A woman walks past Cameroonian elite Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) members as they sit on their military vehicle during their patrol in the city of Buea in the anglophone southwest region, Cameroon October 4, 2018. Picture taken October 4, 2018.REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra - RC1439F6C050

The ‘neglected crisis’ in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions [+video]

FRANCE 24 | Our guest warns of a devastating crisis in Cameroon’s western Anglophone regions, where for five years the military has been fighting separatists who want to break away from the Francophone country. Education has been one of the main casualties, with separatists allegedly attacking thousands of teachers, students and parents as they enforce a boycott of schools. Meanwhile, Cameroon’s military is accused of killing civilians, razing homes and burning down villages. Human Rights Watch is calling for a response that focuses on dialogue and crimes perpetrated by both sides. The NGO’s senior researcher Ilaria Allegrozzi joined us for Perspective.

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  1. this so called NGO’S are pernicious instruments carefully thought ,created,promoted and used as instruments of bruth exploitation.they play multiple rules and most important are the laboratory of global corruption.after bringing fictive caucasian experts on tv and radio stations to explain how tragic a situation is drawing the sympathy of those who are naive.the seconde phase is announced behind that the united nationas has unlocked 50 million dollars to assist the displaced.this is how the 50 million dollars is used.first the money is handed over to what they call aid agency say is geneva switzerland which remove twenty percent of the money and subcontract it to another agency in washinting which also remove twenty percent and subcontract to another in bangui owned by caucasians.

  2. The above writeup, clearly tells one, the separatists, are right to defend themselves.
    What sense, does it make for someone to burn down, rape, kill and there should be
    no resistance? If someone kills a military officer, will the military defend or simply
    just take it easy? The boyses in the bushes, were sent there by actions of the dumb

    • JOSHUA…..the question here is not about resistance,but whether it was a sensible calmly thought rational decesion to take up arms against younde.did we ever ask ourselves the following question often asked by the strategic planners of all civilizations before engaging confrontation.what if we lose,what would be the consequences?

      did we take time to think carefully like this?

  3. we have 2 cameroons ..Tw systems and 2 official langauges..
    The war is just the consiquences when you try to fool the people..You can fool the people sometimes but you cant fool them all the time:
    – This country is a union of 2 states.
    -West cameroon was more advanced, good organized and structured that the francophones..
    – 2 different cultures- west cameroon brings a govt to call if things are not working well. Francophones use the military and BIR to defend the doings.
    – We are an open, honest and dedicated people- Francophones are FEEH men, crooks and always want to do things indirectly ..
    -west cameroon have nothing to do with france, yet our money is french, our treasury in france.
    @BAH Achu- your bread and sardine head is too full to think .You are a disgrace to the black race.

  4. This war is costly..
    It is more costly to the Govt of LRC- They will need to gather resources, to move soldiers to capture the NOSO.
    I dont know if they can have the economic power to fight such a war..The Anglophones are at home, waiting for the brutal soldiers of Grand PA Biya to come..
    They can fight the war for a longer period than the Govt in Yaounde..
    @BAH ACHU:- do you know how many BIRS that have been killed so far?
    @BAH ACHU:- do you know how many Gendarmes and Police killed so far?
    Keep eating from the despots and singing VIVRE ensemble , and one and indivisible..
    Cameroon, Ethiopia, Sudan were the 3 federations in Africa..Sudan and south Sudan , Ethioipia and Eretria already separated. Only Cameroon remains…For how long?..We will see…

    • BIKO,,,, we do not need English or French. It is irrational to think that it is possible to build a successful economy without first uniting people with a single authentic African language. French carries French culture and English British culture. What both languages creat is culturally uprooted hybrides easy to manipulate.the human brain is not more than five gigabites.our brain does not have space for barbaric alien tongues.whether one million younde soldiers and police officers are killed is not the point. The point is who will win the conflict? As of now there is no evidence that an ambazonian state will be decleared in even one hundred years after a successful military campaign.we just have to be sober calm and rational to see this reality