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U.S. congratulates Cameroonians, calls for peace in Anglophone zones

africanews | The United States has commented on the outcome of Cameroon’s just ended presidential elections giving it a pass mark of sorts despite what it said were irregularities before, during and after the October 7 polls.

A statement from the U.S. Department of State also urged respect for the rule of law and peaceful resolution of disputes through legal channels.

The statement issued by Heather Nauert, a department spokesperson, also called for focus to return to the crisis in the restive Anglophone regions where a separatist movement continues to make the regions ungovernable.

Full statement: Cameroon’s Presidential Election Results

The United States congratulates the people of Cameroon for largely peaceful elections on October 7. We urge all parties – including the government – to respect the rule of law, resolve peacefully any disputes through established legal channels, and avoid hate speech.

While we welcome the Cameroonian Election Commission’s demonstrable improvement over the 2011 elections, there were a number of irregularities prior to, during, and after the October 7 election.

These irregularities may not have affected the outcome but created an impression that the election was not credible or genuinely free and fair. We commend the African Union Election Observation Mission for its preliminary statement, notably that “the current framework needs to be strengthened in order to safeguard the democratic principles of separation of powers, fairness, and independence and impartiality.”

With the conclusion of the presidential election, the United States strongly encourages both sides involved in the conflict affecting the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon to focus on resolving differences through peaceful dialogue and to allow unhindered access to humanitarian aid workers, the statement concluded.

The country’s Constitutional Council on Monday declared incumbent Paul Biya as president-elect with over 70% of valid votes cast. Biya swept majority of votes in nine regions except for the Littoral region where opposition candidate Maurice Kamto won.

Biya, 85, is now set to start his seventh term, a seven-year mandate, that will see him extend his over three decades stay in power. Biya also won all diaspora votes.

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  1. US should go and sleep they keep supporting Biya to kill Ambazonia
    But the truth is that we shall be free

    • who cares about so-called ” ambasonia” we are going to kill the last descendant of Nigeria in Cameroon “SISIKU “.

      NOW we are going to take by force force ” ambasonia” no no no no no dialogue with traitors kikikikikikikikikikikikkikikik.

      go and protesting wahala hahahahahahahhaha la force de l experience

      • Don’t forget that with all your sophisticated weapons the Amba fighters are still alive and well.What you are saying is not the peaceful dialogue both Cameroonians and the international community want.The reality is that after over one year of serious killings by the Cameroon army they have not been able to defeat the Ambazonians fighters so this should tell you that in war both sides loose.So your fairy imagination of killing all Ambazonians can only be realized in a movie but in reality this cannot happen.And don’t forget that if proper peace is not restored through dialogue or negotiation real peace will hardly return to these regions since weapons are in circulation and it will be difficult for the army to seize all weapons.This is the reality.

    • I have said here that cameoon is bigger than Anglophone, Francophone,Bassaa, Bami,Beti,Bakossi,Bakweri,Moundang … one more time Le Kamerun c’est le Cameroon…

  2. Who cares?
    This is like the US is a democracy.
    Give me a break.
    We have no lessons to take from a plutocracy.

    • But you can receive weapons from the plutocracy to kill people who voted for you by 71% ?
      Shame no longer kills.
      Come rain come shine Ambazonia will be free

      • Epée,

        Biya holds the key to the Anglo problem right now, I hope he’ll now act like a real father and stop this iron fist with IG leaders, and think about Anglos on the ground and implement that federation at last…



          Stop disseminating the half-truth that “Biya holds the key to the Anglo problem right now,..”. He does not have. France has.
          France is NOT a federation. All French former colonies do not practise federalism. Biya is a puppet of France. It is therefore impossible for Biya to grant SC a GENUINE federation when France is a unitary state. Biya even does not have the power to grant a 10 states FEDERATION. The decision lies with France.
          The French puppet’s power ends with DECENTRALISATION which does not involve a change in the FORM OF THE STATE.

          Only the war will resolve the Anglophone Question.

          1. If LRC defeats SC, the country will remain a unitary “one and indivisible” LRC
          2. If LRC cannot defeat SC, the Federal Republic of SC will become an INDEPENDENT STATE.


          The phoney election has come and gone. You people promised that

          1. After the election, Biya will do THIS…
          2. After the elections, Biya will do THAT…

          Dictator Biya’s “THIS” and “THAT” should, therefore, be geared towards winning the war.
          Amba boys have said with one voice: BRING THE “THIS” AND “THAT” ON.
          The war will, therefore, resolve the Anglophone Question. It will end with the defeat of SC or negotiation. Believe me or not, the former is UNACHIEVABLE.
          To add insults to injuries, Dictator Biya cannot sign a decree stating that the war has ended. The opinion of the leaders of SC MUST be sought. That is why NEGOTIATION i.e. wartime dialogue is the only path to end the war prematurely since it is not a BLITZKRIEG but OPEN-ENDED war.

        • SS,

          I never knew Biya was the head of a commission under Ahidjo to look into the Anglo until Abouem Achoyi, member of that com, testified that they accomplished their work with a major.

          Nobody knows the Anglo prob in that gov’t better than Biya, according to Achoyi. Hence, if Biya wants it, now that he has got nothing to lose, we must ask FR to give us a break and save our country first.

          This war cannot continue—people would go on the streets, or Franco voices would become more vocal, should nothing be done within 3 months.

          CMRs dread WAR, that’s the simple truth…

  3. The US swings like a giant pendulum from one end (The Good America) to the other (The Great America), the former projecting a degree of morality, the latter turning a blind eye to moral values by opting for pure materialism. And thanks to the obsession with materialism, the worst dictatorships in the world – Saudi Arabia, Cameroon, Burma, DRC, China, Venezuela – have their way .

  4. I ‘m grimed with consternation that the US have endorsed the re-election of the octogenarian. Has that message really come from the State Department. I can’t believe this. The whole world is up-side-down. We are not safe anymore. i thought we could lean on the US for support in achieving our independence. But now it is crystal clear we cannot count on them anymore.

    • You Ambazonians should use your brain. The European Union and the USA support each other and it’s all about stealing resources from Africa and the middle east by using and supporting dictators in those regions. They are prepared to destroy a whole city and its inhabitants like they did in Raqqa in Syria if that is what it takes. They don’t care about the lives of any humans except those of the white race.

      Your so-called fight to separate from your brothers and sisters because of the difference in foreign languages spoken and taught by the same imperialists will only lead to disaster. (Please read about what happened to the city and inhabitants of raqqa in Syria.) The only solution is to unite as one and fight like the Burkinabes did. Division will only profit Biya and his white masters

      • beast of no nation. do you understand thr meaning of the word brother? or i suppose only anglophones are to apply it? francophones dont have that word in their language?
        have we been treated as “freres” these 47 years?
        if we had would there have been the need to go our separate ways?
        Ambazonia must be frer

        • I know hate has clouded your thick skull and you can’t accept reality @ Epée Dipanda. Francophones haven’t done anything to anglophones, the Biya gov’t has. Remove your hate hat and you will see clearly. Let your foolish Ambazonia touch SONARA then you will understand what I am talking about. Keep on playing with fire. I have advised you to read about the city of Raqqa in Syria and the where about of its inhabitants.

      • Language is not the cause of the Anglophone problem.Anglophone marginalization is real.Our people don’t want other black skinned people like them to treat them as second class citizens in their own country.Besides we became one country through a UN sponsored plebiscite which is not respected by the French speaking Cameroonians.Get your points right before commenting here.

        • @ Muyuka Pikin. You still don’t understand, do you? Maybe if you emancipate yourself from mental slavery then you will understand. We never became one country through the UN, we were one country before the UN and English and French were never our languages. Read your history my friend. Southern Cameroons was a brief fabrication by the imperialists to exploit and share Cameroon’s resources among themselves. The proof is that the people of the NW & SW have nothing in common except some of them can express themselves in the white man’s English language. They don’t share the same ancestry or culture. It was never a country on its own as it was part of Cameroon. This brief fabrication will never determine our boundaries. As for marginalization,the Biya regime is responsible not the francophones

      • I don die laugh.
        city of Raqqa my foot. What is thr strategic interest of larepublique to Russia?
        The Ndian (not SONARA) oil can and will be sold to anybody who will support our freedom.
        If it be Canadians well and good. USA, no wahala.
        Even Azerbaijan….can come for Ndian oil if they will support our struggle for freedom. the rubbish you spew is valid only east of the Mungo.
        we are ready to work 3 jobs to finance IG and GZ now.
        Man no run…Ambazonia must be free.
        we will teach you larepublicans that Anglophones kmow how to stand as one man and be counted.
        enough is enough

        • @ Epée Use your Eastern European name Ambazonia to talk about your foolish people.We the majority of anglophones are not part of your Ambazonia foolishness. We are Cameroonians and the francophones are our brothers not the Biafra people of Nigeria. You can never separate us from our francophone brothers because of a brief British fabrication. Keep on dreaming. You better go join the Biafra people of Nigeria and fight for your freedom there. Your Ambazonia nonsense will never happen in Cameroon. The oil belongs to Cameroon. Go touch am make I see. Your Ambazonia nonsense is not recognized by anybody or country in this world. Nobody wants to associate themselves with terrorists who behead people. I know you don’t read, Raqqa was destroyed by the U.S. not Russia and the world didn’t blink.

  5. I thought everything was the fault of France. Will you blame the US now? Anyway its about Cameroon not about what you call Ambazonia.

    • hahahahahahah even the USA, UK turn against ambasonia “terrorist” kikikikikikiki now is not France no more. I don’t die laughing

      • UK and USA are not against Ambazonians because they are terrorists.This is a false statement.These foreign countries simply want the country to be peaceful so that they can continue extracting their resources.And it is for this reason they support Biya.



    1. “The United States congratulates the people of Cameroon”
    2. The US did NOT congratulate Dictator Biya for his landslide victory
    3. The US did NOT congratulate the GOC
    4. The US recommended DIALOGUE as the only path to the resolution of the Anglophone Question
    5. The US did not mention the so-called Commission on bilingualism or the BIR as the solution to the Anglophone Question

    Of course, Dictator Biya will NOT be happy with the message from Washington. He has sworn that he will NEVER EVER dialogue. He wants a military solution.
    The US knows that there is ZERO military solution to the Anglophone Question or the Taliban Question.

    Dictator Biya should, therefore, stop resisting the truth and denying reality.


      Dictator Biya is unable to defeat Amba boys (Ground Zero)
      Sooner or later Amba boys ( Légion étrangère) will enter the mix. What will Dictator Biya do?????

      Believe me or not, our warlords have already formed the Amba boys ( Légion étrangère ). Membership of this elite force is opened to Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora. They will enter the war whenever Aba boys ( GZ ) can no longer defend the homeland. They will enter the war with MODERN WEAPONSbecause they are financially supported by rich people and entities.

      Simply put, Dictator Biya should forget about defeating the so-called “secessionists” because he will never accomplish that impossible mission. He can NEVER EVER defeat Amba boys ( GZ ) let alone Amba boys ( Légion étrangère ).


      • That is True @SEPARATIST aka Secessionist-Just with den Guns made of wood, they have put to rest more than 200 BIRs. Imagine when we start giving them some of the IPOB’s weapons we cannot use for now (Free Biafrians). We shall remain indifference to what is happening to Southern Cameroons-our brothers and sisters



          Dictator Biya is surely regretting why he declared war on Southern Cameroonians. He was expecting a BLITZKRIEG. Southern Cameroonians gave him an open-ended UNWINNABLE guerrilla warfare:
          He singlehandedly started the war. Unfortunately for him, he cannot singlehandedly stop the war. The opinion of Southern Cameroonian leaders MUST be sought. Dictator Biya has sworn not to dialogue. However, all wars on planet earth always end with NEGOTIATIONS i.e. wartime dialogue. That evil Dictator has trapped himself. He is now a prisoner of his own arrogance, foolishness, failed policies and appetite for eternal power. He is unable to free himself and SC from himself.


      For the records, my son is a member of Amba boys ( Légion étrangère ). He has my full support and blessings.


      Osih = 3,35% = 4th
      Muna = 0,35% = 9th = last

      Osih and Muna have been humiliated BEYOND REPAIR. They are surely leaking their wounds and regretting why they even participated in the phoney elections.


    • Why should the US congratulate the people of Cameroon.What have they done? electing a dictator.Many are now interpreting the US statement as acceptance of the results. Am so disappointed and devastated by hat statement from the state department.

  7. The US, should be seen as a double headed snake. The Ambassador, saw it wrong and asked
    Biya to think of a good legacy. Then the state department spokesperson comes later, giving
    a pass mark of sorts despite irregularities before, during and after the elections. This, should
    take ones mind, to the senseless war in Syria. For the record, Syria, is a Russian ally before,
    during and even after the war.
    Let`s keep our fingers crossed and before long, the same US, will eat it`s cake, and try to
    have it back as the show goes on.

    • When the beloved son of an African came bombing in Libya with his Nato allies,
      the claimed that out of the 27,000 bombs that landed, none, infact none, killed
      How great, are the mighty. Ambazonians, don`t need lessons or the way forward,
      from these confusionists, because we know what we want and what is good for
      us. That, is called democracy and not their `demorcrazy`.

  8. congratulates Hu

  9. Oops, sounds like some are having fun. Those of us who would like to see change in Cameroon, find it difficult to imagine that anyone would revel at the expectation of murder whether by the military or by Amba. Souls lost in the hopeless desire to defeat a dictator and in support of him by others. A child born will be forty three if God spares Biya.
    People have picked tribal & regional fights on this forum and have completely lost their sense of rationality to the extent that embrace of a dictator by some & rebel insurgence by others seems the way to go.
    I started an investment project in Cameroon and had transferred CFA 25 million in hopes that there would be a desire for change. But the amplification of tribal sentiments steeped in corruption has me going to Ghana now. Adios Cameroon!

  10. The US is just an empty vessel of double minded people who don’t even know what to say, the keep giving conflicting statements of what they don’t even know about. Who do you even think you are anyways????. You keep saying all sorts of Rubbish because you sit there in America and enjoy everything about life ie peace, equality, fairness, justice, electricity and just to name a few, you don’t know what others go through everyday of their lives, living like slaves under the leadership of a grandfather who can’t even take care himself, talkless of leading other people. Even science has shown that one’s level of reasoning together with other physiological functions decrease with age. Pls US u had better sit quiet if u have nothing reasonable to say rather than say Rubbish.

    • Africans For Donald trump

      Only lazy and dumb people in the North west and South West live like slaves. When the going gets tough the tough get going!

  11. I think l really ask myself what this said guy of Mbappe gets from all the hate comments he usually fabricate here. Cameroon is a point where both fractions of the country are suppose to come on the table brainstorm ideas and possible solutions on how to monover the county out of deep dive to the rock and make the people have a better life, but all this guy does is to write on how people of the North and South West Regions should be eliminated. What is ur profit if what does he stand to benefit is North and South West are eliminated. My brother, try to be constrctive in the ideas you share with people in a forum like this. We all love that national Triangle Cameroon and want to have people in both fractions live in peace, harmony and tranquility. The present government is not a good.

    • @ Darcy, Mbappe never said the people of the NW & SW should be eliminated. He said Ambazonians should be eliminated. Stop mixing apples and oranges. We the majority of the people of the SW & NW don’t consider ourselves Ambazonians for your organization is not different from the Biya regime. Stop this your Ambazonia madness. You don’t represent us.

  12. US did not congratulate Biya but the people of Cameroon for being peaceful. A congratulatory message ought to have mentioned Biya’s name but it did not which is telling

    • @enow,
      it is clear that most people on this forum just read only the comments and then reply to the comments of others, sometimes irrespective of the issue at hand.
      The official statement on the U.S. Department of State website is not a congratulation to Paul Biya’s victory.
      It is a clear rubbishing of the electoral process of Cameroon as much as it can be criticize in diplomatic language. People don’t seem to understand that Governments have to use diplomatic language in addressing issues.

    • … here we go. This is in diplomatic language a failed and a harsh critic:

      “While we welcome the Cameroonian Election Commission’s demonstrable improvement over the 2011 elections, there were a number of irregularities prior to, during, and after the October 7 election. These irregularities may not have affected the outcome but created an impression that the election was not credible or genuinely free and fair. We commend the African Union Election Observation Mission for its preliminary statement, notably that “the current framework needs to be strengthened in order to safeguard the democratic principles of separation of powers, fairness, and independence and impartiality.”

  13. @bobjazz ”Your so-called fight to separate from your brothers and sisters because of the difference in foreign languages spoken and taught by the same imperialists will only lead to disaste”…Stop making useless comments here.If foreign language have not seperated us for the past 57 years,then i wonder what have seperated us.Who are u calling ”our brothers”? Is a beti man a brother to an Ejagham man? Calling Southern Cameroon a British fabrication without calling LRC a French fabrication is a clever ploy to disregard Cameroon’s history.Thank God CMR was colonised by Britain and France,becos,if CMR would have been speaking one of its national language,for example,Ejagham,Cameroonians will still complain that Cameroon has been colonised by the Ejagham people.Ambazonia must be free.

    • @ Kongosa. And how is an Ejagham man a brother to a free born Santa man like myself from the NW province of Cameroon. Learn to look before you leap my friend. Let me repeat one more time there is no such thing as Ambazonia . Cameroon is Cameroon and will always remain Cameroon. A white man’s colonial interest and languages will never be used to determine our boundaries. Go die for bush if you no like am or go join Biafra people for Nigeria and fight for separation there.

  14. @bobjazz ” Mbappe never said the people of the NW & SW should be eliminated. He said Ambazonians should be eliminated.”…Sorry,the people of SW and NW are Ambazonians,they are not Cameroonians.Cameroon is the French Fabrication,and Ambazonia is the British fabrication.The people from NW and SW are not brothers with those from the other 8 regions.Learn to accept it,becos thats the way it is.We are two different peoples.If Cameroon had adopted Ejagham as an official language,all the other 352 tribes in Cameroon will complain that they have been colonised by Ejagham people and the bamileke man will call Ejagham a foreign language,the beti man will called Ejagham a foreign language,the bakweri man will call ejegham a foreign language and so on.


  15. @bobjazz So,we,Ambazonians consider french,a foreign language in our courts and schools.learn to deal with it and accept it.We are two different people.Ambazonia must be free.

    • @KONGOSA

      you needs to take your psych medication ” son of a bitch ” don’t worry soon the national language of Cameroon will be Chinese.

      I forget to mention an Igbo man ” from Nigeria” screw your foremothers from Cameroon, therefore we have you terrorist “SISIKU ‘

      • yes…thr igbo man had as much fun as the fang beti man who screwed yours.

        as usual you fail to realise how well your submission supports the fact that we are indeed differet people.
        Ambazonia muat be free

    • @ Kongosa man. Of course the Santa people and the Ejagham people are 2 different people. We have nothing in common. The English language is not our culture. It is the culture of the people of the United Kingdom.

  16. No true and good mind, should see biya`s victory real. Only a dictator and tyrant,
    can stay in power by winning elections the way we see in Cameroon. Short and
    simple, this again is another fraud.

  17. ambasonia is a terrorist organization, therefore they should be eliminated by FORCE. we will never never dialogue with American citizen “Cameroonian ” or UK

  18. @bamendayBoy HA ha ha ha..i go die laugh…Do u really think u will suceed to impose a foreign language in our country? lets see how u are going to do it then.

  19. @KONGOSA

    I am the one who is laughing now, I thought terrorist ambasonia was free already.

    second, I never say or use the word “impose a foreign language in our country” you needs to stop made story terrorist.

    Do me a favor you needs to take your psych medication

    • heheheheh I don die laugh.
      Ambazonia cannot be destroyed. it is an idea not a thing and if you had brains you would have seen it grow and flourish over the past 30 years…the next 29 hears wl see it grow stronger and before you die trust me, you will be compelled to get a visa to visit Ambaland

      • Epée,

        you like you work 20 jobs—Ayaba Cho witi Tapang dem go only scratch dem corner head when dem hear da kana good news…

  20. @bobjazz ”And how is an Ejagham man a brother to a free born Santa man like myself from the NW province of Cameroon.” Of course an ejagham man is a brother to a santa man becos they both underwent same colonial system of governance.They share a common colonial experience.Are u saying that a hausa man in Nigeria is not a brother to a Yoruba man in Nigeria? Of course they are brothers,becos they are all offsprings of a British fabricated state.
    Ambazonia must be free……