 IN ACTION ****

      „Following a military report, in shoot out that lasted for hours, five of Cameroon’s soldiers were wounded, with two sustaining heavy injuries.
      Amba boys used weapons such as AK47 and most deadly M21, to attack their enemy.
      Reports say the fighters succeeded to seize Two M21 guns and ammunition from the Cameroonian military.
      Since the Anglophone crisis, became bloody, Ambazonia fighters(Amba Boys), have been using Dane guns, knives and cutlasses, to attack their enemies. With the introduction of deadly weapons by diaspora leaders, such as the M21 and AK47, civilians fear that the war might not end soon. Recently, leaders of the Ambazonian movement based abroad, have been raising funds to purchase these weapons, so as to send them back home,”


      **** MY TAKE ****

      Point of correction: Many LRC terrorists were NEUTRALISED by Amba boys. However, the military always speaks of only wounded soldiers.

      The “Operation Ak47” has started bearing positive fruits.
      The weapons of Amba boys have now been upgraded thereby creating a level playing field between them and LRC terrorists. Dane guns will soon be history.
      LRC terrorists should lay down their weapons or be sent to hell by Amba boys.
      The so-called commission on disarmament should disarm LRC terrorists ASAP



    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC HAS BECOME very desperate.


    “Southern Cameroons Crisis: Atanga Nji thugs kidnap University of Buea students ”

    Some 15 University of Buea students has been kidnapped by gunmen armed by the Minister of Territorial Administration. The group of thugs has been armed by the government to discredit Southern Cameroonian fighters who have been protecting the civilian population which is being decimated by government troops.
    The kidnappers, most of whom are desperate for money and are from poor families, have been hired by the government’s territorial administration minister to do as much as they can to discredit the Southern Cameroons rebellion that aims at bringing total independence to the indigenous people of Southern Cameroons.”

  6. @KONGOSA, Your factually incorrect, you should have chosen and better analogy.
    • Taliban was the aggressor (9/11/01)
    • Taliban did cause suffering in Afghanistan prior too and after the 2002 invasion with their harsh interpretation & enforcement of Islamic Sharia law.
    • The Northern Alliance of Ahmad Shah Massoud was formed to defeat them for just that reason.
    • Afghan Army fought alongside the invaders to expel the Taliban
    So the US did not win the war but what did the Afghans or the taliban win in terms of human causality? is that the route you want to go? Biya has not even started drooping bombs or using artillery on Kumba and Bamenda. You have not witness war, be careful and I’m not sure how kidnapping the same people whom you claim to be protecting from LRC is a war strategy.

  7. @Zam-Zam Kidnapping of Anglos is now self-defence?….Of course,kidnapping of stubborn Anglos is one way of prosecuting the war,and it is working for us.Or,do u want Amba boys to kidnap francophones? I did not know that Amba boys love francophones more than anglophones.U are just informing me.

  8. @Bueapickin ”Taliban was the aggressor (9/11/01)”….Really,so Talibans were the aggressors with (9/11/01),hmm? have u proven that in any law court that the Talibans were the ones behind (9/11/01)? Or u just rellied on CNN and BBC propaganda and drew your conclusions? US were the aggressors in the war in Afghanistan,if u like twist the story in order to change the narrative…Concerning the war in SC,Biya is the aggressor,becos,Amba boys are prosecuting the war,only within their territorial space,which is causing huge casualty on the civilian population like the US war of aggression on Afghanistan that cause huge casualty on the civilian population in Afghanistan.Not long from now,Biya will be dragged to the ICC for charges of aggression,genocide,war crimes and crime against humanity.

  9. 300 villages burnt down, some with civilians including everything they own.
    On the scale of atrocities let’s assume each village had only 100 people per village that will mean 30,000 people made victims, if we assume 1000 per village that will Mean 300,000 made victims of the tribal army.
    Screaming Amba boys all you want will not change the truth, we saw in Ruwanda years back, mirror propaganda, Hutu propaganda.
    Kidnapping is also statistics of war
    550,000 internal refugees
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    130,000 children no school
    20,000 killed
    10,000 jailed in French Cameroon
    300 villages burnt down.
    Who is fooling who?
    English in Courtrooms and classrooms in Anglophone Cameroon resulted in war, Why? They adore France.
    Equatorial Africans very low IQ approach

  10. @Bueapickin ”Biya has not even started drooping bombs or using artillery on Kumba and Bamenda. You have not witness war, be careful and I’m not sure how kidnapping the same people whom you claim to be protecting from LRC is a war strategy.”Ha ha ha ha…i go die laugh.Why should u know whether kidnapping anglos is a war strategy.U would not know,becos u have never fought one before,especially,war of liberation.Of course kidnapping anglos is a war strategy and as far as i am concern,the strategy is working for us.After all,Amba boys kidnap them and latter on release them,so,why is it paining u?did they kidnap francophones? Did u say Biya have not even started dropping bombs? does Biya has monopoly of dropping bombs?we are waiting for him to drop the bomb,if it will help him win the war.

  11. @Zam-Zam When a war have been declared,we no longer talk of terrorism.We only talk of aggression,war crimes,crime against humanity and genocide.Kidnapping is not war crime,nor crime against humanity.kidnapping is also,not aggression,or genocide.The kidnappings that Amba boys are doing is a good strategy.It is working for them.If it was not working,they would have stopped using the strategy.

    • You must be joking!

      They are helping the international community understand what we have been saying about your movement.

      And the truth of the matter is, you have lost control over those boys. What you have done is that you have now given the opportunity to youths that were already robbers prior to the crisis to now try their luck. That’s why they don’t care about whom they kidnap, money is the end game.

      Tataw gave less than a million francs to the guys who burnt down K-Hospital with old patience inside—just to tell you those boys can swap sides at any time, for money—let Tataw go there and see what those same boys will do to him in less than week.

      You have been caught in your own trap.

      No more CMR for you, dem di wait wuna for Dul Airport, and Biya and BIR will still be there…

  12. Where is Field Marshall my bombo ? That’s what I want to know .

    • Field Marshal is hiding somewhere in Dschang…..sleeping inside the forest is not meant for ancien combatant…

  13. @Marshall Field Marshall is dead…Thats why LRC have won the war…ki kik ki ki ki….

    • @Kongossa, Field Marshal yi second in command dong die, I hope sey wuna movement go drink beer then clap hands for wehti wey dem dong do’am for Anglo youths…ifi you know the way wey ah turn-turn baheart wuna movement ehr, you go love Popol pass me…

  14. @Zam-Zam ”Field Marshal yi second in command dong die, I hope sey wuna movement go drink beer then clap hands for wehti wey dem dong do’am for Anglo youths”…H ah ah aha… is that what LRC’s media outlets told u? Where is the photograph of the supposed corpse of the second in command to field marshall? Does that mean that u have won the war? ki ki ki ki ki…

  15. Wasting our time.
    They say if the FCFA marriage is not working, they want to leave the FCFA hahahahahahahah.
    So if Anglophones say their marriage with larepublique is not working, why is it so difficult for them to understand?
    The next generation will be more violent than us.
    Now is the time to save lives and negotiate a peaceful separation.
    Tic tac tic tac

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