The University of Ngaounderé presents cassava and millet-based beers

Business in Cameroon | The University of Ngaoundéré is currently promoting local beers produced by its biochemistry students.

According to the university, the students produced the local beers in laboratories using cassava and millet. They named the first “Mbong” (as cassava is called locally) and the second one is “Sembe” (millet in the local dialect).

The university informs that the beers are an alternative to fill the raw materials’ deficit that usually forces brewing companies to resort to importations to meet their corn Gritz needs (in 2019, Cameroon’s corn production deficit was about 500,000 tons).

For instance, Maïserie du Cameroun (Maïscam), one of the large agribusiness companies operating in the Northern region, produces just 10,000 tons of grits yearly. That production is usually quickly absorbed by SABC leaving no other choice to the other brewing companies (UCB, Guinness…) than to import their needs.

The imports affect the trade balance and cause the country to tap into its foreign reserves.

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  1. Regional small breweries should be encouraged where organic local produce can be grown and brought from small holders at main local markets and the beers distributed to the other regions . No good reason to give money to big forigen companies for this product at all or have a trade imbalance due to such an easy to locally produce product ,internal tax growth will be kept to a reasonable amount at source as well a win win situation and export can easily grow later on .

  2. Good initiative. Amba day dreamers seat abroad only thinking of guns to buy and kill their own people that independence. hahahah