This is the Secretly constructed bridge linking Nigeria and Cameroon |+video

Greenlight Africa | A new bridge that links Nigeria and Cameroon has been completed and it is awaiting commissioning, the Minister of Works, Babatunde Fashola has said.

This is as the Minister said President Muhammadu Buhari has mobilized funds to ensure that the Badagry section of the Abidjan-Lagos Highway project is fully paid.

The Minister made this disclosure at the review of the Abidjan-Lagos Highway Corridor project held in Abuja.

Fashola revealed that the link bridge between Nigeria and Cameroon, which was largely funded by the African Development Bank, will be commissioned in the month of June.

Fashola who was given report of activities on the various regional projects said, “We have completed now a new link bridge that links the Republic of Nigeria, to the Republic of Cameroon, and it was funded largely by the African Development Bank something and we are hoping that the ECOWAS commission will give us the necessary support to ensure the formal opening of that bridge sometime in the month of June, as I’m advised by the Commissioner.”

While noting that all the preliminary works are ongoing on the Lagos-Abidjan highway project, the Minister said that the infrastructure when completed would benefit over 40 million commuters that use the route which spans over 1020 kilometers.

He said that at completion, the road will provide “First class infrastructure efficiency and to improve the experience of more than 40 million commuters who traverse this corridor in search of their livelihood, operating a common and efficient border to reduce journey time to reduce checkpoints.

“So to all of the presidents of the countries involved, I think that they deserve gratitude from the people of these countries for the President’s coming together to say we must do this. Without a doubt the roads exist somehow. But it is a quality that is the issue.

“And the commitment to infrastructure is to upgrade 1020 kilometers of road network into a first class six lane highway. I see the dream of what it will look like in my mind’s eye. While I share the concerns of my brother, we need to make speed, we must not sacrifice speed for quality. And this has to be done well. So just for all of us to understand, again, I remind ourselves what we’re trying to do. “We’re trying to deliver a better life for five countries and over 40 million people who use that corridor, almost on a daily basis.”

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