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Top-flight coach abducted in Cameroon

BBC | The coach of Cameroonian top-flight club Yong Sports Academy of Bamenda, Emmanuel Ndoumbe Bosso, has been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen

Bosso, who won the Cameroon Cup in 2013 with the team, was taken hostage as he headed to a training session at the club’s stadium.

“Coach Ndoumbe Bosso is loved here in Bamenda and we don’t think anyone will want to hurt him” club chairman Yong Jacques told BBC Sport.

“We’ve called off the two training sessions billed for today and the club is working closely with all interested parties to make sure that our coach is safe”

The club confirmed they have not been contacted with demands for a ransom as yet.

Yong Sports Academy are based in the city of Bamenda, which is in one of the two English speaking regions in Cameroon, where secessionists have been fighting government forces for almost three years in a bid for independence.

Despite kidnappings in the region increasing in recent months this is the first time a football official has been abducted.

Yong Sports Academy are tied on 12 points with UMS of Loum at the top of Pool B in Cameroon’s championship after the first phase of the league.

As an assistant coach he won the Cameroon Cup in 1997 with Union of Douala before wining leading Sable de Batie to the Cameroonian title two years later.

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  1. Bamenda! Allways that jungle full of bandits…
    Lawless gansters running the streets and call themselves “Amba What ever.. ”
    They cross to the SW and make the place a living hell to the peace loving SW population.
    The NW with all their brainless agressiv people should be sold to Nigeria.

    • Dr. Fondohe Emma

      Ha ha ha. You are lost, aren’t you? You sow the seeds of division, when the people want to divide, you then come and cry here like a little baby. Worry not, the war will be taken to the streets of Douala and Yaounde in the very near future.


    1. Incendie: Double incendie au marché Congo, le SDF accuse le gouvernement
    2. Of course, FAKE Amba boys of ex-convict Atanga Nji are responsible for tha abduction of the coach
    3. The burning down of the Kumba hospital was the handiwork of LRC terrorists
    4. etc

    The Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around come rain come shine.
    LRC can continue to cause havoc in “one and indivisible” SC. However, the momentum will remain UNSTOPPABLE, the war remains UNWINNABLE-
    The US envoy NEVER congratulated Dictator Biya for creating the commission on bilingualism or other useless commissions. He told him that only an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue can bring peace and stability to the country. Little wonder, the CRTV did NOT report it since Dictator Biya is anti-dialogue.



    The Betis are the people responsible forthe perpetration of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in SC.


    CIC of the armed forces = Bet
    Minister of the armed forces = Beti
    Minister of police = Beti
    Minister of the Gendarmes= Beti
    Chief of staff = Beti
    Most of the Generals = Betis
    Judge at military court = Beti
    Procureur military court = Beti
    Registrar militarycourt = Beti

    It is not a war between Anglophones and Francophones.
    It is a war between Betis and the Anglophones

    As a son of the soil of Victoria, I can state without mincing words that the Betis who STOLE Bakweri land in Victoria should be warned that they will NEVER EVER sleep in peace on that land.

  4. There was a time this imbecile zealot called @Bikutsi was pretending to be fair and impartial in addressing the xenophobic vitriols of @Ras Tuge. Who said time is not the master of the plot? With time the leopard reveals its spots. You and your tribal clannish Bulu-Beti politicians are a disgrace to the black man. Low IQ forest recluse with 19 century approaches to simple political dissent has started a war. Now you can’t end it. The fool that is so quick to destroy will never understand the pain in building.

  5. Smelling lass @Bikutsi. Akpara ashawo dorty lass thief woman. We of the SW reject the Beti/Bulu association you are struggling to rub on us. I have told you before we don’t give out our underage daughters to strangers to fvck and pay us with manjungas. We don’t travel to France at every given opportunity to hide stolen state money. We don’t think state exams and public offices is the only means to treasury funds. We don’t support a tribal army that is killing old men and women, children and young people under the disguise of state security forces just to protect a dieing tribal dictator. We share new lay out, Hausa quarters, Station, camark and PWD with our NW brothers because of a common history. There is war going on and Ndumbe Bosso is doing business as usual. He just lost his head.

    • @Mabanda Boy

      You can hiding yourself whatever part of the world, but trust me I will identify your location terrorist. For the record most of the women I have been f$$$k come from the sw



    “Crise anglophone: Après 38 ans d’existence, la SONARA va ouvrir une section anglophone dans son collège”

    Another COSMETIC measure that will only help to increase the momentum of the struggle


    * SONARA is situated in SC. However, the SONARA school is only for Francophones
    * The majority of the population of Victoria do not benefit from the presence of SONARA in any significant manner.
    * More than 90 % of the “cadre” in SONARA are Francophones.
    *The head of SONARA has always been a Francophone.
    * The official working language is french while the unofficial languages are Bassa and Beti.
    *The real beneficiaries of SONARA are legal entities situated east of the Mongo or abroad.


    * the appropriation of its profits is restricted to entities situated
    outside of Victoria.
    * Victoria council provide the factor of production: Land , but does not participate in the appropriation of the profits.
    * Royalties are paid to the Douala City council although SONARA is situated in the Victoria municipality

  8. @ Bikutsi, and what about your Equato-Gabonese Bulu thief in Etoudi? What has your Bulu thief done with all the money from SONARA in Limbe? Look at Limbe an oil producing city looking like a sh’thole city. What happened to all their oil money? You Equato-Gabonese thieves will soon be eradicated from Cameroon just wait and see.

    As for the Ambazonia thugs. How does the kidnapping of this innocent coach help your cause? All this man has done is help develop soccer youngsters in the NW. Is this what separation is about? Kidnapping innocent people and asking for ransom? What a shame. I knew your Ambazonia foolishness was just a farce and a sham. The person to kidnap is the Equato-Gabonese foreign thief in Etoudi. This Douala guy means nothing to Biya for he is a Cameroonian.

  9. Society depends on sane, level-headed persons to help solve its thorny problems. People with twisted minds only make matters worse. A foreign coach falls victim to crooks in the NW does not make all north-westerners crooks any more than all Indians, Chinese, Indonesians etc become crooks as a result of a few rotten eggs operating on their land!
    Beware of zealots who leave filth in their backyards and go teaching others the value of cleanliness. Too much precious time is being wasted on the impostor called Bikutsi.

  10. @bobjazz

    We need to finance our amunition. LRC borrows at will from China, Russia, have donnated weapons from USA, France, UK, Germany and and open cheque from IMF/WorldBank. How to you think Amba fighters will finance their amo power when Hyena scammers in Maryland turn IP have placed themselves on salaries while our people are toiling day and night in the bushes, being slaughtered like rabid dogs and being roasted in their own houses alive. ANY ONE THAT DISOBEY AMBA LAWS WILL BE USED AS AN INCOME GENERATION SOURCE or lose his/her head. Aller dire!

  11. Until we start taking out LRC citizens in our land, this war will be prolonged. Thanks to our brave soldiers who took out the police frog in Bamenda. He is a nordist who graduated from Mutengene Police College in 2002 and sent to Bamenda where he has live a very comfortable life extorting money from taxi drivers and bendskinneurs.

    Thank God he was taken out. Take them out one-by-one.

    • @Ambaman

      You see bastard, the government doesn’t complaint .
      Don’t worry nyamfuka your turn is coming very soon .

  12. @L’enemie,

    fat lies. This is the handiwork of Akwanga—the ransom money will end in his pockets. The millions he had from father Jude is finished—he needs more.

    Once we are done with Etoudi, we are definitely going to come after your movement for pay time. You must pay for crimes, especially the likes of the garri master Tataw, Cho, Anu…you shall be thought that a crime is a crime, even during war.

    You armed robbers have transformed a legit fight into a gangster’s paradise, where illiterates are becoming millionaires overnight.


  13. Why can’t these goats abduct the government of Cameroon and only limit their “bad luck”banditry to defenceless individuals?a goat will always be a goat no matter the color of grasses.

  14. @Dot,

    how different are you from those you are criticising?

    Most of you in this forum are a rare breed of mammals, who pride themselves with human sufferings.

    I am glad I will never be part of that Amba s###, assuming it ever exists. It would be a country full of lunatics, where a simple verbal clash in parliament bw Northern zone MPs and S zone MPs over a simple law on how to cross a road would have to resolved through head-cutting and/or finger-chopping.

    You are a shame to mankind!

    El diablo…

  15. To change the narrative they burn hospitals or kidnap individuals.
    Mirror propaganda, tribal propaganda, Hutu propaganda
    Kill, rape, torture, burn, steal etc then use state regulated media outlets to blame the victims of the genocide conducted by the tribal dog eating militia.
    Who is fooling who?
    Anglophones know who is the author of the genocide being perpetuated on them, no amount of Hutu propaganda will change that.
    Since the declaration of war in November 2017
    550,000 Anglophones internal refugees
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    130,000 children no school
    20,000 killed
    10,000 jailed in French Cameroon
    300 villages burnt
    There is war on Anglophones in Cameroon supported by France
    USA intervene soon.
    English in Courtrooms and classrooms resulted in genocide!
    Low IQ!

  16. ZamZam

    I promised you before this war ends your big Beti head will be mounted on a spike by me. That promise still stands. Don’t come here and pretend we are acquaintances. Wicked baby killers grand mother burners and hospital burners. We will either all die or Amba shall be reality.

  17. @BIKUTSI: reading what u write , tells us more about your background..
    U have learned nothing in your whole life than divide and rule..
    Today its the people of the NWP..Later the Bamis…and soon you will have others to blame..
    All other cameroonians are the cause of the frustration but the angels are the BULU/BETI gorillas…
    If you had a brain that could think critically , it might be a first step from forest to A CIVILIZED normal life..
    The day you will realized the real cause of the problems in cameroon, that day you will not write such a scrap..
    By the way if you are honest to yourself, you will even be proud to say that most big political changes you are enjoying in cameroon was born in Bamenda…
    This is the land of the honest warriors- Take note..

  18. I am sure you must have lost count of the number of killed Amba idiots. The end is not far and if you have not recognised that anglophones are the victims of this stupid arms struggle, then you are a capital fool. Cameroon will never separate. I am from the North west and will only suppport a 10 statet federation is there is an opportunity for it.

  19. Please ambazonia why you can’t just kill him , you will see the consequences nyamfuka People.

    You think by kidnapping him thing will change, coward fighter .

    Water nah water just kill him please . I beg more then 1000 ambafools will be killed . HaHhahahahahahhahaahha
    International idiot,just kill him you will see your big mami Pima .

  20. @L’enemie,

    grilling your shrunken kernels for bush dogs to feast on would be a waste of much needed energy and/or time.

    Your devilish plan can never-ever work. The whole world already knows that you are not fighting for Anglos but for your own selfish selves.

    We will kick your rough A out of the Anglo struggle, which you have hijacked.

    I guess the one million USD you have swindled is not yet enough—your very thirsty mouths shall be quenched with uric acid.

    I hope you have at least already said bye-bye to CMR by now, that stay in Maryland is going last.

    You better fasten your seatbelt…

    • ZZ
      Mon pere me dit souvent qu’il ne faut jamais repondre à un fou! On risque vous confondre et croire que C’est toi le fou.
      Mon frere répondais souvent que le remede pour certains fous, C’est une bonne giffle!

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