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Trump cuts trade benefits to Cameroon, citing human rights violations

In a message to the Congress (below), the White House on Thursday expressed its intention to cut trade benefits for Cameroon, citing human rights violations.


In accordance with section 506A(a)(3)(B) of the Trade Act of 1974, as amended (19 U.S.C. 2466a(a)(3)(B)), I am providing notice of my intent to terminate the designation of the Republic of Cameroon (Cameroon) as a beneficiary sub-Saharan African country under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

I am taking this step because I have determined that the Government of Cameroon currently engages in gross violations of internationally recognized human rights, contravening the eligibility requirements of section 104 of the AGOA.

Despite intensive engagement between the United States and the Government of Cameroon, Cameroon has failed to address concerns regarding persistent human rights violations being committed by Cameroonian security forces.  These violations include extrajudicial killings, arbitrary and unlawful detention, and torture.

Accordingly, I intend to terminate the designation of Cameroon as a beneficiary sub-Saharan African country under the AGOA as of January 1, 2020.  I will continue to assess whether the Government of Cameroon engages in gross violations of internationally recognized human rights, in accordance with the AGOA eligibility requirements.


October 31, 2019.

Source: whitehouse.gov

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  1. Thank God, even with all the problems he got in his closet, he still sensors a disfunctional Cameroon.

    • @Speare
      Do Americans respect human Rights? Have a look at their involvement in the killing of innocent People including Children in Yemen, their support of the war Lord General in Lybia fighting the UN recognised goverment and the choes in Syria as concerns the killing of the Kurds by Turkey.
      America is not better and note that they deal with you at their Advantage.

  2. The reprisal of Politologue Banda Kani is very highly anticipated. Will he tolerate “any lessons” from Donald Trump? Will he recommend a coffin for him?

  3. America is the incarnation of how impires decline. At the present moment, it does not know its main strategic opponent. The result is, it behaves like a mad ? elephant in a dry corn farm. Sanction here, sanction there, but is this in thier long term strategic interest?will all the countries sanctioned by America not turn logically to China and Russia? Iran has just announced a 400 billion dollars project with China. Will America remain a champion nation without economic primacy? Permit me to say all countries that copy the American economic and political model will be at the bottom in future. Once there are no people to inslave in such a system. Everything is finished.

  4. Can some PHD in economic holder come and explain to me what ” TRADE BENEFITS ” means??
    How much does it represents in Cameroons economy?
    What is the ” TRADE ACT OF 1974??
    Who sign it? On witch basies?
    Why does Sub- Saharan African countries still “BENEFIT ” from that since 1974???

    The Sub- Saharan African soil is the richest soil on this planet ! We have all the minerals and we should be the ones who dictate the rules. Not some racist rednacke duck!
    Africa is now the new play ground of all these ‘super power ‘ nations because they are running out of gas and food!
    France, Russia, China, the USA are all fighting to come and control your God given ressources, and you the Africans are just there showing your teets, and killing your own.
    Stop killing each other and stand up for Africa.

    • @Bikutsi Smelling dirty odorous lass, how is a racist red neck different from a Bulu xenophobic tribalist like your wowo self? Maybe the red neck is even better because he doesn’t engage in extrajudicial killings, land grabbing, colonizing, genocide, militarization, burning of entire villages to ashes and the gunning down in daylight of women and babies. Your Mami Pima so wicked witch woman like you. We will not blink and until all you devils with your blood drinking cabal cleavage Ambazonia, we will not stop exposing your evil. This is just the beginning you wretched witch. The next step is to airdrop US heavy artillery I’m Ambazonia and then
      We will use to flatten your advancing genocidal army. You monkeys really think you can kill us all, or that we will give up?

    • Last year America exported products worth 220 million dollars (12.9 billion CFA) to Cameroon. Cameroon exported products worth an estimated 200 million dollars (ca. 11.7 billion CFA) to Cameroon. Now that is a lot of money and business running away, not including the freeboard money and support given to Biya’s corrupt army.

      • And who are the real loosers here? Biya?

        • Bikutsi and who benefits from Biya’s invasion of NOSO? The message is clear, and the regime will face more severe isolation…..

        • Your master is the one who goes begging for everything, including weapons to kill his own people.

        • Dull woman @Bikutsi dancer, let me put it in a way you may understand if at all you finished BEPC. The US does not export Cocoa, Cotton into Cameroon. They buy these raw materials from you consumers which have zero added value and in return export products of high intrinsic value your economy pay 5x for such goods and services. I’m talking about health care products like antiretroviral drugs, malaria meningitis cholera tropical disease vaccines, condoms, drips, stethoscopes; technologically advanced products like computers, servers, optical fibres; military hardwares such as drones, GPS devices, collaborative training engaging the entire Guinea Gulf, counter terrorism, and in closing, expatriates and diplomatic assistance which cannot be quoted. You are the big loser madam consumer!

    • @bikutsi no matter how u questioned or explained/cried about it…this is however not good news to a dysfunctional regime

  5. Good, but too slow to come, because prevention, is better than cure. See how many have
    perished, whole villages blazed down by the dumb military, many mass graves, refugees
    not even mentioned by the gov`t, many disappearances, unnecessary detentions etc etc
    and no end on sight.
    This would have been the position of the US in world politics, not the rushing to kill and
    destroy in other countries. By the way, why can`t the US, talk with france directly on it?

    • Since when does Trump care about human rights?
      That’s the question.

      • For someone that doesn’t care about human rights to single out and condemn Cameroon for human rights abuses, that should tell you all!

    • A pastor prohesized that Biya will end up in pains.We r getting there slowly but surely

  6. The so-called Major National Dialogue to resolve the KAMTO Question has started bearing negative fruits:

    1. the war has intensified
    2. the international community is asking for a GENUINE and INCLUSIVE dialogue after they realised that KAMTOLOGUE had nothing to do with the Anglophone Question
    3. the US kick out LRC from the AGOA as of January 1, 2020
    4. Anglophone FEDERALISTS now support the separatists financially
    5. There will be ZERO elections in SC in 2020
    6. the UNGOVERNABILITY of SC continues to increase day in day out
    7. Dictator Biya’s sh*thole war remains UNWINNABLE

    • 30 (thirty ) prisoners from New Bell prison were presented to the participants as Amba Generals who have dropped weapons. The US and EU have discovered that LRC is a country ruled by deceit, deception and terror. That is the reason they continue to ask for a GENUINE and INCLUSIVE dialogue WITHOUT preconditions.
      Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate have vowed that there will NEVER EVER be another dialogue. The ramifications of such a vow can never be over-emphasised: NO DIALOGUE MEANS ZERO ISLAND OF PEACE IN SC. The phoney elections in 2020 will take place only in LRC. Any ELECAM official found in SC will be beheaded without prior warning. SC is a warzone and therefore a NO-GO-AREA for LRC officials.
      16 graduates from ENAM were dismissed for refusing to serve in the ISLAND OF WAR, SC.

    • “By removing Cameroon’s duty-free access to U.S. markets under AGOA, President Trump has sent a signal to the Biya regime that increased pressure will be applied if a negotiated settlement to the insurgency in the Anglophone regions is not reached soon,” Herman Cohen wrote on Twitter.
      The vocal US diplomat who played a huge role in negotiating an end to the Eritrean-Ethiopian war has insisted Cameroon must stop rights abuses and extrajudicial killings in the restive North-West and South-West regions where kids have not been to school for three years.
      “There is no military solution to the conflict between Paul Biya’s regime in Cameroon, and the Anglophone separatists at war with it since 2017,” he said.

  7. US Trump the brave is doing the right things to deal with a colonial dictatorship, dotage biya as no matter how much aid is given to a wicked uncaring dictator thieves, they will always abuse his citizens who dare speak out for their Human rights,we shall keep fighting for the UK government which failed to give Southern Cameroonians their independence in 1961 to sanction french Cameroon,stop the wasteful foreign aid to a banana republic, strip french Cameroon from the commonwealth because they are gaining from the people they are committing genocide,lrc is french colony, Ambazonians were British trusts territory,two separate country,we will continue to fight to restore our rightful independence

  8. Cameroon spends a good fortune sending out people to campaign for foreign investors to come in and invest. These delegations return and report their findings and concerns about corruption, pilfering, abuse of human rights, trampling on citizens’ freedoms, etc.
    Less than 24 hours after Donald Trump raised his voice, Abdulkarim Ali was released! Before him it was Mimi Mefo and Patrice Nganang and Justice Ayah Paul Abine, and Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho and Dr. Neba Fontem. Did Maurice Kamto not earn his freedom thanks to pressure from abroad?

    How can a country attract foreign investment with such an oppressive social climate of lawlessness????

  9. Camer believer (Colby)

    Hahaha what a joke! If America cares enough for Cameroon let them handover all the terrorists hidden in the US orchestrating the killings in the NoSo to the republic of Cameroon.Who is providing military equipments to the Cameroon army? Who is training the military personnel of Cameroon’s army?This is just a game between both sides and only donkeys can be distracted by this comedy.

  10. This is an opportunity for Cameroonians to unite and march in Yaounde to take out the diaper wearing brutal dictator just as the Lebanese just did. We can’t take out Biya with the use of arms. The only way dictators are being taken out nowadays is by citizens coming together and marching in their respective capitals especially now that the USA is against the Biya regime.

    Fellow Ambazonians, stop the fight, unite with other Cameroonians and organize a march in Yaounde. This is the only way you can free yourselves from the Biya regime. Biya wants you to continue fighting as the division of Cameroonians guarantees his stay in power. If we unite, invite CNN and march in Yaounde, Biya will flee the country. Trump is looking for black votes and this will be an opportunity for him.

    • Dictator Biya is the headache of LRC citizens.
      Southern Cameroonians do not need the help of LRC citizens to free themselves

      • There is no such thing as Southern Cameroon @ Mr. unstoppable. That was a brief fabrication by the colonial masters to evenly distribute Cameroon’s natural resources among themselves. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery my friend. For your information,the USA will never support separation in any African country again after what is happening in Southern Sudan. By the way I didn’t see anything mentioned about abuse on Southern Cameroonians or Ambazonians, it was abuse on Cameroonians. Kappish?

        • “There is no such thing as “one and indivisible” LRC @ Mr. bobjazz. That was a brief fabrication by the BULU junta to evenly distribute SC’s natural resources among themselves”.

        • @ Unstoppable, Well you can keep on with your witch hunt and keep Biya in power for another 7 years. Learn to use your f’cking brain. This your Ambazonia foolishness is going nowhere. You can’t separate the Bakweri people from their Douala blood brothers and sisters because of some white man’s language.
          Bakweri + Bamenda = No relationship
          Bakweri + Douala = Blood brothers and sisters created by God.

          God created it this way and no colonial master’s language or fabrication can break it. I wish you luck with your witch hunt.

        • Following your line of argument, the FANGS of Gabon should have been in the same country with the Bulus of LRC.

          Believe me or not, Dictator Biya has only TWO options:

          1. accept a federation of TWO states(SC+ LEC) EQUAL IN STATUS


          2. SEPARATION of the INFORMAL Cohabitation.

          Only daydreamers still believe that

          1. the BIR
          2. the so-called SPECIAL STATUS
          4. the so-called commission on bilingualism
          5. etc,

          could stop the present momentum. NEVER EVER.
          So much blood has been spilt. So many villages have been burnt down.
          The ILLEGAL entity referred to as “one and indivisible” LRC is history.

        • The Bakweris & Dualas are not exactly similar. If you’re referring to those villages along the coastline like Wovea then there’s some similarity but Buea & Muyuka are remarkably dissimilar to the Dualas. Don’t be carried away by the Sawa syndrome and be culturally confused.
          Bakweris should not be tied to Duala in order to be recognized as a people. It is an aspect of subdued attachment that some wrong headed Bakwerians have advanced to make themselves look better.
          My heritage is from Fako and Ndian and this unfortunate narrative has been advanced and it seems some Bakwerians are cheaply begging for recognition by such unwarranted associations. The Dualas haven’t achieved much being in the economic capital compared to the Bamis. All this is hate driven & worrisome tribalism.

        • @ Unstoppable I don’t believe in that special status nonsense either. What I am talking about is finding a solution that works and that has to start with getting rid of the Biya regime which can only be done if all Cameroonians come together and march in Yaounde. This your Ambazonia foolishness will never work. Biya has more fire power. Separation is impossible and even the Americans will be against that considering what is happening in South Sudan today which is exactly what is going to happen between the SW and NW people. The SW and NW people can never ever live together as one nation and you deep in your heart you know that.

  11. Ambazonia can never unite with ripoublique

    • @ Amba lander, Because there is no such country as Ambazonia. Stop deceiving and sending innocent young Cameroonians to their early graves. Your useless organization cannot do anything to the Biya BIRs They can wipe out you guys at anytime if they wish but Biya loves your foolishness as it guarantees his stay in power . Divide and conquer, the oldest trick that has been used for years to control and rule people. Use your f’cking brain my friend. Ambazonia will never ever happen. However there is nothing wrong with dreaming.

  12. @Camer believer (Colby) It is very simple.If u want the US to send the Ambazonian leaders to LRC,u know the procedure.Apply for extradition.If u can’t do that,then stop blaming the US.They did not ask Biya to invade Ambasonia.

  13. Bobjazz

    We are all ready to be wiped ouut by Biya and BIR

    AMBAZONIA shall never unite with La Ripooublique

    Long live the USA qui ont sauvé des vies Ambazoniennes.
    Long Live the USA qui aident l’Ambazonie
    Long Live the USA for helping AMBAZONIA to emerge from the darkness of la ripoublique francophone du Cameroun.

    Ambazonia shall be FREE.

  14. Long Live Ambazonia

    We are gone.

    Bye Bye Bobjazz. Go after ya Biya alone for ya one ripoublique francophone.

    Ambazonia is risen to live forever.

    • @ Wandy Marc, Keep on with your sweet dreams and witch hunt. The last time I went to Cameroon, I had a very good time in Limbe in the SW province which is still Cameroon as we write. My greatest surprise was how many anglophone Cameroonians I saw moving to Douala with their families from anglophone cities. You are forcing anglophone kids to francophone schools in Bafoussam, Douala, Yaounde etc etc and you are talking of separation? Minalmi. Stop deceiving yourself my friend, use your f’cking brain, by the time your Ambazonia foolishness is eradicated, more anglophones will have become francophonized than anytime in Cameroon’s history and these kids will come and govern those poor kids hiding in bushes you’ve managed to deceive to join your Ambazonia foolishness.

  15. @ America Wand
    With such a ” big brain ” of yours, why can’t you develop a system where Africans consummers as myself would’nt have to relay on the American knowlege/ know how ,in order to exist?
    Something must be very wrong with you Africans if you can’t impose yourselves to the world!
    Don’t you think so?

    • It’s a good idea but no one, not even most Africans would invest big in countries with this level of lifelong presidencies, cronyism, corruption & electoral rigging. The choice is not about supporting Amba or the CPDM government, it’s about ensuring a system in which Africans can be proud of and want to support. Many Africans are returning and investing in countries where democracy and a degree of good governance has returned; Liberia, S. Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Senegal.
      I bought land totaling 3000 square meters in Limbe but the idea of a large scale investment has been stalled by continued dictatorship.
      I don’t care if Kamto or Osih etc. become president as long as there’s change of governance, free elections and respect of the constitution. Cameroon is politically primitive.

      • Good! @ Motombi..
        Very Good!
        This is the kind of debate I personaly apreciate.
        Now, you se, the Countries you evoque in your comment are allmost All NOT in the ZONE FRANC.
        These are Countries where FRANCE is NOT directly implicated in their policy.
        I’m just trying to say that our real ennemy is FRANCE and its Policy through his old colonies!
        We kan kill each other and change “presidents ” as much as we want, but nothing will not change until we kick out FRANCE and destroy the so called FRANCEAFRIQUE!.
        I’ve been trying to educate some Negreos in this forum for years, but they refuse to understand.
        Look where we are today! Exactly where they (FRANCE) Want us to be…devided!

        • In understand where you’re coming from & agree with a lot of what you’re saying. I personally hold France responsible for inhumane practices in Francophonie Africa and as long as China threatens the global economy France fears the collapse of its empire & easy access to free resources & markets. I do not see French cars driven in Canada or in the US and I barely saw a few in Australia. France is a wicked imperial power that hides behind the charade of protecting assets to forestall democracy in Africa.
          That said, leaders like Abdou Diouf have demonstrated that Africa can change regardless of France. He handed power peacefully even when pressured by Cronies. J. Kabilla of former Belgian DRC at 48 handed power to the opposition after 17 yrs. A loving leader would ensure change. Biya is evil.

        • @Bikutsi

          You are truly foolish and my patience is running out. Know that everything rises and falls with leadership. Your tribal uncle could not even sit and review the Biyalogue resolution with his people but rush to Macron to present what he dictated as the outcome. Why don’t you focus your foolish utterances to him. Look up the name Collins Gbah and Chi Blaise Awah and tell me why Arthur Zang and Tchulang Anadoulu could enjoy government grants while the other 2 wither and retract into loneliness. You and your tribal gang have never stopped projecting yourselves as very educated and capable yet you can’t explain why 90% of prisoners are cadres from your inner circle. Why roads in opposition areas are underdeveloped and why the budget of the East province surpass that of NW and SW

      • @ Matombi, You’ve spoken well my brother. We need more who can reason like you in this forum.

  16. Augustine Enow Agbor

    Do African countries really need AGOA, if the quo is that we all the Americans to use our markets for dumping? Dumping kills nascent businesses, so let the United States take its AGOA away.

    African businesses should be competitive and pay the relevant taxes, while entering every foreign market. We do not need a poisoned steak from the Americans.

    African businesses should be competitive and pay the relevant taxes, while entering new foreign markets.

ut ut justo Aenean ante. mattis