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The Head of State’s Message to the Nation

Fellow Cameroonians,

My Dear Compatriots,

For close to three years now, the North-West and South-West Regions of our country have been going through a crisis that not only jeopardizes the safety and well-being of the population living there, but also has far-reaching consequences for the national community as a whole.

It should be recalled that the crisis was triggered by corporate demands made by lawyers and teachers calling for the translation of the OHADA Uniform Acts into English and the preservation of the specificity of the Anglo-Saxon judicial and educational systems in the two regions.

From the outset, and true to an option that I hold dear, I instructed the holding of dialogue between the Government and trade unions to seek appropriate solutions to these demands. The measures taken by the Government at the end of these consultations went well beyond the initial demands and include:

– the translation into English of the OHADA instruments which are now available in the two official languages;

– the creation of a Common Law Section at the Supreme Court to handle appeals filed against the decisions of lower courts in Common Law matters;

– regarding the training of judicial and legal officers, the creation of a Common Law Section at the National School of Administration and Magistracy. This measure was accompanied by a programme for the recruitment of English-speaking pupil judicial and legal officers and court registrars;

– the launching of the special recruitment of bilingual teachers in secondary schools;

– at the level of the judiciary, the stay of proceedings against some persons arrested in connection with the demands;

– the setting up of a national Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multi-culturalism to, among other things, carry out an in-depth review of all the sources of frustration suffered by our compatriots in the North-West and South-West Regions.

Decisions were taken subsequently to fast-track the decentralization process, with the creation of a new ministry devoted thereto. The upcoming regional elections will complete the process by enabling our compatriots nationwide to fully participate in the management of their local affairs.

My Dear Compatriots,

Despite the efforts made by the Government, radical movements, mainly inspired from abroad, have exploited and distorted the corporate demands. They have thus hatched a secessionist plan to partition our country. In this regard, they have formed and financed armed groups that have caused untold harm to the population of the North-West and South-West Regions.

The whole world has witnessed the atrocities committed by these armed groups: maiming, beheading, assassination of elements of the Defence and Security Forces, administrative authorities and defenceless civilians, destruction of public infrastructure and buildings, and burning of schools, hospitals, etc.

I would like to avail myself of this opportunity to once again extend my heartfelt condolences and those of the entire Nation to those who have lost loved ones in the crisis. I also wish to send a message of comfort to the wounded and all those affected in one way or the other. I want to assure them that they can count on the solidarity of the Government of the Republic and the Nation as a whole.

My Dear Compatriots

The atrocities committed by armed groups have forced thousands of our compatriots to seek refuge in other regions of the country and, for some, in neighbouring countries where they have been reduced to living under precarious conditions.

In the face of these intolerable acts, the Defence and Security Forces have taken energetic measures, often at the risk of their lives, to perform their duty of protecting citizens and their property.

These measures are currently bearing fruits with the improvement of security and the progressive resumption of economic activities in the two regions.

My Dear Compatriots,

Since the outbreak of this crisis, I have spared no effort, with the help of Cameroonians of good will, in seeking ways and means for its peaceful resolution.

In a bid to calm the situation, I even ordered the discontinuance of judicial proceedings pending before military tribunals against 289 persons arrested for offences committed during this crisis.

In the same vein, I extended a hand of peace to members of armed groups by calling on them to lay down their arms and benefit from the process of reintegration into society. A National Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Committee was thus set up. Regional Disarmament Centres are gradually receiving many ex-combatants who willingly accept to lay down their arms. We will continue to make the necessary efforts to fully operationalize this process.

At the humanitarian level, I decided to launch a large-scale assistance plan for our affected compatriots of the North-West and South-West Regions. I also established a Centre for the Coordination of Humanitarian Action for its implementation. I wish to thank our international partners for supporting us in this initiative.

My Dear Compatriots,

The supposed feeling of marginalization by the people of the North-West and South-West Regions has often been advanced to justify this crisis. On this score, I wish to remind our compatriots in these regions, but also to those in the other eight regions of Cameroon, that marginalization, exclusion or stigmatization have never guided the work of the various governments I have formed since I became president of our country. Though no human endeavour is perfect and, in a developing country like ours with multiple challenges and limited resources, many needs are still to be met, in all the regions.

With the massive support you gave me during the last presidential election, I intend to work relentlessly, with all the sons and daughters of our country, towards meeting the challenges we are facing in order to improve the welfare of our population, especially in terms of infrastructure, water and electricity supply, healthcare delivery and youth employment.

My Dear Compatriots,

On 4 January this year, I made a vast government reshuffle, particularly with the appointment of a new Prime Minister, Head of Government. As usual, the choice of these officials was mainly guided by their human and professional qualities, their competence and experience. However, I would like to underscore that as faithful as I have always been to the regional balance policy, I chose a Prime Minister who hails from the South-West Region. His predecessor who served in that key position for nearly ten years was from the North-West Region. In fact, since 9 April 1992, Prime Ministers, Heads of Government, have been appointed from among the people of those two regions.

Despite all this, some people will continue to talk of marginalization of the people of these regions. It must be acknowledged that such is human nature and there will never be enough duty posts to satisfy all the regions, divisions, sub-divisions, towns, villages, families and citizens of our country. Any choice that is made will always cause joy whenever one is honoured, and disappointment when one is not.

It is, however, crucial for us to change our mentalities in this regard. Though it is necessary to consider regional balance in new countries with a diverse sociological composition like ours, it should be recalled that ministers and other officials are not appointed to serve only their regions, villages or families, but to serve the entire national community. They must serve the general interest and not specific interests.

That is why since I came to power, I have and will continue to wage a ruthless war against corruption and the embezzlement of public funds, and to promote good governance.

My Dear Compatriots,

Since the outbreak of the crisis in the North-West and South-West Regions, the term dialogue has never been so much talked about, used and even misused.

In and out of the country, people have made proposals and suggestions. Some are realistic while others are clearly less so. There has been a barrage of advice. Some smart, others based on interests. Some people dared to issue injunctions.

There have also been multiple and varied initiatives, most of them made by people of good faith, by countries or organizations that are truly concerned about the future of our country and the well-being of our people. I wish to thank them for their effort and token of friendship.

It is, however, worth noting that the proliferation of such initiatives was sometimes unfortunately based on simplistic and false ideas, born out of secessionist propaganda. Such is the case with the purported marginalization of Anglophones, persecution of the Anglophone minority by the Francophone majority, Government’s refusal to engage in dialogue preferring a military solution to the crisis or even ridiculous accusations of genocide.

Talking about dialogue per se, the issue has always been, with whom?

New information and communication technologies, especially social media networks, have unfortunately facilitated the advent of self-proclaimed leaders, extremists of all shades trying to achieve recognition using insult, threat, hate speech, violence and murder.

However, in no country in the world, has the killing of gendarmes or civilians, kidnapping, mutilation, molestation, burning, destruction of public infrastructure, prevention of children from going to school or people from going about their activities in peace ever been a source of legitimacy to represent or speak on behalf of the people, the very victims of such atrocities.

In democracy, only elections confer such legitimacy.

My Dear Compatriots,

The many consultations I have continued to hold on this crisis have enabled me to size up the strong desire of the people of the North-West and South-West Regions to return to a normal life, to be able once again to safely carry out their economic and social activities, to witness the return of refugees and displaced persons, and to see their children return to school. The Prime Minister’s recent tour of the two regions has helped to confirm this feeling.

I therefore strongly believe that the time has come to rally all well-thinking and constructive forces in our country and in the diaspora to make this desire come true.

That is why I have decided to convene, from the end of this month, a major national dialogue that will, in line with our Constitution, enable us to seek ways and means of meeting the high aspirations of the people of the North-West and South-West Regions, but also of all the other components of our Nation.

The dialogue in question will mainly concern the situation in the North-West and South-West Regions. Since it will focus on issues of national interest such as national unity, national integration and living together, it is obvious that it will not concern only the population of these two regions.

The dialogue will therefore rally all the sons and daughters of our beloved and beautiful country, Cameroon, to reflect on values that are dear to us, namely: peace, security, national unity and progress.

It will also focus on issues that can address the concerns of the population of the North-West and South-West Regions, as well as those of the other regions of our country such as bilingualism, cultural diversity and social cohesion, the reconstruction and development of conflict-affected areas, the return of refugees and displaced persons, the education and judicial system, decentralization and local development, the demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants, the role of the diaspora in the country’s development, etc.

The dialogue, which will be chaired by the Prime Minister, Head of Government, will bring together a wide range of personalities: parliamentarians, politicians, opinion leaders, intellectuals, economic operators, traditional authorities, religious authorities, members of the diaspora, etc. Representatives of the Defence and Security Forces, armed groups and victims will also be invited.

Obviously, it will not be possible for everybody to effectively participate in this dialogue, but each person will have the opportunity to make a contribution.

Prior to the effective holding of the dialogue, the Prime Minister, Head of Government, will carry out broad-based consultations to solicit a wide range of views that will serve as a source of inspiration for the conduct of deliberations. In the coming days, delegations will also be dispatched to meet the diaspora to enable them to make their contribution to discussions on the resolution of the crisis.

In this regard, I am appealing to the patriotism and sense of responsibility of all our compatriots in the country and in the diaspora so that everyone, wherever they are, should seize this historic opportunity to help to steer our country on the path of peace, harmony, security and progress.

My Dear Compatriots,

The propaganda of secessionists has tried to present the recent court decisions taken against a number of our compatriots in the context of this crisis as an obstacle to the dialogue envisaged.

That is not the case. I also wish to use this opportunity to stress that respect for the rule of law and the fight against impunity are pillars in the consolidation of a State ruled by law to which we all aspire. Violating the rule of law and granting impunity to some citizens is paving the way for anarchy.

It is therefore crucial, at this stage, to dispel rumours that one can quietly loot, rape, burn, kidnap, maim, murder, in the hope that a possible dialogue will erase all these crimes and provide impunity to their perpetrators.

As shown by the experience of many countries in the world, such way of thinking will only encourage the perpetuation of violence in the crisis regions and even encourage it in crisis-free regions.

Admittedly, however, in the context of a dialogue, a peace process or national reconciliation, the possibility of pardon may be considered, under certain conditions.

It is equally true that in accordance with our Constitution, the Head of State is empowered to exercise the right of pardon.

It was, moreover, on the strength of this authority that I made a peace offer to members of armed groups during my recent swearing-in ceremony.

I wish to solemnly reiterate this offer today. Those who voluntarily lay down their arms and place themselves at the disposal of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) Centres have nothing to fear. Their fellow armed group members who are already there can testify to this. Conversely, those who persist in committing criminal acts and violating the laws of the Republic will have to contend with our Defence and Security Forces and will face the full force of those same laws.

The same applies to promoters of hate and violence who, comfortably settled in foreign countries with impunity, continue to incite murder and destruction. Let them know that sooner or later they will have to face justice.

I am appealing to the countries sheltering these extremists to take action against these criminals if they really care about the situation of the people of the North-West and South-West Regions.

Most of them no longer have Cameroonian nationality, but they spend their time raising funds to carry out terrorist acts in Cameroon, masterminding acts of arson, kidnappings and murder, and issuing calls aimed at preventing children from attending school and fellow citizens from going about their business peacefully.

My Dear Compatriots,

The entire national community has high expectations for the dialogue I have just announced and hopes that this will be an opportunity for our brothers and sisters in the North-West and South-West to close this particularly painful chapter, to forget their suffering and to return to normal life. It also hopes that our country will continue resolutely on the path of progress, through fruitful discussions on ways and means of creating conditions conducive to the optimal exploitation of natural resources and our country’s enormous human potential. Therefore, we should all work towards a successful dialogue.

My Dear Compatriots,

Over the years, we have used our linguistic and cultural diversity, the talent of our sons and daughters, and our commendable efforts and sacrifices to build a solid country and a strong Nation. Together we have met many challenges and won uncountable victories. We have proven that united there is no difficulty we cannot overcome and no obstacle we cannot cross. We proved it yesterday. We will prove it again today and tomorrow. The future of our compatriots in the North-West and South-West Regions lies within our Republic.

Cameroon will remain one and indivisible.

Long Live Cameroon!

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  1. Une fois de plus, Biya vient d’être battu à son propre jeu.

    Les forces de défense et de sécurité du Cameroun ont incendié des maisons et des magasins en AMBAZONIE. Nous avons la liste de ce qu’ils font en plus de leurs actes barbares.

    Ils pillent, ils brûlent, ils tuent, ils mangent des chiens, volent du bétail
    Pour se faire passer pour des Ambazoniens.
    Ils s’habillent en clochards dans les rues et cachent des armes.
    Ils infiltrent pour écouter ce qui se dit.
    Les fonctionnaires vivent dans le chantage permanent
    Ils volent les pc, les téléphones et tout ce qu’ils trouvent.

    LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources way dem thiefam.La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. NoBoDy can Accept slavery


    • Kikikiki, Ni Ba-h, your 4-batte-ry radio was at least tu-ned in your teh-toh.

      I will need many tons of teh to mash it together with some beans and red oil to donate it to the body that is re-socialising Amba boys that have surrendered.

      I’ll also need some tons of smelling beetles and we-evils, for Ayuk in Kondengui.

      Please for a pr-o form-a invoice…

  3. LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources weh dem thiefam. La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. BEtIS BULUS Voleurs. Assassins.


    • The president says the.dialogue will be chaired by the Prime Minister.Where will the president be?Why is he exempting himself from the dialogie table?Will the resolutions of the dialogue be applied ?We know that each time.recommendations are.given.to the President he never even.looks at them.I dont believe in what the president has saisd.It is a drama to deceive the international community.Why has he not called for a ceasefire?Why has he not released those who have been detained? Why fool the people?

  4. ngale nkumbe Augustine

    if all these will be put in please,then we will have a better solution to our problems and our country will be the best.

    • Yes, but again it is a charade. I believe that genuine federal structures and a transparent electoral process will help Cameroon but Biya is definitely not the guy to do it. Who is he fooling? Even in the most advanced democracies nobody wins an election with 72% especially with almost zero attendance from two regions-not in Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Italy, Germany, France, UK. Come on folks, this man is a rogue and doesn’t have the mandate of the people he has disfranchised. He’s surely not speaking to the NW/SW when he talked of his re-election.
      Biya has left a bad legacy in Cameroon. He failed. It sounds like a speech written by France for him. At 94, he will run for office again. He’s delusional.
      Now, anti-Amba lunatics hold your thoughts, I’m not Amba. Don’t waste your empty brains.

      • P. Molongo
        Much respect for your smart ideas. The despot failed. I admire real patriots not the biya fanatics on this forum who believe their master is unimpeachable. They are so naïve to think criticizing this dotard means being pro-Amba. How naïve is that?

  5. This is a speech that will wreak havoc in Cameroon for many reasons, and will particularly anger diasporans and the secessionists. He makes a mockery of Cameroonians forced to leave their families, forced to give up their nationality out of lack opportunities, to slave in faraway countries to support familie at home, to build Cameroon. These people contribute significantly to the economic prosperity of lrc.

    Second, the dialogue he talks about is rubbish because of preconditions under which such dialogue can occur and exactly what is to be discussed (living together, decentralization). Any successful dialogue has to be without preconditions. I think he should have saved us further bloodshed and stayed silent because things are about to take a turn for the worse!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Ernest, You do not represent diasporans. Speak for yourself.

      I am in the diaspora and I am surrounded by my friends who are all raving about the brilliant speech. Me and my friends are mnot angered by the speech but I understand you are angered to hear that Sicksiku and Nfor Nfor must pay for the gendarmes,police and my brother Aron they killed.
      You must be angered by the fact that terrorists will be held accountable for their crimes which means no ambafool terrorist will dare go to Cameroon to participate in dialogue. However, I am happy that I will not have to kill in order not to sit on the same table with ambafool terrorists!
      Stop pretending that all,people from the NW/SW share the same opinion. That is a big lie that you terrorists hide behind to, terrorize us proud Cameroonians.

      • Titus Aghen Nkonda aka Kum-Kum shit for dog.

        Shut your stinking smelly foul trap. Your paranoid brain is all over the place struggling to defend andold thief who appoints your mirror image Atanga Nji as his intirior minister. U and Atanga Nji are guilty of the same criminal capital offence; stealing your brothers’ passports and ID, and transplanting their biometric information to yours to erase your criminal past. You have a case to answer with the British Navy. You will be court marshaled and locked up for a long time before repatriated to that dirty pigsty you are seeking it’s favour. While in LRC, do not ever set foot in Komland where your father was born because General RK has already carved out your unmarked shallow grave where the vultures will feast on your big kanas. Dull Idiot.

      • Titus Aghen Nkonda aka Kum-kum-sh#t for dog

        Dirty man. You are here to seek favor from an old despot who appoints ur mirror image Atanga Nji as interior minister bc both of u are guilty of the same crime. While Atanga Nji killed his brother and stole his biometrics to switch from Peter he is to Paul he is not, u stole your brother Ghislain Nkonda’s passport and dashed into the UK where you enlisted in the British Army as a last resort. We have opened a case for u there and no amount of Biya praising will help u escape the jail sentence that awaits u. Witch dirty smelling man. When you set foot to that pigsty called LRC, make sure you never go to Komland bc General RK will bury u alive. Dirty vulture feeding on the corpses of his own people, heartless moronic monster and a blood drinker.

        • Listen to this other one!

          Go and check it out! MKPD was there last week or so.

          We mandated him to hand over the compilation of files with your personal data to SED. Remember that all the work we are doing is absolutely free of charge coz we are very conscious of both you, Etoudi and Ambafools.

          Cry baby, listen! You declared your own war on us for speaking out the truth and for being ready to die for it. We are giving you that war.

          You thought beating the butts of our women with clubs will silence us. No be so ?

          Man no only run…

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          L’enemie, You are the biggest ambafool idiot here after Joshua!

          People who think like you will remain wretched bambes whereever you are for the rest of your life! I am glad you think I am Titus and I am not suprised that a fool like you thinks that you score points by calling me Titus.

          I do not care who you are, but I will make sure any ambafool enabler who dares to step foot in Cameroon is held accountable for his/her crimes. L’enemie I know that you are scared of sunshine but I can assure you that the KBI is working on your file and will sunshine you in the near future.

          No ambafool terrorist can do anything to me. I can go to Buea and Bamenda freely but you will never see Bamenda or Buea! The thought of MKPD’s triumphant entry to Buea must be making you insane!


        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Where wasm RK when MKPD made his triumphant entry into Buea?

          There was an armored truck with a BIR sniper positioned on the roof driving infront of MKPD and another one behind MKPD. Infact MKPD made a live video in the hope that General RK or any other SNWL general will come out and attack him, however the ambafool terrorists are too scared of the BIR and MKPD. All the amba terrorists and generals ran to the forest when they heard MKPD was on a tour of the NW/SW.

          MKPD even asked “where them dey” many times and no one replied. MKPD screamed “water na water” and no one replied and then he said “kumkum pass garri” and all you could see is the dust from the ambafool terrorists running to the forest!

          l’enemie. you are smaller than the terrorist dot to MKPD.

          Nyamfukah! Shegue!

        • BREAKING NEWS!

          Tapang Ivo Tanku beats Cameroon in USA court.

          September 11, 2019: A USA high court in California has DENIED claims by Cameroon that Tapang is a terrorist, and should be “broadly limited” from political activism including his rights to advocate for guns and bullets to defend civilians.

          Supreme Judge Nathaneal Cousins found that Tapang is a victim of political blackmail by Cameroon, and therefore should be protected by the USA laws. A second attempt by Cameroon bankrupt lawyer Emmanuel Nsahlai was squashed in Court Tuesday, with the Judge wondering if Nsahlai actually knows what he is doing by suing a rights-based international activist and Fulbright scholar in Security studies.

          Tapang would be suing Cameroon for $528,028 USD in damages including court fees. He promises

        • Tapang would be suing Cameroon for $528,028 USD in damages including court fees. He promises to use this money for his early retirement and to assist refugees in Nigeria and Mexico. Part of the money would also be used to buy guns and bullets to defend civilians in Ambazonia.

          According to local reports and anonymous sources in Cameroon, Paul Biya paid his relative Nsahlie Emmanuel to go after Tapang in the USA using every other means.

          Bankruptcy reports show that lawyer Nsahlie makes less than $3500 USD monthly, almost below a pizza worker’s monthly take home.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          L’enemie the gillible ambafool idiot and liar.

          Stop trying to distract us from this brilliant speech made by President Paul Biya on the crisis in the NW/SW with your idiotic ambafool lies.

          The Tapang case has not been dismissed. Anyone who has access to google can check the case docket. I bet you are too broke to afford the few dollars required to download the case docket – Case No. 18-cv-07721-NC..

          The pretrial conference is set for 18 November 2020 and jury trial set for 30 November 2020. I am begining to think that Tapang is insane to be spreading lies that the case is dismissed meanwhile I just demonstrated to the world that l’enemie is a gullible ambafool idiot/ serial liar.
          This is the second time that I have debunked this lie here in 6 weeks.

          L’enemie u be na nyafukah shumbu!

  6. The man did not even think he could apologise for brutalising peaceful protestors.
    Hahaha, he thinks we are joking. We fight for our land, we fight for our descendants. We will never yield.
    A new generation of fighters is being born.
    We will be free.

    • Delusional and Dumb Ambafool Epee Dibabmbe. Politics is not “bambetics”. The man just told you that if you disrespect the laws of our beloved country you will be punished severely!

      We, the proud Cameroonians of the NW/Sw have decided to rid our Land (NW/SW) of all ambafools and terrorists. So Mr. Dibabmbe you will certainly remain in your hide out and continue to fight for your delusional republic of ambazombies in delirium. You will never step foot in Cameroon.

      The KBI has information on all the ambafool terrorists in the diaspora and we work with the forces in Cameroon. You were pretending that we(proud Cameroonians of NW/SW) do not exist but you can not pretend anymore. We are everywhere and we are winning fatly. We just made our trip to Buea without any fundraising!


      • As usual, Kum Kum Crazy, Kum Kum Cuckoo!!!

        He used to speak with the corner of his mouth saying he’s not Biya’s pikin but the sentiments always get the better of him. Such a dumbass who thinks Biya has the ability to solve the crisis in Cameroon something he contributed immensely to engineer with credulous fanatics like Kum Kum massa crazy hailing him!!
        Amba is one symptom of the disease in Cameroon, nationwide the country is in distress.
        Sensible countries like Senegal, Liberia, Kenya have moved forward and have the ingredients for stability; free & fair elections, change of power and better democratic norms.
        How anyone celebrates talking points as a good speech is bewildering and naïve. Didn’t we hear rigor & moralization? There are better Cameroonians to govern not this douchebag.

  7. Keep dreaming
    You said at the beginning that there was nothing to talk about, yeah?
    Well, we (Southern Cameroonians) have an unlimited amount of time, and you can clearly see that, that time is in our side.

    • Kedioh
      You ambafools don’t have an unlimited amount of time.

      The Black Legs have risen to wipe out all ambafools. We have already defeated you idiots on facebook. MKPD has more followers than all the ambafool cyber terrorists put together.
      We are using the Kum kum Bureau of Investigations KBI to deliver sunshine on the cyber terrorists and their supporters. We have revealed to all the victims of Tapang Ivo’s terrorism the location of his mother and family in Bonamoussadi, Douala.
      We proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW are smarter, stronger and more resilient. We will never let you idiots see Buea!

      You do not get legitimacy though terrorism. You must pay for your crimes!
      You can surrender and seek immunity or wait patiently for us to find you and kill you!

      Shegue KedioH Nyamfukah!

      • All of this frenzy will not lead you anywhere. Go and ask your “Lion man”. I hope he’s paying you not by the hour but by every hollow word you spew.
        Like I said, time is on our side.
        Now, cook a storm……

      • Kum Kum crazy !!! Kum Kum Cuckoo !!! Despot lover, Biya’s pikin.
        On a mental spiral. He loves anything Biya does; lock up Kamto and he’s happy, such a dope head.
        So many comments from one person tells you how unstable this nincompoop is. A rascal and a scalawag.

  8. Well, Ambazonians, you all got it from the horse’s own mouth, undiluted, untranslated:

    The answer lies in another TRIPARTITE as in 1993.

    • He talks about how resources can never be equitably distributed because they are limited. Yet, this thief spends 40,000 dollars a day on hotel bills in Switzerland for months and months, totaling millions and amounting to several years abroad.

      He is the most comfortable Cameroonian diasporan of all. But unlike most diasporans who are hard-working people who repatriate wealth back home to build the country and support the poor, Biya steals from the people and spends it abroad. Who is he kidding! People wake up and see this monster for who he is!

      Why should anyone trust BIYA? There was a national conference in 1993, once everyone returned home, to this day people are waiting for this government to implement the resolutions that were agreed at that conference. Why should we trust him?

      • Ernest, your ties to ambafools is fast eroding your brain. President Paul Biya was elected by the majority of Cameroonians because they trust him!

        I trust Biya because he was elected by the majority of Cameroonians.
        I trust Biya because he protects the inalienable right of every child to go to school.
        I trust Biya because he arrested terrorist Sicksiku and his band of terrorist conmen! I trust Biya because of the measures he ha taken in response to the genuine grievances of the people of the NW/SW. See the list above!

        You Ambafool idiot! Nyam

        Why should anyone trust Nfor Nfor or Sicksiku or Anuz or Baretta that you trust and worship so much? Why would anyone trust a group of idiots who believe that the first step to autonomy is the abolishment of education for the poor of the NW/SW?

        • @kumkum Pass Garri. Man we know you are under the payroll of lrc. take it cool,stop this abusive attitude to people who are fighting for their freedom. You know very well nothing will bring the two Cameroons together. Instead of you to go out in the cold and work for your family you are here supporting a failed State. We are monitoring the illegal transactions you are doing. Time will tell. Shame to you

        • Thank you @ Bitter Leaf

          This Kum Kum Crazy is the very element of problems in Cameroon, loves despots and advocates for them. A real asshole, may be something worse.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Ambafool idiot terrorist/terrorist supporter bitterleaf;

          Terrorism is not fighting for freedom!

          Did You ambafool idiots kidnap and kill my brother Aaron Animbom Akiambom( Delegate of social affairs NW) to gain your freedom?
          Killing teachers and pupils is not fighting for freedom.
          Depriving the population especialy women from urgent medical care is not fighting for freedom it is terrorism.
          You do not earn legitimacy through odeshi and dane guns. You earn legitimacy through the ballot box.

          Are you not ashamed that you are depriving your own children from education in the name of freedom fighting? A child without education is a slave? Are you enslaving future generations to free yourself?

          Ambafool idiot bitterleaf, all amba terrorists will be brought to justice. Wuna go pay! Nyam fukah

  9. It was a waste of time listening to this shumbu from the equatorial rainforest.

    • “I am appealing to the countries sheltering these extremists to take action against these criminals if they really care about the situation of the people of the North-West and South-West Regions.”

      Before you comot for da ya delivery ekété for go distribute newspapers for le sharp, meik sure sey coast clear first b4 you step ya foot out of that ekété.

      You and Ayaba Cho already dey under microscope…we, MKPD club, dan gee all description for wuna physic for Scandivanian authorities—me ah tell dem sey meik dem know sey the very short man for wuna 2 na Cho. Da very short man get for broke da yi grammar for inside SED soon…

      • Hahaha……..beta male..You do not deserve a reply.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Vaiocomputers demonstrating ambafool stupidity for all to see.

          Ambafool Vaiocomputers you just replied to someone whom you think does not deserve a reply. What does that say of youi?

          I know that you wasted your time listening to Paul Biya hoping that he will release some of your terrorist leaders from jail. Unfortunately for you Paul Biya rather emphasized why those terrorist leaders should rot in jail for the rest of their lives. Damn, you really wasted your time!

          My brother Aaron was killed on the orders Sicksiku and Ayaba Cho. I am happy Sicksiku is behind bars for life and I am happy the govt has resolved to bring Ayaba and co to justice for the kidnap, torture and killing of my brother Aron Animbom (delegate for social welfare) and our brave forces of law and order!

        • I wrote just some few words and u came up with a literature book?haha

      • @Zam zam
        Like the plane that arrived in July of last year with Tapang and the rest from the USA, right? You know, the one where the California lawyer (Nsahlai) was working on. Remember how you were so sure that they will be in SED by July of 2018?

  10. To all the wonderful international ambafool idiots who dream that one day they will be promoted to the level of proud Cameroonians and called to dialogue on issues of national interest, the message is clear!

    The proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW will never sit on the same table with human eaters like Sako, Anu, Tapang, Bareta, Sicksiku etc.
    The proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW will make sure you terrorists and scammers pay for the three years of education you stole from the pupils of the NW/SW.

    This is one of the most brilliant messages ever delivered by a head of state.

    Long live the one and only and ever shall be The Republic of Cameroon

    • Stop it!!! He’s a dictator. You may be anti-Amba which is your decision but don’t be fooled by a speech meant to beguile.
      Anyone who loves Cameroon knows this despot has run down the country. Anti-Amba should not translate to Pro-Biya. The whole country is in shambles. I am anti both.
      He stated that he only appoints people who have displayed integrity and made his decision cautiously. That is a lie; Marafa, Mebara, Edzoa, Mendo Ze, Nforjindam, Inoni, Meduga, Mebe Ngo etc. ? The man is an infidel. 37 years? Dumb ass Me-alone mentality that has failed in may parts of Africa. Cameroon can do better and had more patriotic and qualified people. Shame on Biya’s gullible advocatess.

      • Well said @ TrueCamer. Tell them. A lot of adrenalized numbskulls from Amba and Biya’s supporters. Both sides are destructive. “Witch people”.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          You are the “witch man”. What is your point because you have not said anything but gibberish.

          What is destructive about this speech made by President Paul Biya?
          What is destructive about me hailing this speech as one of the most brilliant speeches ever made by any president?

          Ekema you are a typical “:witchman” but unfortunately for you I am a pikin of Epasamoto and you cannot hide your witch craft in my presence.

          Ekema you are so dumb that you think that everyone is either a Biya supporter. Amba supporter or Ekema(you) supporter. You have to be worse than a numbhead to come to such a conclusion.

          The only reason you will not respond to the two RELEVANT questions above is the fact that you are worse than a numbhead.

          Bamba Ekema Witchman, Kumkum Pass Garri na Epasamoto

        • @ Ekema and TrueCamer,

          Don’t waste your time with unreasonable comments from people with an agenda. I remain committed to a great country, not devoted to the cause of despots who see problems with everyone but themselves. The Europeans laugh when they hear (not listen to) a man in power for 37 years after rigging elections but claiming he isn’t the problem. Right there you understand the African’s mindset supporting a despot.
          Biya is so parochial that he thinks he is better than all leaders in many countries who never survived the next democratic elections (UK, France, US, Canada etc.)
          The dotard really believes he’s a political genius. Europeans don’t care about Africa’s direction of the people’s plight as long as they get their share from senseless REGIMES.
          Take a Swiss hotel break.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri


        I am not mhere to comment on whether Biya is a dictator or not and whether dictatorship is good or bad. Thats an argument for another forum and I will be happy to have that debate with you in an academic setting.

        This speech is focused on the security crisis in the NW/SW. It is a brilliant speech which outlines the genuine efforts the government has taken/continues to take towards addressing the genuine grievances of the people of the NW/SW and makes it clear to the ambafool idiots that their crimes will not go unpunished. You do not gain legitimacy through odeshi and terrorism.

        You are free to express your opinion without tying it to mine. If you want to debate with me then start by telling why this speech is not one of the most brilliant.ever made by a president.

  11. I don’t get his point. Biya has rigged every election and has masterminded voter suppression.
    No doubt Cameroon needs a federal structure ahead of any desire for division but Biya believes he alone should be president and has created avenues for instability now exacerbated by the armed movement.
    Rigging elections & disfranchising citizens, amending constitution to stay in power, appointing senators are torsional issues.
    The speech was not meant for “fellow compatriots”, it was a face-saving attempt to the international community.
    Biya fears his own arrest & incarceration and he must ride the ship to wreckage like other unpatriotic Africans.
    Cameroon will be better without Biya, reasonable people support a Federation but in Biya’s REGIME, UB, GCE Board, etc. came by bloodshed. He FAILED.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Mokunda, if you do not get Biya’s point then you may be an ambafool. I will summarise for you:
      – Govt has taken/is taking measures towards address the grievances of the people of the NW/SW.
      – Sicksiku and co will rot in jail for life because he is a criminal who tried to gain legitimacy as a leader by using terrorism and odeshi. Sicksiku killed police and gendarmes and my brother and must pay for his crimes.
      -There will be national dialogue which will involve all proud Cameroonians. No ambafool terrorists will ever sit on the same table ,with proud Cameroonians
      – We proud Cameroonians will resolve our issues without violence however any ambafool terrorist that does not surrender and seek immunity will targeted and killed.

      Absolutely brilliant speech by Paul Biya! Just Brilliant!

    • @ Mokunda,
      Great contribution & a fair-minded analysis of Cameroon’s problem. Surely the country will survive this long period of stifling dictatorship. Keep it up dude, only levelheaded folks like you steer the country in the right direction. This isn’t an issue to take sides with Separatists or the Regime but to understand how we got here in the first place.
      All forms of dictatorships create unwarranted problems and it is even shameful for Africans who have suffered through slavery, colonialism & neo-colonialism and now bad regimes kowtowing the West for survival.
      Nigerian despots believed in their singular ability to RULE not until a sensible Abdou Salami Aboubakar said enough is enough and after 18 months in office set the pace for Nigeria & now Buhari, a former military despot.


    You mean to tell me that it takes three years for a president to acknowledge that certain regions of the country is in crisis ?
    Bah Acho, Warren Buffet says the best time to buy is when there is a crisis or panic so I will advice you to save a couple months of your welfare checks from the French treasury and acquire some land in Fundong to plan your teh toh( potatoes), personally I prefare Muea due to the easy access to a larger market! No die slave for France I beg!
    You getting old bro, TIME NO DEY!!
    Brothajoe, how u been ? I hope say u di make plans for return home before you clock 75yrs lol, you don already hear my advice to Bah, I will hate to see you have the same fate! Remember mortgage is 30yrs plus property tax till you die, no fall for that scam I beg Hahahahaha !

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      The president acknowledged the security crisis in the NW/SW in a speech made at Nsimalen aiport on 30 Nov 2017, AFTER Ambazonia Terrorists killed 6 Cameroon uniformed servicemen. The speech which the ambafool terrorists and scammers dubbed a declaration of war on the people of the NW and SW.

      The list of verifiable measures taken by the government and outlined in the speech is evidence that the government acknowledged that the teachers and lawyers had genuine issues which required government action.

      Why would anyone think it took the president three years to acknowledge that certain regions are in crisis despite the facts noted above and outlined in the president’s brilliant speech above?
      THERE IS GOD OHH, are you an ambafool?

      • Hmm, this guy has gone bananas. It looks like he is Atanga Nji, the empty-headed slave-boy. At least they share the same radical and terror-filled mindset.
        A hell of a person.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          I know you prefer to kill and eat teachers and pupils from the NW and SW.
          I know you will prefer that hundreds more women and children should die at child birth as a reusult of your lock down.
          I am not shocked that you have not gone bananas that losers in the diaspora are enabling terrorists to stop children from going to school in the NW/SW.
          I am not shocked that you have not gone bananas that losers/scammers in the diaspora who have never had a professional job in their lives have concocted a terrorist scam which is killing scores of people from the NW/SW everyday in the name of fighting for freedom.

          I am not shocked that you have not gone banans by the stupidity of the ambafool revolution because you are a typical ambafool ( the most foolish people from theNW/SW).

  13. Paul Biya, can not be this young. It is not his speech to the nation. Does a national
    speech after such a long and unusual surprise, be centered only on SC crises? We
    have no electricity in y`de, flooding in D`la, Ashuka accident, but none was mentioned.
    his apologists, are glad he he done it. Let them join Antonio Gutteres and give him
    more money and other support, to kill all SC. but our resolve, still stands: until LRC
    and Biya will kill all Ambazonians, will he start thinking of victory. But he is mistaken,
    because he can not kill us all.
    Atangha Nji, Elvis Ngole Ngole, Dion Ngute, must be very satisfied, they have spoken.
    What a group of prodigal son.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Joshua the dumbest living ambafgool.

      Due to cowards like you we will not be able to kill all ambazonians . We only kill the gun wielding odeshi cladded ambazonians in Cameroon. The government has no way to kill coward amazonian terrorist like you who will never dare to take odeshi and a chahvum to go attack children and teachers who want to go to school in Cameroon!

      The Proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW who have endured ambazombie terrorism for the last 3 years will work with the BIR to identify and kill the terrorists for the foreseeable future.
      No Buea for Joshua
      Joshua we will sunshine you and your family members that you are hiding in Douala while terrorizing the poor in the NW/SW.

      Joshua if you have any resolve left go to Buea and fight! You terrorist coward Nyamfukah! feaafear die!

    • Good job @ Joshua.
      You put it succinctly and intelligently. Cameroon will remember the Biya years as wasted years in which corruption was rife and with so many of his own appointees in jail. That alone brings down a presidency in a civil society but since he rigs elections he can’t attempt to step down because he fears people like Chiroma waiting to grab power will jail him in return for the six years he spent in jail for the 1984 coup.
      Rigging elections at first seemed like a great idea but as the infirmity of age creeps in, Biya realized that the road became unbearable.
      Had Ni John been president, we would have had change of power like Diouf did in Senegal and we wouldn’t be here.
      Biya is scared, he knows it.. ha, ha. His worshippers can’t relent though. When you see too many comments.

  14. Came to power in 1964, more than 55yrs at the helm of a failed government.
    Anyone who believes good can come from this man and his hypercentralized tribal government can also believe Cameroon has a space station
    Hogwash! Buffoonery!
    A request for structural reforms by teachers and lawyers to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in Anglophone Cameroon in a constitutionally bilingual country resulted in the Yaoundé bulu government declaring war.
    3yrs later >600,000 Anglophones internal refugees
    150,000 refugees in Nigeria
    20,000 killed
    10,000 jailed in French Cameroon
    300 villages burnt by bulu militia
    130,000 children no school
    4M Anglophones affected
    And this is his speech!
    Who is fooling who?
    The Southern Cameroons shall be free !
    Equatorial Africans very low IQ

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      wume LUM eh

      The rest of the world does not care about your delirious statistics.

      The whole world knows that some ambafool terrorists are attacking and beheadingmteachers and children who want to go to school in the NW/SW.
      The world knows that the people of the NW/SW hide and protect these terrorists from the BIR.

      Why should the world care that 130,000 children of the NW/SW are out of school because their parents are hiding and protecting the same terrorists who,are stopping their children from going to school?

      HIGH IQ LUM under the influence of delirious LUM, does not realise that repeating her delirious statistics here everyday has no impact on the world except it leaves the rest of the world thinking LUM must be insane!

  15. The disunity of some Ambazonian leaders, has given Biya and his followers, the escape route
    to either stay in power or continue with the carnage.

    • You be really some funny kana man pickin, Joshua…so since wey ah bin di cry for dis forum sey dis crisis na a game gone wrong btw Biya, Atangana Nji witi Ayuk for meik Biya win 2018 presi elections without sweat, you bin be di mimba sey some ma arda creiz kana tok? No be so?

      Atangana Nji witi Ayuk dem dan play correct také witi Anglos. Eske you dan see Nji witi Ayuk dem heart cut for daso one second ever since wey dis creiz start?

      Dem go soon lef Ayuk meik yi go on exile witi Lillian, go enjoy the smol advance wey dem bin gee yi, plus wuna bambé money wey wuna contributam.

      Ifi no be na witch, how man wey yi get book for yi head, fit mimba sey dem fit divide CMR? You go start for wusai, then end for wusai?.

      Lucky sey innocent/naive Sako dan chop yi share sotey yi correct yi…

      • See this dirty Swine called Zam-Zam.

        The Beti/Bamileke pig cross has seen kanda coco come see how yi di nackam with soap. Your cunningness is worst that being a terrorist or even a dictator. Cultists like you that eat on both side of their mouths and wipe it on the ground like contry fowl deserve to be slaughtered with a blunt knife. No worry, that your thick neck whey yi don tif all money wey no be your Mbalmayo own so na me go cut am. Dirty swine. You should be ashamed of trying to defend an old pilferer whose bad policies place you on exile in Germany for this amount of donkey years. Anyway this is foreign news. Amba boys have upgraded from Chavum to automatic rifle. This speech is the least of our concern so we ask you to ask your Biya God to send his BIRs to end the ghost town.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          l’enemie we know that you are an ambafool terorist and human eater, and we expect you to get riled up when the government vows to bring to justice the terrorist criminals that are kidnapping teachers and pupils in the NW/SW.

          We understand that you and the amba terrorists in the diaspora believe that eating dried human testicles will give you supernatural powers and that’s why you promote the decapitation of teachers and students!

          We understand that according to ambafool wisdom (stupidity) anyone who supports the annihilation of the ambazombie terrorists is a Biya supporter. We are happy with what ever name you give us as long as we continue to defeat the ambafool terrorists in cyberspace and on the ground using our not so secret weapon of sunshine.

          MKPD Oye! Oye

  16. This is the face of the beast France is using to enslave Africans in this region. Amba boys mash faya and blow this colonial puppets into fine pieces. Nonsense

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Shameless terrorist Dot

      You are welcome to continue to expose your stupidity and frustration.

      Ambaboys cannot mash fire when they have no food to eat, no shelter, no mosquito nets, no shoes, no sugar canes and no groundnuts. If you were anything more than a coward terrorist dot you will take the trip to Buea clad yourself with odeshi and and mash fire with the amba boys.

      Long live the one and only and ever shall be The Republic ofmCameroon!
      Black Legs Oye! Oye

    • We, MKPD club, go instead mash faya for unmask wuna for diaspora, one after the other. We be want spare wuna family members for dis craze, but wuna no di gri for gee we da chance. Well, na wuna choice.

      Da Anglo-blood money wey wuna dan tiefam, go tight for wuna neck.

      Wuna bin be di mimba sey wuna go use Francos liké scapegoats for carry out wuna devilish plans. But guess what? All Francos dem dan realise sey na the system fool dem for mimba sey Anglos no be dem bros. Now so, Francos dem be more than determined meik Anglo prob be solved meik dem clear dem names from wuna craze, Etoudi gangsters and Ambafools.

      CMR go remain one and indivisible, dis one na Ndeh Ntumazah witi Um Nyobe dem, dem tok….no be na be na da Biya yi own.

      Wa own fight na for elsewhere, no be na witi wa bros/sis…

      • Who is this cunning idiot called zamzam addressing? We are not acquintances and have never interacted before. As a matter of fact, you are despicable. Redirect your gibberish to the correct quarters mud-head! As for the other fool you are looking to associate yourself with called kumkum whatever, his multiple responses to every comment that criticize the old wizard that has destroyed a once promising bread basket reveals you all stinking mentality. Idiots.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          ZZ you don make small terrorist dot to vex

          E dey like u don chukuchuku e kanda! The ngombe check say we di admit terrorist into the MKPD revolution. What a moron?

          The MKPD revolution is out to destroy you and all your fellow ambafool terrorists. We identify you and shine the light on you to disappear.

          We (MKPD) proud Cameroonians have endured enough of your terrorism and we have decided to use simple sunshine to destroy you and it is working like shelltox on cockroaches!

          What happened to wata na wata? Talk again. Nyamfukah! Loser! You will be a loser for the rest of your life. You will never see Buea.

          Buea belongs to us (MKPD)!

          Shumbu cal yesef say terrorist dot!

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        Greetings comrade ZZ

        We (MKPD) know that the cockroaches like these ambafool terrorists and their enablers are allergic to sunshine. Sunshine is their “shelltox”.

        These guys have been decapitating our brave soldiers meanwhile their families are hiding in Douala and Yaounde. The KBI is working diligently to identify exactly where their relatives are hiding and we will publish this information for the world to see including the relatives of victims of their terror. It is time for their relatives to come out in public on national TV and disown them and sing O Cameroon otherwise they are all accomplices.

        Criz Anuz mama and sister will, get life sentences for their roles. Any money sent by any amba in the diaspora to pays is for terrorism and the recipient will be arrested!
        MKPD Oye! Oye

        • KKPG, we are wining big TIME…a bunch of banga smokers will never be given the least chance to destroy our PARADISE, CAMEROON. They are free to destroy theirs, HELL. We can even back them up, if they so wish. But don’t try that madness with our PARADISE.

          Anyway, their mov’t has done us an unconscious favour—my patriotism, like that of millions of CMRs has been boosted to the extent that I’ll not think twice, unlike b4, if me wearing a belt were the solution that would save CMR.

          Man, I don’t want my grand kids to be the laughing stocks of this world like us.

          Forget about those Ambafools, they are more interested in turning koko and mimbo, the here and now.

          LANGA throats…

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          ZZ I am with you.

          I believe we must defeat this terrorism completely and we should never stop fighting them even in their graves! These losers in the diaspora who have never had a professional job think they can use odeshi and terrorism to earn legitimacy. Absolute stupidity

          What is more stupid than keeping your own nchildren away from scholl an calling on the international community to intervene? That is absolute stupidity! If you don’t want to send your children to school be ready to tell your child why you made that choice for him/her in the future. My kids are in school!

          How can people be so stupid to think that Sicksiku can be set free even after 30 years? We must eradicate such stupidity from our midst! Sicksiku go rotten for ngata. The shumbu get bad sugarsugar now for e bin.

  17. The speech of Dictator Biya is a BLESSING IN DISGUISE to the struggle.

    That evil Bulu Dictator has inadvertently encouraged the leaders of the “secessionists” to unite. They will be meeting in the UK on the 05.09.2019 in order to strategise on how fast to liberate the homeland from the evil hands of France and LRC.
    It is now crystal clear to all and sundry that only AK47, BOMBS and sundry weapons can shake off forever the fetters of French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels.
    Pa Che will be extremely busy in the days ahead supplying weapons to Amba boys.


    Dictator Biya’s speech was indeed a blessing in disguise. It exposed the Swiss dialogue as FAKE and a SCAM


    • Before the speech, I stated two litmus tests on the genuineness and good faith of Dictator Biya.
      Permit me to repeat the two litmus tests:

      1. the EXCLUSIVE use of the french language by the President of a so-called BILINGUAL country
      2. a change in the FORM of the state i.e. either


      a federation of TWO states equal in status


      the disintegration of the INFORMAL union into two independent states, SC and LRC

      It is evident that both litmus tests were NEGATIVE. Simply put, the intentions of Dictator Biya were not GENUINE. He acted in BAD FAITH.

      The speech was indeed for the consumption of the international community. That BULU Dictator is looking for a military solution to the Anglophone Question. He is 100% sure that the “secessionists” can NEVER EVER accept his proposals.


      “Tapang Ivo Tanku DEFEATS LRC PANTS ON FIRE in USA court.

      September 11, 2019: A USA high court in California has DENIED claims by Cameroon that Tapang is a terrorist, and should be “broadly limited” from political activism including his rights to advocate for guns and bullets to defend civilians.
      Supreme Judge Nathaneal Cousins found that Tapang is a victim of political blackmail by Cameroon, and therefore should be protected by the USA laws. A second attempt by Cameroon bankrupt lawyer Emmanuel Nsahlai was squashed in Court Tuesday, with the Judge wondering if Nsahlai actually knows what he is doing by suing a rights-based international activist and Fulbright scholar in Security studies.”

    • “Tapang would be suing Cameroon for $528,028 USD in damages including court fees. He promises to use this money for his early retirement and to assist refugees in Nigeria and Mexico. Part of the money would also be used to buy guns and bullets to defend civilians in Ambazonia.
      According to local reports and anonymous sources in Cameroon, Paul Biya paid his relative Nsahlie Emmanuel to go after Tapang in the USA using every other means.”


    • “Chris Anu Fires On Voice Of America this morning. He said “If there is any reason to get more guns, Mr Biya has given us the incentive to get more guns. Going forward every Ambazonian must own a gun if not a machine gun. Biya still does not understand the actual problem”

    • “Indeed, the struggle is God-ordained. The good news is that finally, it has shown that separatists are always right. Enablers, Federalists and those at the sidelines must come to terms that home is home and that home is Ambazonia. It is the gun that has pulled the dictator out, it will be the gun that will deliver Ambazonia. Consider that nothing has happened today. The only positive we must take to bed is that our determination to multiple ammunitions has tripled. If you were at the sidelines, come home now and bring your ideas on the board. The revolution is entering its final phase. Fund Fund and Fund.”

    • “Paul Biya’s call for dialogue is not genuine – Ambazonian leaders
      Ring leaders of the Ambazonian movement under the Southern Cameroons Liberation Movements have asked President Paul Biya to immediately pull out his military & administration from their homeland.
      They insist that president’s rare outing, Tuesday, September 10, 2019, was a calculated plan by the regime and its sponsors. “We urge the international community to order Mr Biya, his sponsors, and occupation forces to stop playing games with the lives of millions of Southern Cameroonians. As with the Soviet Union and the confederacy of Senegal and The Gambia, the failed union Mr Biya calls the “one, and indivisible Kamerun” was declared “dead and buried” on the 1st of October 2017 and it will never be resurrected,”.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Ambafool idiots. All your blessings will forever be in disguise. You will never reealize any of your wishes because your blessings have and will always be in disguise. Below is a list of some Amba victories in disquise:
      – The Arrest of Sicksiku and his band of terrorist conmen
      – The embezzlement of all the funds raised for My Trip To Buea
      – The killing of General Ivo, Field Marshall, Biabia and all the SNWPL generals
      – The infighting amongst the ambazombie scammers
      – The life sentencing of of Sicsiku and his band of terrorist conmen
      – US Resolutions H.Res358 and S.Res292 recognising the integrity of the country Cameroon and calling on the ambafools to disband
      – President Paul Biya’s speech on September 10 confirming that all terrorists will be brought to,justice.

      Nyamfukahs in Reality

  18. Anyone who thinks a fight which we started in 1961 will end because an old senile man read a speech must have a psychiatric evaluation performed. That said, please note that nothing less than a federal system which removes every iota of larepublique from Amba is acceptable to us. Tell your masters that.

    • Boy, i accept your first sentence. The second reasoning, is wrong. Federalism still puts
      all the states under the control of Etoudi. And so, there is no reason to fight for a federation
      only to be under Etoudi. Many, do not understand this. For the time that federalism was
      practiced in cameroon, NOSO and others, were under Etoudi. This is what it is. Look at
      Nigeria, US, UK for example, all the states, are under one president and one capital.
      To get our problem solved ones and for all, SEPARATION , is the solution. At that time, we
      will be calling Buea, not y`de.
      Then and only then, shall we be free, from the pangs of FRANCE, while the others are
      toiling in slavery to please FRANCE, through their puppet.
      The speech, means that Biya is bent on federalism. The fight must be intensified.

      • Epée na Calabar man….be dey di follow yi for back liké dock fawo yi pickin dem. When things dem go tight, yi go cross over to Akwa Ibom then calé witi yi family, cooolair…meanwhile, you, you go di run for go hide for Bamboutos, for on top pear tree.

        Eske you even know sey capital for CMR bin be na Buea b4 Y’dé? Wuna di meikam liké sey da Buea na some kana myth…

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        Joshua the dumb ambafool coward terrorist.

        The fight can not be intensified without your input. The amba boys are waiting for your support to intensify the fight. You can not intensify the fight with words. You can only intensify the fight by joining the fight.

        When are you going to Buea?
        How many years will it take you to save $150.00 for a dane gun and odeshi or $3000 for an automatic rifle ?

        Joshua, you will never join the war because just like your ambafool leaders, you are living a life of wretchedness and can barely afford to feed yourself.

        We are in position waiting for you to intensify the fight. We want you cockroaches to come out so we can neutralise you.

        I see u have intensified the fight against pupils and teachers – You beheaded 6 pupils and 2 teachers this week!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Epee Dibabambe
      The fight will end because we the proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW aka Black Legs have mobilised through the MKPD revolution to eradicate you pests from earth!

  19. when you ask a question with whom are you going to dialogue and you later on say the PM will organised the dialogue then you are not ready to dialogue.As times goes on that is how the mentality of moderate Southern Cameroonians will be shifting from Federation to total Restoration of the Statehood of Ambazonia.

    • Boy, only those who are yet to know how federalism works, are still calling at
      this point. Federalism, is continous slavery under FRANCE, via lrc. If at this
      point folks don`t understand this, then we still have a big problem. Those
      who think a referandum will solve our problem, will be beaten pants down.
      The IG, has the big task of educating the people. They are not well informed
      on how these systems, work.
      Our goal, should be SEPARATION, not Federalism that CPDM, is fooling everyone
      to accept at this point. We better be careful, before it is too late.
      Again, Yaounde, means federalism and continuous slavery under lrc and FRANCE.

    • Mandem,
      Remember according to ZamZam, all moderate Anglophones (federalists) are Nigerians.
      Now to the substance of my post.
      All we need is local taxation, local policing and a local legislative and judicial branch equal in strength to the supreme court anywhere. Once we have our own security forces we can prevent francophones from causing mayhem in our land.
      I guarantee development using the Amba way within 10 years. Rwanda did it in 15 years. Our land is more fertile.
      We will do it from Buea and not Yaoundé

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Another ambafool idiot.

      Who did you expect the dialogue to be with?

      The dialogue is going to be between Cameroonians from the NW and South West and the government.

      If you want to be engaged in political dialogue then you should form a political party or join a political party. It is obvious that the dialogue will involve politicians, business elite, religious leaders and traditional rulers from the North West and South West.

      The dialogue will definitely not involve ambafool terrorists as the dialogue will take place in Cameroon and any ambafool terrorists who steps foot in Cameroon will be arrested for terrorism.

  20. “Admittedly, however, in the context of a dialogue, a peace process or national reconciliation, the possibility of pardon may be considered, under certain conditions.”

    Is that the condition to release our leaders?Paul biya is too stupid and proud to accept that this whole shit was due to the failed state of his regime and calling for dialogue with preconditions does not resolve the issues at stake either,
    Ambazonia mus be free

    • He began by arresting teachers & lawyers he invited to Yaoundé for dialogue. He didn’t know it could trigger something unexpected. In Tunisia, the Arab Spring was triggered by security forces endlessly asking for bribes & when they couldn’t get it, shut down Bouazizi’s grocery stall & seized his cart. What ensued was dramatic, Bouazizi set himself on fire and there you have it. Power corrupts, absolute power destroys. We know it from Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Ceausescu of Romania, Pinocchet.
      Resources meant for public infrastructure have now being diverted to military needs. Spain is happy to sell since France backed out in shame.
      Long term dictatorships create problems; Libya, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Gabon, E. Guinea, Zaire, Nazi’s, Sudan.
      Nyerere, Salami & Diouf gave power. Smart?

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        Long Term Dictatorship does not necessarily create problems! This is not a subject for novices. Refer me to your academic write up on that subject.

        In the context of this speech the President has outlined the path for peace and security in the NW ands SW. It is up to the people of the NW and SW to embrace this plan and work towards peace and security or to remain under the tyranny of the ambafool terorists.

        If the people of the NW/SW value education they will stop the ambafool terrorists who are preventing their kids from going to school and forcing them to be flee their homes to go seek refuge in the French speaking region.

        While some of us are focused on the actions necessary to bring peace and security to the NW/SW it is clear you are focused on expousing irrelevant theories.

      • Thank you Dr. Lyonga. Brother, I like your ideas and how eloquently you put things in perspective. Don’t waste the time educating feeble minds. There’s the thing called truth and reconciliation and that’s where a nation should start.
        A despot guilty of rigging elections, amending the constitution to keep himself in power, appoints senators cares about nobody but himself. Their egos won’t let up and they always run the country aground.
        Gullible minds parade the forum seeking to pick a fight especially with people who would not engage. Such kowtowing morons and despot lovers. I just ignore intellectually disabled minds.

        • @ Ekema
          There you have it. Thanks for the intervention. I comment on issues and let others do their bidding and ignore rambunctious talking heads especially where there are clear signs of insipient cognitive dissonance. I pay them no mind.
          When we Cameroonians contort ourselves to dance around the facts of the nation’s issues, the truth is hurt and the problems unresolved. Servile supporters speak paradisaically of their despot and hail him over a speech regurgitated from the bowels of the 1993 Tripartite
          charade. They are role playing the arsonist and the firefighter in the same scene.
          Yep, the keyword is “ignore”.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          You have to ignore because you have nothing relevant to say.

          A speech which is completely focused on activities from 2016 to date cannot be regurgitated from the bowels of the 1993 tripartite.

          You sound like one of those old school professors who goes to class and uses big words and wrong grammar to give students the impression that he/she is smart.

          Lyonga, it appears you are here here for validation. I do not come here for validation. I am here to expose the stupidity of the ambafools and ambafool supporters; the terrorism of the amba fighters and the scams and lies of the amba leaders/revolution.

          I get my validation from how coveted my services are and not from from applauds from mugus.
          If you want to be relevant then explain why this Biya’s speech is not brilliant!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Another insane ambafool:

      Sicksiku will never get out of jail for killing my brother.

      Your leaders are not free to kill my brother and go unpunished. The terrorist idiots have not even revealed what they did to my brothers corpse.

      Your terrorist leaders will rot in jail for life and if they are ever released we (victims of ambafool terrorism) will make sure we kill them within 10 minutes of their release.

      Aaron Animbom Akiambom – Delegate of Social Welfare for the NW was kidnapped and killed on the orders of Ayaba Cho and Sicksiku and you want Sick siku to be released.

      Njah kiu va! May absolute madness be your portion for suggesting that the killers of my brother should be set free.

      Wata nobe wata anymore! Kumkum pass Garri!

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