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Two Catholic priests kidnapped in Cameroon’s troubled Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, Aug. 16 Xinhua | Officials of Catholic Church in Cameroon said on Friday unknown gunmen have kidnapped two Catholic priests at Ibal village in the troubled Anglophone region of Northwest.

They were “kidnapped late at night on Thursday along Ibal — Jikejem road on their way to the town of Oku in the Northwest region,” said a statement by the Catholic Church in Northwest, calling on the abductors to release the clerics unharmed.

Local police said operatives were already combing the village with the view to rescue the priests and arrest the kidnappers who police claimed are members of separatists fighting for the independence of Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions of Northwest and Southwest.

The separatists have denied kidnapping the priests.

Kidnapping of priests has become widespread in the two regions since an armed conflict that has so far led to hundreds of deaths since 2017.

In 2018, a Kenyan priest was shot dead in front of the church of the Parish of St. Martin of Tours in Kembong, a locality in Cameroon’s Southwest region.

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  1. Camer believer (Colby)

    What the kidnapping of the clerics will change in the NW/SW madness?The scam is unveiled even the most dumb Anglophone is aware today a lie doesn’t get long legs kikikikiki!!

  2. Another dirty trick by the FAKE Amba boys of ex-convict Atanga NJI

    • LRC is a country ruled by the following types of CRIMINALS:

      1. ex-convicts (e.g. Atanga Nji),
      2. murderers of men of God ( e.g. Belinga Eboutou),
      3. war criminals ( e.g. Beti Asomo),
      4. putschists (e.g. Tchiroma ),
      5. embezzlers of public funds ( e.g.Dictator Biya
      6. Xenophobes ( e.g. Okalia )
      7. Sundry crooks

      Little wonder, the country is now a de facto FAILED STATE

  3. These priests, like Cardinal Tumi, have failed to deliver, hence the Biya mass killings
    in the SC. I thought, that they too, could say to Biya / co, `get behind us you devils`.
    But, they are only rushing for gold [money], to keep the church going for their selfish

    • @ Joshua, are you being stupid or are you just joking? How does kidnapping a priest help anglophones? Killing armed Ambazonians who are destroying the lives of anglophones is not mass killings of anglophones. Your Ambazonia thugs don’t represent anglophones. How do you explain the fact that most anglophones are moving to Francophone cities for security if according to you there is mass killing of anglophones by the francophones. It is because of these your useless lies nobody in the world can support your Ambazonia foolishness. All your foolishness is doing is keeping Biya in power for another 7 years.

      • This bobymopjazz kanas iddiot is still saying this his half Beti half Santa one night stand nonsense? So few Anglophones can shut down the entire 13 counties of Ambazonia and chase all your occupying SDOs, DOs and thieving Biya authorities to relocate to only capital cities where they are protected by brutalizing rapist BIRS? You this short smelling mouth monkey, once our sniper squad touch down you will understand why the US congress and Senate has already foreseen danger and is pushing for a pre-1961 Federal system. But we tell you now and forever, we shall never ever ever federate with you wicked devils that burn down our villages, kill and pillage our people and lie your way to attract global sympathy. Monkey. Ambazonia must be free in this life and not the next. We will never blink.

        • @ L’enemie keep on with your silly dreams. Read my lips, Cameroon will never ever separate. Your foolishness is instead sending more anglophone kids to French schools in Bafoussam, Douala and Yaounde. Like my South African friend said your Ambazonia group is the most useless so-called freedom fighters he has ever read about. You guys don’t have any control anymore of the situation. Bandits have come from all over Cameroon and Nigeria and taken over. Your Ambazonia foolishness has destroyed the lives of thousands of anglophones which will take at least 20 years to repair.

        • BobymopKanasJazz.

          Tell your South African friend it took them almost 20 years to get to where Ambazonia is in 3 years. Tell him we have not forgotten how divisive the SA struggle was up to the sabotage Buthelezi mounted to topple Mandela while in prison and finally plotted his own wife Winnie to finish the evil job. Tell him we haven’t even got to that point where Zulus were roasting Kossas like wild beef in the corner of every street. Remind him by the time we get to the point where Ambazonians can manufacture cheap bombs like they did in SA to attack the apartheid devils, LRC will be dashing out of our land with full speed. Every revolution goes through such stages and the final truth is that your Beti-Bulu-Santa-Akum mafia remains the true devil. An idiot with no trace of history.

  4. @bobjazz You this half baked santa child.It is becos of this your foolishness that Cameroon is where it is today.U spend most of your time on this forum,blaming Ambazonians for anglophone’s suffering instead of talking about the solution to the conflict. When there is war,people choose their own safer areas to run to.In the case in SC,some have chosen to run to Nigeria some to LRC.That some chose to run to LRC does not mean they love your one and indivisible bruhaha…U elected Biya with 72 percent,so u should blame him for anglophone’s suffering,not Ambazonians.

  5. AMBAZONIA EQUALS FOOLISHNESS & USELESSNESS. So you Ambazonians are happy that poor anglophone kids are not going to school. Waow! What a bunch of losers. You claim your Ambazonia foolishness is fighting to free anglophones and at the same time preventing anglophone kids from going to school. How does this type of madness help anglophones? The rich anglophones have all sent their kids to french schools in Bafoussam, Douala and Yaounde and when this your foolishness is over, these same anglophone kids who have been educated in French will come and rule the poor ones who couldn’t attend school because of your Ambazonia foolishness. Men, I don’t know who is fooling who. Why can’t you guys confront Biya if you have any balls instead of punishing these poor kids? Mbut people.

  6. @bobjazz ”AMBAZONIA EQUALS FOOLISHNESS & USELESSNESS. So you Ambazonians are happy that poor anglophone kids are not going to school”…I think this question should be directed to Biya.U should ask him if he is happy that his citizens that elected him with a crushing percentage of 72 percent are not going to school,not Ambazonians.U keep running your mouth as usual, but still not proposing solution to end the 3 year oldconflict.We need solution to the conflict,so that children can go back to school,not this blame game…..Ambasonia is fighting to free SCnians or Ambasonians,if u like,not ”Anglophones” as u French Cameroon citizens called us.

    • @ Kongosa, that your Ambazonia foolishness doesn’t represent the majority of anglophones and it’s the reason most anglophones are now running to francophone cities for protection from your ambazonai thugs. You Ambazonians are a bunch of terrorists terrorizing the anglophone community. Biya never asked you to kidnap and behead anglophones. Biya never asked you to chop off the fingers of anglophones who were going to plantations to provide for their families, Biya never asked you to kidnap students and their teachers because they were trying to educate themselves like your kids in the diaspora, Biya never asked you to turn school dormitories and classes into torture chambers. Your Ambazonia organization is a terrorist organization and nothing else.

  7. @bobjazz U still have not proposed solution to end the three year old conflict.We need solution,not bla bla bla…….

    • @ kONGOSA, I don’t know if you have been following my write-ups. I have since proposed a solution and it’s about telling your thugs to drop their weapons, join other Cameroon communities and form a strong opposition and march in Yaounde like the Burkinabes, Algerians and the Sudanese did to get rid of their dictator. This would have been successful immediately after the elections as Biya claimed victory but unfortunately your Ambazonia thugs had a different agenda and Biya took advantage of their stupidity to consolidate power for another 7 years. So long as Biya is supported by France your Ambazonia thugs cannot do anything. You Ambazonians are playing with fire. When push comes to shove, the French will send their military and the cities of the NW & SW will end up like Raqqa.

      • Black lives don’t matter to these Europeans. They will do anything to protect their national interest. The only way you can win is through unity like other Africans I just mentioned did. I repeat this your Ambazonia foolishness is going to do nothing but destroy the lives and future of the people of the SW & NW just as the Katanga rebels have destroyed the lives and future of the people of the Katanga province in the DRC for over 30 years now. As I have said before don’t let your emotions overpower your intelligence. Use your brains.

      • [email protected] last time the french blacked up they didn’t get a very posative reception did they ? ( and neither did their flag by Cameroonian army officials when they passed through a few years ago ) .
        It took a lot of diplomatic manovering to calm things down ,so I doubt that’s gonna happen on Cameroon soil ,in this day and age .
        The Cameroonian army ,in general ,has respectfully worked at high standards,positively, with many international peace keeping missions abroad and it was not at all by exclusive invitation due to a french influence ,but on their own merit,hard work respect of duty , for over thirty years

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