The displaced Cameroonian who became a machine prototype expert [+video]

Deutsche Welle | Awah Blaise Chi makes prototypes of heavy machinery using various types of materials. The young man was forced to flee his home in Bamenda due to Cameroon’s Anglophone conflict. He now lives in another city, where he teaches prototyping and tries to fulfil his dreams.


Blaise’s work is impressive. The 18-year-old is an expert at prototyping. This piece was made from plywood, syringes, and drip cables. Blaise is a victim of the Anglophone conflict in Cameroon. He had to flee Bamenda. The young man survives on donations and a small allowance.

Blaise has set up a workshop to teach other young people. Blaise dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in Cameroon. He wants to manufacture heavy machinery and aircraft and teach young people how to produce them,.

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  1. there are two ways in a civilization to cultivate its talent pool.what determine the approach taken by a civilization is its level of economic cultural and political self determination or call it indepencence.if a civilization find itself in the position of japan after the war with america,it is forced to take the first appraoch which is private companies creating structures to cultivate the talent because the state does not have the capacity.the seconde approach is that used by russia with a strong independent state ruled by this case the state creats a world class system of technical and scientific instruction and then draw the best talent from it and put at the service of the countries best industries.looking at our situation today,the japanese appraoch is realistic.

  2. Nice maybe he could invent a portable water pump you can connect to a car battery to pump water out of roads in the rainy season ? Or a small light machine that can be rented to local communities that makes compressed tar and compressed waste plastic pellets that can repair pot holes on side roads ……bamboo fibre fabric to strengthen concreate for paved courtyard areas,driveways to cut down concrete consumption …..don’t know I’m not an engine