U.S. Customs Officers Intercept Ancient Cameroon Stone Carvings at Miami International Airport

NBC 6 South Florida | U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at Miami International Airport say they seized several ancient Cameroon stone carvings that were illegally exported to the country.

Officials say the carvings, known as “Ikom Monoliths”, date back to between 200 A.D. and 1000 A.D. According to officers, the artifacts were sent to the United States with fraudulent documents.

In 2019, there were 23 seizures of cultural property that were valued at $1 million, customs officials say.

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  1. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    It belongs to Nigeria I suppose, go to Ikom local government area in Cross River State of Nigeria, you will see many of this monolithic sculpture standing.

    • It belongs to Ambazonia u ignoramus. Your mates are on the street u are here claiming artifacts. My friend collect ur leg de go.

      • Shut up fool, yhu ah run mad, wen dem ah yahn yhu dey koko.

        Ambafool, meik yhu faze wahala wey deh yah front, an leef Naija wif em ohn, shebi juh don hia baah.

        Ikom monolith na Naija ting, unu pipo na tif man dem ah bi.

        • Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

          Bro, it’s okay. Just leave that guy alone and don’t respond to him harshly, we all stand with Amba.

          But, the truth is, the Southern Cameroon has become an illegal route where this Ikom monolith finds its way to the international market.

          Sad, how Nigeria border with Cameroon is so porous, and the Nigeria government has completely turn blind eyes to the criminal activities of smugglers among the border communities from North to South.

          I hope Cameroon will return the Ikom monolith to Cross River State of Nigeria, and Ikom local government area where it rightfully belong to.

          Cheers Amba

        • Awala man, are you not on strike? Go and help there, Amba is too complicated for you.

          Ejaghem (Akwa Ibom) people are also found in CMR…

        • Thank you for your kind remarks Brown Sugar. I take back my insolence. The Ekoi people which I am of the extraction and the Ekpe society which we venerate in Ambazonia have these artifacts decorated in Nsibidi in our local shrines. I hope you understand that our settlement transcends colonial borders.

          As for the very noisy lousy primitive @Abah-fada, I will follow your instruction and not even respond to him. Hope he is heeding the advise of his pope by now to offer his but hole to be split by his congregation members.

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