Technology Minerals update on Cameroon battery metals project | + video

While the current focus of Technology Minerals PLC (LSE: TM1) is on the US and Europe, its suite of battery metals projects may soon include Cameroon.

Chief executive Alex Stanbury gives Proactive London an update on the exploratory licenses for its project in West Africa which he describes as an ‘outlier’ within the company’s portfolio.

He adds while Cameroon is not the flagship project it’s “got potential to be of scale”.

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  1. Having both common law ( international English presiding for legal commitments ) and french neopoleanic contracting available in Cameroon due to our quasi unique posative availability of both ,inside the constitutional acceptance for buisness ,makes for a clear,clean and honest agreement . Battery metal end users are obliged by consumers and investors to buy it from a reputable source ,especially in the future ,and with the before mentioned posative set up of Cameroon’s legal system we can provide this more than any of the other countries that produce it .
    However many forigen investors tend to be a bit thick in understanding that malpractice ( especially ignoring health protective gear, de commissioning costs and liabilities ) is within their concept rather than the African mind .

  2. when shall we talk about african law?all batteries are manufactured in china.what all caucasian companies do is exploit raw materials and sell to the chinese state the only buyer of raw materials in china.privatised caucasian economies are not competitive enough to produce batteries.the cost of one kilowatt of energy in china is 4 dollar cents and 15 in the caucasian world because privatised to individuals who want qick gains.under this conditions it is impossible to compete in manufacturing.