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Two Candidates Claim Victory in Cameroon Vote

YAOUNDE —  VOA | Authorities in Cameroon are appealing for calm after hundreds of youths marched through the streets of Yaounde, celebrating what they called the victory of their candidate, Maurice Kamtos, in Sunday’s presidential election. No results have been released yet from the election, in which eight candidates challenged longtime President Paul Biya.

Hundreds of young people demonstrating in the streets of the capital sing songs urging President Paul Biya to step down. They sing that they believe their candidate, Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Party, won Sunday’s presidential election.

The demonstration began after Kamto declared victory in the polls, without giving any election results.

The ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement organized a news briefing that was broadcast live on state TV to counter the declaration made by Kamto.

Party Central Committee Secretary-General Jean Nkuete said Kamto exploited the naivete of the youths and sent them into the streets in an effort to win power at all costs.

Nkuete accused Kamto of breaking the law by announcing that he won the election.

Opposition candidate Cabral Libii voting in Efoulan school, Yaounde third district.
“We express our surprise, our indignation and worry in the face of such irresponsible declaration that has no foundation. They are doing this in a bid to cause an uprising of the population to defend an imaginary victory,” he said.

Kamto is not the only candidate claiming victory. Cabral Libii of the opposition Universe Party announced he is leading the vote count.

Opposition candidate Garga Haman of the Alliance for Democracy and Development says two candidates want to create social unrest to oust President Paul Biya, who has led Cameroon for 36 years.

“Those two candidates are in a hurry to go to Etoudi [to be president]. Not yet my dear friends, not yet. Let us wait for the decision of the constitutional council. There is no reason to go on to the streets. Do not exploit the mentality of the youths,” he said.

Cameroon’s electoral code states election results are proclaimed by the Constitutional Council 15 days after the polls. It forbids the early publication of results.

Government spokesman Issa Tchiroma says sanctions are being prepared for Kamto, Libii and anyone who takes it upon himself to publish results.

“There is a threat, a threat at home. It is unwise to describe the measures which are already taken and which will be implemented in case any need be [arises], but I invite you as a citizen and lover of your nation to stand against this horrible statement. Measures will be taken. What are they, well, by the efficiency you will notice that they are already taken,” said Tchiroma.

Sunday’s poll was marred by low turnout, especially in the English-speaking Northwest and Southwest regions where armed separatists fighting for independence had vowed the polls will not take place.

Despite the turmoil, Biya, one of Africa’s longest serving leaders, is expected to win in the face of a deeply divided opposition.

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  1. Cabral Libbi is coming out now to show off. Maybe the regime is trying to use him to counter Kamto outing. Cabral should shut up. Cabral, Osih, and others refused coalition. Coalition would’ve been the best tool to defeat Biya. But they all are greedy. They all know well who they’re dealing with and thought they can stand alone to defeat the devil in human flesh, Biya. Biya needs combine force to oust him out and all the oppositions should have done that by listening to the people. Am glad Kamto and Muna came together even though it was somewhat late. Cabral is a sore loser. Kamto is the winner.

    • You suffer from an extreme form of juvenile impulsiveness. The vulgarity of the name u chose to identify u in a social platform betrays the juvenile influences u still struggle with. Even if u wanted a jest-full name, in my estimation, there are tons of them you could pick without being so offensive.

      With such a handicap u certainly suffer from, patience becomes a luxury you do not possess. And one needs lots of patience to get to the truth. The invective at the end of your write-up also betrays ur state of mind.

      Cabral Libii never refused a coalition, Kamto did. Cabral had been calling meeting of the candidates months ago to have a debate among-st themselves but Kamto declined.

      • Peter @

        typical illetrate you wrote more about the name and less about the content of what he said…whi is cabral to call opposition leaders?? so he can come out make bid declaration after and go behind telling his cpdm sponsor all secrets?? u not stupid ok??

        • @ Pharaon, and how does my inadequate address of the content (in ur estimation) correlate with illiteracy? Do you want to redefine the word?
          Anyway, the last paragraph of my write-up answered his queries. There was no need to exhaust the point. Cabral had always call for a meeting of the opposition to decide on a single candidate and the terms of such a union. But all the others said he was too young and should just follow them without preconditions. There is overwhelming evidence for this. You wouldnt know because you never took the time to follow and educate yourself on all the candidates before making judgments. check out this link


  2. Les Camerounais sont si naïfs et crédules. Au cours des trente-six dernières années, chaque fois que Paul Biya a remporté les élections, les résultats ont été annoncés immédiatement. La plupart du temps, les résultats ont été connus avant la fermeture du bureau de vote. qu’il croit avoir remporté les élections. Puis tout à coup cela devient un problème. Ensuite, tout le monde veut attendre le conseil constitutionnel. Où était ce conseil constitutionnel lors des dernières élections? Pourquoi le conseil constitutionnel et le parlement camerounais n’ont-ils pas débattu de la crise anglophone? Pourquoi le parlement et le conseil constitutionnel ne modifient la constitution que lorsque cela profite à Paul Biya? Simple parce que toutes ces institutions ne sont qu’un simulacre pour protéger les i

  3. Cameroonians are so naive and gullible. For the past thirty six years, whenever paul Biya wins elections , the results were announced immediately.Most of the time the results were known before the polling station closed.Why is it that when Professor Maurice Kamto is the one announcing or declaring his personal opinion that He believe he has won the election. Then suddenly it becomes a problem. Then everybody wants to wait for the constitutional counsel. Where was this constitutional counsel in the past elections. Why has the constitutional counsel and the parliament of Cameroon not debated the anglophone crisis ?. Why do the parliament and the constitutional counsel only modify the constitution only when it benefits Paul Biya?. Simple because all this institutions are just a sham to prote

  4. Maurice Kamto ne sera jamais président de la République du Cameroun.
    À 68 ans ce vieux type veux dirriger un pays coe le Cmr,avec son comportement imature, ce type de Kamto a baffoué une éventuelle victoire de l’opposition, donc du peuple. Le type est tellement hupocrite et mal intentioné qu’il a tout gâtté. C’est lui le vrai traitre.
    Cabral Libii se comporte plus mature que ce commercant de Kamto.
    Tout cette attitude irresposable de Kamto coutera cher à lui et à tous ses suiveurs en majorité Bamiliké.
    Le MRC n’est rien qu’une association de commercants originaires de l’Ouest Cameroun.
    Kamto vient de rendre la vie dure à son propre peuple.
    7 ans encore avec Biya,..les Bamilikés vont confirmer le code cette fois ci.
    Désolée d’être aussi dure. Mais C’est la pure réalité.

    • bavarde ta place c a la pimenterie comme res soeurs et fcb etc….ta rien a dire q des saletees apres aller monter sure un bamileke pour le pain sardines

    • Beti arrogance. They think they have an entitlement to everything political in that pigsty Biya created. You will pick your shock this time @Bikutsi.

      And for Cabral who thought his Bassa heritage gave places him as the 1st candidate in a coalition with the smart Kamto and Akere will continue licking his wounds. Political merit doesn’t know tribal affiliations.

    • WOW! @Bikutsi,
      You came down hard this time with a lot of venom. Not really like you. Take it easy my Dear.

      It would be better to go easy and try to unite this fully tribalistic set of people that call themselves Cameroonians with a very vague understanding of what a nation really is.

      Trade lightly. We should have learned a thing or two by now about all these names calling.
      It only makes things go bad, very bad indeed. Look where names calling got the situation in NW and SW to. Instead of answering to the issues, some government officials vert high up resort to names calling.
      Then tribalism kicks in and the rest followed that narrative. Now look where we are.

      Anyway, we are not building anything going on like this.

      • Truth and Facts
        I really don’t see the “venom” in my right up.
        My words may sound hard to some, but sometimes thinks needed to be told.
        Camerounians are very hypocrites and never want to hear the truth.
        Maybe the word ‘Bamiliké ‘is what makes some se my state provocativ. But Kamto is Bamiliké, and that is not an insult.
        The majority of those who voted for him are from west Cmr, nothing wrong with that, I’m just saying it loud.
        Now, for him comming out before all the votes are all counted, and declare himself the winner, is an insult to the rest of the country and the institutions.
        That’s a very bad and dangerous move that will cost him, his followers and Cameroon a lot.
        People should stop being so emotional and be real instead.

  5. Cabral Libii is working for CPDM.If Biya could not called Kamto and congratulate him for the victory,i think it was right for Kamto to come out and tell Biya that CPDM have lose the elections to MRC.We have seen elections in other countries where candidates that lose,congratulate the winner,even before the proclamation of results by the competent authority.Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat against Buhari seven hours after the polls were close.Why is it that in Cameroon,we have to wait for the competent authority to come and tell us whether we have win or not? the reason is simple,just like in Gabon,there is plan to fraud after elections.I am 100% in support of what Kamto did. CPDM is under pressure.Are they going to open another warfront in East Cameroon? The clock is ticking…..

    • 6million votes and they need 1 year to count! Why?
      Who is fooling who?
      The North-South alliance given power in French Cameroon by France since 1950 are so afraid that a Bamileke or Bassa in power may actually bring about a true independence of the Cameroon.
      Kamto is the winner just like Fru Ndi, they need months to fabricate the results with Biya as winner.
      Why are they afraid?
      Kamto may actually bring an end to the industry of lazy people at the different ministries in Yaoundé specialized in bribe collection.
      He may Federate Cameroon
      He may abolish all government delegates
      He may reform elecam so election rigging becomes impossible
      He may decrease number of useless ministers
      Governors maybe elected not appointed
      Cabral is a Trojan! Who is behind him…CPDM/France.

      • @ Ma Lum. You are 100% right. I hope we can forget about separation for now and stand behind Kamto. This is an opportunity for all Cameroonians to get rid of Biya. It was a very smart move made by Kamto to declare himself the winner before the fake ELECAM and the constitutional council that was created by Biya to serve his personal interest come up with their fake results. Cameroon was not made to be only ruled by people from the South, Centre and North. Why are some of us angry that a Bamileke man wants to be president? Are they not also Cameroonians?

        • The Liberation of Ambazonia is irreversible.
          Deal with it.

        • @bobjazz
          A good one to Lum. Let’s now think different and give Kamto and Muna the Support to turn things in the positive direction. We will all be happy. The main enermy is gone and time for all Cameroonians to enjoy the coming prosperity. No more killing of inncoent Cameroonians and destruction of property.
          War is not a solution to any Problem but a wonderful opportunity for weapon manufacturers to make Money. Peace is comes after life in order of importance. We all needed and you don’t Need to loose it before knowing it’s importance.


    **** OBSERVATIONS ****

    1. Whenever youths demonstrate in SC even with PEACE PLANTS, they are always slaughtered by LRC Terrorists aka Forces of lawlessness and disorder
    2. Whenever youths demonstrate in LRC, they are never murdered in cold blood
    3. Cabral Libi is being used by the CPDM to divert attention from the landslide victory of Prof. Kamto
    4. The supporters of Prof. Kamto will never allow Dictator Biya to steal the victory of their hero this time around
    5. The so-called island of peace has been transformed into a ticking time bomb by Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate.

  7. The double standards of Cameroon’s governance comes out clearly in their response to the street protests in Francophone Cameroon – not a warning shot into the air and certainly not directed at the demonstrators. Compare this with the slaughter of youths carrying olive branches in English-speaking Cameroon.

    In a “One and Indivisible” country,……

    • Indeed @John Dinga.
      What a display of double standards.
      I am also suspecting that the military has now realized that it is not so strong after all when the people are really determined. They might just be afraid to open another war front. But again, I wonder if they are intelligent enough to make such analysis.

    • @John Dinga
      you probably must have lost your memory or your mind is simply corrupt. I thought so many francophones were killed in Douala when Cameroonians went out to protest against rising cost in food stuff. Is Douala located in anglophone Cameroon? I wish you respond to this.

  8. Does it mean that it is only those from the South, Centre and North that should rule Cameroon? Why are some of you so angry that a Bamileke man wants to be president? This is why Biya will always win. Too much tribalism. The most important thing is for Cameroonians to oust Biya. Be it Kamto or Libii I don’t care. They are all Cameroonians. Cameroon doesn’t belong to people of the South, Centre and North only.

    • Stop seeing tribalisme everywhere @Bobjazz.
      Should people be afraid to point out wrong when they se it because they are going to be called tribalist?
      Grow up people. This is Africa, and Cameroon is a multitribal/multicultural nation.
      Everyone should be proud of their heritage/tribe.
      Btw the most insulted tribe/group of people in that country is the Beti. We are so use to be insulted so people find it normal.
      The hypocrisy needs to stop.

  9. @bobjazz read bikutsi write up since kamto declaration then you will know the degree of ethnocentrism Cameroon is in .I grew up in yaounde and have you ever heard the saying jamais en anglophone ou bamilike a etoudi.My friend I can see the writing on the wall the will be war this time around not Amba but from the frogs east of the Mungo.

    • Let me rephrase for you.
      Kamto will not be at étourdi.
      You are nothopy go hang yourself.
      The first tribalists in Cameroon are indeed grassfielders.
      I am all for federation with each one going back to his region of origin.
      Then we shall see wh is hard working LMFAO

  10. Let the Bamilikes use the money they donated for the CPDM to kill Amba boys and take them all for Famla. Beti criminals. All they enjoy is killing Ambazonians. The struggle continues for Ambazonia.

  11. Bamileke or whatever in Etoudi is meaningless to Amba citizens.
    Ambazonia is free

  12. @Mbappe ”I am all for federation with each one going back to his region of origin” Wow,its interesting,that u are now shifting your position,vis-a vis the form of the state.So u are now for a federation becos power is about to slip off your fingers,right? When a beti-bulu man is at the helm of affairs,with their constitution drawn by another beti,Joseph Owona,centralizing powers to the beti-bulu president,u hated federation,becos your beti-bulu president comes and collect the revenues that comes from the resources from South West to develope the South and center with projects like lom pangar,memvele and Kribi seaport,providing jobs to the beti.Now that the bamilekes are about to enjoy what u have enjoyed over the years,u now want but federation.Ha ha ha ha…

    • Now that @ Kongossa is vomiting his venom against the Beti people as a group, noone is saying anything…It is just normal and we the Beti should just take it right?
      The CPDM and Biya gvt are made of people from all 10 regions.
      Why should the Beti take your crap all the time because of one man?
      It is not our fault if we are smarter and look good! Lol…
      Target the right ennemy who is Biya and his gang. Leave the Beti people alone.
      C’est n’importe qui,qui va se permettre à s’adresser à ce peuple noble maintenant?!

    • hahahahaha
      Kongossa, some beti bulu people don’t want to take criticism but they don’t mind collecting our tax monies for investment in their villages to the exclusion of all other citizens. very funny.
      if we are to split beti bulu should not think they will go free with our money. they must pay a divorce fee as the EU is doing with Brexit.
      Ambazonia is free

      • This is exactly the kind of mentality that makes the Beti people feel more important and better than you.
        You are feeding our grandeur. Keep doing that.

  13. @Bikutsi Sorry,i am just an observer.Go and settle your scores with the bamileke over the presidency.We are waiting for u people in Ambazonia.We will crush u like termites…Bla bla bla..”The CPDM and Biya gvt are made of people from all 10 regions”.

  14. @Bikutsi ”The CPDM and Biya gvt are made of people from all 10 regions”….Wow.Thats a good one.Tell Biya to relinquish power.MRC and Kamto’s gov’t would be made of people from all 10 regions as well..

    • Don’t worry @Kongossa
      Biya will relinquish the power sooner than you expect. But not to Kamto.
      Be patient.

  15. @Bikutsi ”It is not our fault if we are smarter and look good! Lol”… Ha ha ha ha …The truth is begining to come out.So,u by any way admitting that Ambazonians are smarter as well,by putting u on check and waging a war against u beti bulu thieves,for coming to collect revenues from the resources in SW to go and provide jobs to your beti-bulu brothers? this is a long war that u will not be able to finish anytime soon.U now have two political warfronts to deal with.One in Ambazonia and the other in LRC.

    • Kongossa
      they already have 2 war fronts In larepublique @BH and the east. Kamto’s front would be a 4th front in total and a 3rd front in LRC.
      I suspect the military advisers are trying to overthrow the old man. they want him to lose because there is no explanation for why men with brains would open multiple fronts when they can barely recruit soldiers.
      in any case for those who think our accusations makes beti bulu look great they can continue to fool themselves.
      they must get ready to go to the farm because when Ambazonia farming and money as well as Bamileke trading leave, well there will be hunger in the south.
      it will then be possible for us to see how much more intelligent and beautiful the beti really are than the rest of us.
      Ambazonia = freedom