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U.S warns Cameroon’s separatist crisis could get worse

cgtn | The United States has warned that the separatist crisis in Cameroon could get much worse.

The U.S. assistant secretary of state for Africa Tibor Nagy said the situation in the Central African nation is worsening by the day and “worrying me greatly.”

The United States calls for dialogue between Cameroon’s government and the Anglophone separatists who sprang up from peaceful protests two years ago against the alleged marginalization of English-speakers in the largely Francophone country, Nagy said in a conference call with journalists.

Fighting between the separatists and Cameroon’s security forces has sent hundreds of thousands of people fleeing in recent months, with hundreds of people killed in the English-speaking North West and South West regions.

Nagy said he is reminded of neighboring Nigeria, where the government’s “brutal response” to extremism led to an increase in the membership in Boko Haram.

That decade-old Islamic insurgency continues to rage in northeastern Nigeria and has spilled over into neighboring countries.

The U.S. diplomat suggested “some form of decentralization” in Cameroon as mentioned in a proposed constitution for the country.

The U.S. provides training and other support to the country’s military.

As Cameroon’s President Paul Biya was sworn into his seventh term in office last month, he urged the separatists he calls “terrorists” to drop their guns and be forgiven or prepare to be killed.

Military raids began shortly afterward.

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  1. Pa paul could have solve 85% MBOA problems by living power unfortunately greed is an addiction.It unbelievable how 27million Cameroonians , a proud and educated people let one man do this to them.On the other hand a people deserves the government they get fortunately the Anglophones have rejected that dogmatism.


    The advisers of Dictator Biya are very foolish and naiv. They continue to deceive the latter that he could usehis decrees to resolve the Anglophone Question. Of course, that is wishful thinking.

    Dictator Biya has only TWO options left:

    1. defeat the “secessionists” on the battlefield ( Degree of success = 0%)


    2. convene an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue ( Degree of success = 90%)

    Dictator Biya should therefore stop using his decrees to create this and that commissions. It is a sheer wasteof precious time, energy and scarce resources.
    The commission on bilingualism and the commission on disarmament only help to worsen the situation by the day. They are proofs that Dictator Biya is not interested to resolve the Anglophone Palaver


      Chakaboom , Chakaboom , Chakaboom , Chakaboom

      Please go and protest the mercy is coming.

      I thought Nigeria government has your back “ambazonia “ kikikkkkkikikik .

      Do you know how many ambazonias members , Nigeria government kill and arrest them kikikkkiki .

      Go and check the fact nyamfuka

  3. USA, stop training the Killers of Southern Cameroonains. Sooner SC will get the AK47s they need and the worse is yet to Come. Sooner when there is salary for the Killers they would join to fight Biya and the Country would go into flames thanks to the Germans, France and other Colonial Masters.

    • Killing terrorist is a righteous cause, you will be smoked. You can’t and will never get the means to fight a State.

    • You should read the article again, the US is not training the Amba Boys but the Army of Cameroon. 🙂

  4. The cost of this war to the Anglophones is very high, but those who fight and believe in justice are willing to fight forever.
    Mandela spent 27yrs in jail and Black South Africans fought the apartheid system for more than 50yrs.
    The Anglophone apartheid in Cameroon is no different just so happens to be black on black camouflage as brotherhood.
    Why would Equatorial forest Africans be so determined to impose French language, culture and history on others before they are considered full citizens on the land of their ancestors is a mystery.
    How is it possible that Canada is able to deal with the same 2 languages and bijural systems that Cameroon has been unable to deal with for 60yrs?
    Decentralization is just another Franco-Napoleonic colonial dysfunctional system with no added value

    • Insular and small-minded Anglo-Saxon African woman,

      The answer to your question about Canada is simple: MARTIAL LAW! Now, YOU want to become like Canada overnight… it is a process, my dear. Remember, YOU may have to go through the same process as Canada, if YOU want to be like them. Thus, as of now, we can safely say that YOU haven’t seen anything yet, and YOUR hurry towards self-destruction will only lead to more deaths and suffering. We all know that YOU cannot continue manufacturing babies forever to replace those delusional so-called Anglophones that are sacrificing their lives in vain while YOU drink red soup and mimbo.

      Secondly, there’s no so-called Anglophone apartheid in Cameroon. Stop deceiving yourself!!!!!!

      • This stupid entity @Ras Tuge. What foolishness are you talking about regarding martial law in Canada? You don’t know anything about Canada and it will help you shut the hell up. There were 2 refendums is Quebec. 1980 and 1995. Give Ambazonians one if you dare evoke the situation of Canada and then draw analogies after that.

        Do you even have opinions of your own initiatives? You keep going after this lady never getting ashamed as she ignores you. Are you a sexist,wife beater on top of your acute tribalism? You are one delusional foolish psycho pretending to be well read. You must be living a pitiful life of regret to keep behaving this way. You must therefore speak truth and kick the dictator out to help come out of your entrapment. Utter disgrace.

        • Little midget, the history of Canada did not start in 1980… and by the way, I go after whoever I want and you can’t do anything about that. Only a loser like you would put a woman on a pedestal… I put women in their place, midget.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @Terrorist Dot

          If Quebec is your model, then you should form a political party like Bloc Quebecois and follow the political process.

          Bloc Quebecois did not declare Quebec an independent state in order to trigger the referendum.

          You cannot achieve a referendum through terrorism.

        • Ras Tuge

          You are truly a delusional lunatic. Keep having your hallucinations and seeing midgets. However sink it in the back of your mind that there are lots of others too who can put you in your place. I am one of them. You parade this forum out of idleness not sanity. Lost soul.

        • Aftican Trump

          Who forms a political party on an ideology that corrupt hand clapping government qualifies as terrorism? Had the parliament debate it yet or you are expanding a mesh to kill more? Insanity knows no bound.

    • @Lum

      See me this dog .

      How there you can compare Camerooon history and South Africa history. Stops smoking or drink mimbo here .

    • @Lum

      The people of Quebec (Quebecers/Quebecois) are descendants of early settlers from France. Then there are the anglophones whose forefathers were from Britain and Ireland. So they were French and English white people who brought in their distinct cultures including their languages. You know why the natives are in the reserves? To preserve their culture. They are still trying hard not to be assimilated by the same people who invaded their land and tried to wipe out each and every tribe. It’s not the other way round. Like two groups of natives trying to identify with either Britain or France
      ( English or French) because they were colonized by them. Let’s stop this secession madness and work towards federation. Canada’s system of government is federal, which is what we need in Cameroon.

      • Africana,

        I am glad you brought the aspect of inherent culture up… but honestly, I am beginning to think that even the overrated federation might be unsuitable for our society. There must be a system that suits our structural framework but since we are lazy people, all we do is either improvise or settle for contingency. We love the easy way out but that approach will continue to prove costly for our society. We have plenty of work to do.

        You can see how delusional folks are dreaming of a referendum oblivious of the fact that you start with political mobilisation and not vandalism. However, when people are bent on self-destruction all you can do is relax and watch them incur the costs.

        • @Ras Tube

          I still can’t believe these secessionists continue to lie through their teeth. They are really on a suicide mission. I tire this whole madness.

      • @ Africana!
        Do you speak French in Cameroon, Study French history and literature, study German and Spanish in the Francophone subsystem of education who are direct neighbors of France because you are descendants of the French?
        You are a colonized people East of the Mungo by the French and West of the Mungo by the English.
        If your argument is that because we are not European descendants therefore we should not advocate a European system of our choosing English whilst you a non European in government have the right to impose French on us it is a flawed argument.
        How many years does it take an Equatorial African to institute a federal system of government in Cameroon…. 57yrs really
        How Many years do they need to embezzle billions of dollars…. 0
        Who is fooling who?
        Keep killing!

        • No Ma’am, my argument is that we should be fighting for equity. Right now the issue you guys are struggling with is more of an identity crises. You guys don’t talk about Britain and France partitioning Cameroon for their own convenience. All I hear is 1961 this and 1961 that. You are not different from the corrupt regime we should all be fighting. Mr. Biya and his friends think they are French, you think you are British. Sad!

  5. if they think we will handover our ancestral lands to them on a golden platter they are sorely mistaken.
    the next generation of fighters is in gestation as we speak.
    Jail one Sisiku and 1,000 more shall rise.
    Kill 100 fighters and 10,000 more shall rise.

    We are a free people, we will not be ruled by usurpers .

    • @Epée Dipanda

      Like I mentioned before some black monkey will never learn. Who cares about you terrorists “ ambazonia “

      Before you re coming here talking shitttt you needs to learn about America history dump fuck .

      Go ask the United States Congress to gives back California state; Oklahoma state or Texas state to Mexico.

      Or go ask the Uk government to gives back Scotland or the north Irlande .

      Water nah water

      • ignorance will kill people one day.
        those places you mentioned faught wars to seize the territories, did you win us in a war?
        two cubes of sugar will teach you lesson.

        • That ignorance is already killing your elements massively! What happened to the secessionist confederate states in the American Civil war? They were dissolved like powdered sugar!

          Intellectual dishonesty is baneful to progress… If you must advertise yourself to the world as a fellow who is not as ignorant as his opponent, you must be able to indicate that you understand things better.

  6. Kill them allllllllllllllllllllllll “ terrorists”

    For the record and fact the USA had been killed innocent peoples than others countries in the world. Kikikkkikikikikk

    The fact is China already past the USA .

    The United of Americans are the biggest biggest thieves in the world.

  7. I have decided to ignore the “ignorant”.
    For those who genuinely seek knowledge let it be known that the American civil war was about the preservation of the right to own slaves.
    justice and freedom won back then, justice and freedom will win this time around and unfortunately for you freedom and justice are on the side of Amba

    • Thank you for that civilized approach. You cannot truly debate with lunatics that abhor others they claim to be their countrymen and approaching a debate with an ulterior motive to force it down on their perceived minority. Terrible

  8. Thank God! Qu’ont-ils vu? Ils voulaient organiser un événement à l’échelle africaine et marginaliser la région du Nord-Ouest comme d’habitude. Dieu a répondu aux prières de l’homme Bamenda. Vous devriez y aller et compter vos pertes pour tous les projets fantômes. Bâtards inconsidérés. Gens arriérés. Chaque jour, nous entendons que le Cameroun est un et indivisible.Mais leurs actions parlent plus fort que leurs paroles.




  10. Quand Dieu répond aux prières du peuple Bamenda, Yaoundé est dans le pétrin. Les conséquences ne font que commencer! Comment le cameroun peut-il organiser la Coupe d’Afrique des Nations et Marginaliser Bamenda.La plus grande ville anglophone du pays et le lieu de naissance du parti dirigeant et du principal parti d’opposition. Comment cela démontre-t-il que le Cameroun est un et indivisible?