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Sudan’s Bashir transferred to jail notorious for holding political prisoners during his regime

Khartoum, Sudan CNN | Sudan’s ousted President Omar al-Bashir was transferred on Tuesday evening to Kober prison, a maximum-security prison notorious for holding political prisoners during his 30-year dictatorship, two prison officials who witnessed his arrival told CNN.Several other regime figures are being held at the jail and kept separately to Bashir, who is under intensified security measures, the officials said.

The prison’s main yard has been well-known as a site for executions.”He would’ve been led past the same hangman’s noose where he sent people to meet their Lord,” said one of the prison officials.

As Bashir faces court, Sudan’s protesters keep the music aliveBashir was ousted from power in a military coup last week and was arrested, alongside other top officials, in a sweep of regime figures.Sudan’s military has previously said that it would prosecute Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), but would not extradite him.

The military, which has dissolved the government, has said it would remain in power for up to two years, despite large street protests against their rule.Bashir, former Interior Minister Abdelrahim Mohamed Hussein and Ahmed Haroun, the former head of the ruling party, will be charged with corruption and the death of protesters, two sources with direct knowledge of events told CNN.

On Tuesday, a Ugandan foreign minister said his country would consider offering Bashir asylum.”If former Sudan leader al-Bashir sought asylum in Uganda, Uganda will consider it,” State Minister for Foreign Affairs in charge of International Relations, Henry Okello Oryem, told journalists after he left a parliamentary committee meeting.

I was 11 when Omar al-Bashir came to power. Terror is all his people have ever knownOn Wednesday, Amnesty International released a statement calling on Bashir to be tried by the ICC for war crimes in Darfur.”More than a decade after the first arrest warrant was issued against him in 2009, the time has come for al-Bashir to face justice at the ICC,” said Joan Nyanyuki, Amnesty’s International Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes.

Bashir faces five counts of crimes against humanity and two counts of war crimes at the ICC in The Hague in connection with Sudanese military actions in Darfur between 2003 and 2008.Sudan’s ruling military transitional council is now facing mounting pressure from the international community to hand over power to a civilian government.

On Tuesday, the African Union threatened to revoke Sudan’s membership unless the country’s military establishes civil rule within 15 days.Meanwhile, Sudan has sought to appease demonstrators who have pressed on with marches and sit-ins. On Wednesday, the Military Transitional Council gave companies and government entities 72 hours to disclose their financial holdings in a bid to fight “corruption and hold the corrupt accountable.”

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  1. taking him to prison will not change anything in the daily lives of people.the only thing that will change thier lives is working long hours daily to creat material wealth that will give them the capacity to elevate living standards of all.there is going to be no savior in sudan in the form of a president that will take the country to prosperity without the masses sweating for it.

  2. That’s where Biya is also going. Nkondengi

  3. Not surprising, that Uganda will like to give assylum, to Bashir. In similar mood,
    Nigeria will be very willing also, to grant same to Biya, from the looks of things.
    This is called: African Union – AU.

  4. The trophies that Mr. Biya is dishing out to dignatories, is doing wonders. When will
    Mr. Buhari, be visiting?

  5. A few weeks back, this despot was parading the corridors of power & imposing prison terms on his people on falsehood of being belligerent & bellicose. What a turn of events!
    He didn’t yield to calls to step down after several years in power and instead contributed in dividing his country. Dictators always believe they have the magic wand to govern but it is only the addiction to power that governs them. No economic reforms or technological advancement and no term limits or peaceful transition of power. Some of their blind supporters point to the beneficial dictatorship model, which of course is a charade.
    Biya amended the constitution from 5 yrs to 7yrs and two term limits. What happened in 2011? He refused to leave, hijacked the country and locks up his people. The “Me alone” syndrome!

  6. @Lyonga right on point, u said it all my friend ,dis wicked bastard just like the monster Biya and others before them all end up the same way , getting disgrace and chained in the cage like the animal they really are ,the American under Secretary for Africa affairs Mr Tibor Peter Nagy tells us after Sudan , Cameroon will be their next area of concern, yesterday was the European parliament sending a strong statement about the despotic wicked killer Biya let hope and pray GoD quick intervation to stop dis babarian regime of Biya and his thugs in uniform from the genocide they’re committing too our people of West Cameroon

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