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Thousands of passports stolen at the Cameroonian embassy in Paris

Business in Cameroon | During the ransacking of the Cameroonian embassy in Paris last January 26, nearly 20,000 Cameroonian passports were stolen while other 900 passport files were stolen or destroyed, we learnt.

In addition, several hundred passports of all nationalities awaiting visas from Cameroon have also disappeared, as well as service stamps and other official documents. The Embassy’s computer system was also destroyed. A cash box plus the hard drives containing the video surveillance records were taken away.

According to a source at the Embassy who requested anonymity, the damage is considerable. The disappearance of hundreds of passports of all nationalities will put many visitors to Cameroon in difficulty and could fuel international traffic. The same source said it will take weeks for the consular services to restore the normal functioning of the institution.

The Embassy estimates that 50,000 Cameroonians are legally resident in France.


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  1. Fraudulent embassy. Most of the passport belong to bulu beti fang jungle. They were intended for biz ask Amanda Manda , nyamding, nguini. They will tell you more about the evil plan of LRC

  2. So what?
    Compared to one person`s leg that was shot with a live bullet, which is greater
    and who should cry more? `it will take weeks for the consular service……..`, but
    it will have to take the rest of time, for those shot at, tear gassed etc, to gain
    normal functioning. Did blood flow? It was a peacefull protest, but the mad
    military owned by Mr. Biya alone, carried it to the level we see it today. That is
    what everyone, had said about his 38 years of bad state management.
    A new song `biya must go`, should take any next protest, direct to Etoudi. Then
    and only then, shall LRC be free. He deserves it.
    Else where, a military made up of intellectuals, would seize power, but the corrupt
    and moronic sect in Cameroon, will see need to kill it`s own. Nyamfukas.

  3. biya the butcher dictator of French puppet is still living in the 1930’s mentality, when he declared war against the people of Ambazonian he thought they will panic and throw in the towel,never in this generation! we listened to our fore fathers,saw our parents suffered subjugation,marginalisation,killings, torture, abductions, disappearances, illegal jail term from the french Cameroon terrorists militia, ahidjo to biya, then in 2016 he signed he death, Ambazonians willl fight to the end of their independence,the butcher will be exile from french Cameroon like his french puppet predecessor,Ambazonians will never ever surrender or disarm to be slaughtered, they will continue to be funded, armed forever!!

  4. i have always thought that going to protest in paris,london or new york against ones country is onwise,and irresponsible.not to talk of going to break things in the embassy because we do not agree on something with our leaders.irrespective of who is leader,we must protect and improve the heritage of our noble ancestors .then pass it to the next generation,no matter who or which political party is in power.it is a historical and moral obligation on our part.going to destroy the embassy out of frustration does not go in this direction.no country is perfect,what makes the difference is the capacity of people to handle delicate situations without weakening their projection power.whether we agree with governments policies or not.we must never expose our difficulties to outsiders.

    • Bah [email protected] why di youn think this was a protest against their own counrety? It could of been a frustration against the French influence over their country ,where only 40% of the population speak french anyway ,but the influence of France is 380 degrees…..Dosnt sound like anyone even got injured in this incidence ,still theft,which is a crime , was committed, if it was a forced entry.

  5. information is cerculating in france that more than 40 people arrested during the breaking of embassy equipement were undocumented.some are already in the process of repatriation,while others appear in court according to inside sources.if it happens that some are actually repatriated,do we immagine what will happen to them?infact the dictatorship they claimed to be fighting will decide on thier fate.
    i do not know any african country that is chaotic and corrupt like srilanka.but i do not see srilankans breaking thier countries embassy.it looks like lack of strong cultural identity has pushed us to develope a masochistic personality.i mean a self distructive way of thinking,and acting.if we channel the same energy used to destroy in building farms and industries.shall we not do wonders?

    • do you live in Sri Lanka. This French has gone into your head like snuff. Your writing s are religion, farms science and Aryan ba achu u defend a dying country. You spell every word wrongly and try to write in French

    • Bah Acho,
      You have this tendency of always digressing whenever a discussion appears on this forum.
      You should never compare the democratic tenets of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) to that of 95% of African countries. Corruption might be rife in Colombo et al but Sri Lanka is an advanced democratic state not the chancre worms served in Africa et al.
      Today, we are happy for DR Congo, so tell your insane African leaders to let power change hands!

  6. It is rumoured that agents of larepublique initiated the vandalism to steal money and refuse to account for assets.
    We will hear that all the safes including bank accounts at the bank were robbed.
    People will steal 40,000 passports of a failed state for what?
    Particularly when the passports are biometric?
    This is a setup to cover their racket at that embassy.
    In any case it is foreign news.

    • of course Epee, this foreign news. This vandalism should continue without stopping to force that dictator out and also pave the way for our LIBERATION

    • I am telling you Epee. Lets assume that passports were missing, 20000? Big lie! Does the embassy in Paris alone has the Capacity of processing 20000 passport? Why do they have 20000 passports in their possession? Passports are supposed to be processed in batches and given back to the owners. If this is correct let them publish a list of both foreign and Cameroonian passport missing. Government now taking the opportunity to steal.

  7. Up to 20,000 Cameroon passports in a an embassy but when you go there to make a passport they will always say there are no passport booklets. Shame.

  8. Over Don na Mbut

    When you go to any Cameroun embassy to make a passport they will always tell you to wait for 3 to 6 months because passports are done in Yaounde.Why were there so many virgin passports at the Cameroon.embassy in Paris?

  9. They were not thinking that we would ask questions and the desire to steal and cover their tracks was just too much

  10. I smell a Failed State!