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UK government calls for investigation over Cameroonian footage of killing of women and children

GOV.UK | Minister for Africa Harriett Baldwin issued a statement on Cameroon.

Harriett Baldwin
Commenting on the recent video circulating in Cameroon of men wearing military-style uniforms executing two women and two children, Minister for Africa Harriett Baldwin said:

The United Kingdom is deeply concerned by the images circulating in Cameroon of the horrific killings of four women and children by perpetrators in military-style clothing, including allegations that those responsible may be members of the Cameroonian armed forces.

I welcome President Biya’s decision to open an urgent investigation. Those responsible must face justice for their appalling actions – there is no justification for these actions.

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  1. Those are one example of what Biya;s thugs are. doing.are doing and you know it. Stop pretending .

    • Absolutely! The pretence is gut churning.
      She knows it, we know it, everybody knows it. Thousand of innocent people have been killed by the Biya forces with impunity.
      If laws are broken the judiciary, an independent one at that must kick into gear. Any violations of the above constitute an abuse of rights which must be upheld by any means necessary.
      The pretence should stop and Biya must get a ticket for the ICC immediately

    • who cares about the UK

  2. The absurdities of our times!!!

    Asking the criminal to investigate his own crime? Who does not know that as head of the armed forces, the president issues instructions of what has to be done? Who has not heard the famous phrase “sur hautes instructions du chef de l’Etat” that is uttered by everyone on the chain of command?

    • We have to little to late from May you had up to 8 riot police ignoring a beating up of a May protester by a security detail of the president of France ! We can assume Cameroon will do better,murder is murder whoever does it ,beating up a civilian is beating up a civilian and the ignorence of it is in itself a lack of responsibily by anyone payed by the taxpayer.

  3. You came, collected your own bribe and left. Little did you know that the dictator interpreted it as license to kill. You this devilish woman have blood equally on your hands. These mad untrained brutal looting rapist army have done worst in Ambazonia. Mami Appi who was burnt inside her house and Sam Soya are only 2 testimony. A whole family of 7 was wiped out in Batibo last week and Pinyin, Santa and Bali massacre before that. 100+ villages burnt. Our mothers are now burying their dead as the men are all finish. But we will fight till the last man. That land including the streams, eucalyptus trees, goats rabbits, gorillas monkeys, lakes and mountains belong to us. We will defend it by blood and iron as we move on from paper and pen. Ice will meet fire to create water. Water Na water!!!

    • @ L’enemie. Point of correction. There was no family of 7 wiped out in Santa. Only the Ambazonia thugs who came to destabilize our village were given a bit of pepper soup. |The next time those your thugs come to Santa with that your Ambazonia nonsense, we will not only kill but cut off their b’boblls. Your terrorist organization is not different from the Biya regime the reason you have no support from the majority of anglophones. You also kidnap and behead anglophones who don’t support your madness just as the Biya regime does to its opponents. You both have blood soaked in your hands.

      • You this idiotic wreckage. Who said Santah you this ugly gorilla. Meet me in the field and I’ll aim my revolver straight into those bulb eyes you carry and behead your head like that of the terrorist Daouda we chopped off in Menchum today.

        • Hah Hah Hah coward L’enemie. Only the weak curse. From the childish thing you just wrote above, I don’t think you have the balls to stand before a Santa free born like me. You are weak. For your information I am very very sweet and handsome. I have no tainted Ibio bio blood. Canadian ladies call me bonbon chocolaté.

  4. @ JD. As I Always Say Here. You Think Mastering English Means “Sabi All”. Did Biya Tell People To Kill Indiscriminately As Your Chris Anus Tells Ambazombians To Kill Francophones & Eat Their Corpses? If Yes, Prove It. In The Other Hand, One Can Receive Orders Something Else. Why England Did Nothing When Children Were Killed In Soweto? This Is None Of Your Business. If I Were Biya, I Would Have Killed More Collaborators Of Boko & Ambazombians Home & Away.

  5. Difficult for UN government to see clearly when murky oil deals stand on the way. Those oil contracts are much more important to defend than presumed murders of women, children, men or hotel proprietors like the one of Mile 17(Miss Bright Hotel).



  7. If this was as serious as she and her gov`t would want us to believe,
    she would be frowning instead. Not a serious concern anyway.

  8. @bobjazz There is no better way to put it.A majority of anglophones are in support of État unitaire centralise.I don’t know why that Ambasonia,terrorist organisation are disturbing.

    • So the Etat unitaire centralisé should organise a referendum. After all, they will win fairly with the supervision of UN because Anglophones decided to join this evil Larepublique and only Anglophones will decide to leave or stay.
      Wata NA Wata until freedom comes our way.
      Ambazonia for life

    • @ Kongosa, I have advised you many times. That your old trick of always associating anglophones who don’t support your Ambazonia madness to the Biya regime doesn’t hold anymore. Your terrorist organization hijacked our protest against the Biya regime’s marginalization of anglophones for your secret agenda which is not supported by the majority of anglophones. Your bunch of thugs are not different from the Biya BIRs. The majority of anglophones will never ever be part of a terrorist organization that promotes hate, kidnaps and beheads people who don’t support their foolishness.

      Your terrorist organization is already beheading people who don’t support them. Can you imagine what you will do to your opponents if you are actually allowed to form your Ambazonia? Biya will be like a priest

  9. Who is the UK to have a moral high ground? The middle East is this state because the UK couldn’t say no to the US in 2003 in invade a sovereign country on false pretenses. We are today witnessing the dominoes effect of that decision. How many migrants have died in Sea so far? The UK and the West practiced slavery for 2 centuries, only abolishing it because of industrial revolution, machine replacing human. What about neocolonialism which is still going on today, and is a direct reason why thousands of Africans women and children included are dying in Sea. White men don’t give a fok about the black man. They only pretend to when it benefits them.
    I feel sorry for those who run to white people every time they are unhappy about anything.

    • You have the moral guts to still open your large toothless mouth? I thought Banabas Donossou and Cyriaque Bityala the women and children extrajudicial killers were Malian not so? Idiot! Stop mixing everything as your complaint. I couldn’t believe you will open your large hepan mouth and frog eyes to one day cry the same thing Ambazonians are up against. Blood and iron has replaced pen and paper. Fire will collide with ice to form water. Wata Na Wata. Ambazonia must be born this time and we shall live free it all die.

  10. Tif woman,you sold your soul to the devil.and when that same devil goes around committing atrocities,you utter passive concern and ask the same devil to investigate.
    Karma spares no one.you shall all pay for the blood of the innocent.

  11. Nonsense talks who cares about u “ambazonia “ Make sure u won the war soon of a bitch .

    • ThThere he goes again madman @bamenda wannabe pretty sure you missed your meds again please take them fils de pute

  12. UK are devil’s is this the first time they know what is going on in Cameroon it’s should not be a surprise because they know and are silence but Southern Cameroon has taken his destiny by his own hand.
    God punish Biya and his LRC
    The UK should go and sleep

    • There is no such thing as Southern Cameroon. That was a brief British fabrication for their national interest and the reason there has never ever been any country called Southern Cameroon in any world map even dating back to BC . Your terrorist organization can never ever destroy what God created. Cameroon was Cameroon yesterday, is Cameroon today and will be Cameroon tomorrow. Your Ambazonia foolishness will never ever be part of this world.

  13. How can a murderer investigate his own crimes.Everyone knows that’s the handiwork of the Cameroon military but no one is prepared to condemn the action..If the UK is really serious they should call for an independent investigation and not asking the Cameroon government to investigate its own crimes.What a wicked and corrupt world.

  14. Yup, theUK is really worried about the oil hermeticically stuck in their throats, why wouldn’t they? The UK that accompanied the US to Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction is the same UK now asking an accused to carry out an investigation on his or herself! Why didn’t they allow Saddam to do same?

    • You should have asked those very same questions when conman Ayuk ferried you all like goats to go and meet your mama, the queen.

      Thinking out of the box is a gift from CHINEKE…

  15. @bobjazz ”’There is no such thing as Southern Cameroon. That was a brief British fabrication for their national interest and the reason there has never ever been any country called Southern Cameroon in any world map even dating back to BC .”’ ha ha ha ha ….I go die laugh.Are u serious? On the contrary,that your LRC was a country created and named by France in 1960, for their national interests.Ambasonia is not part of it and will never be.

  16. @bobjazz ”The majority of anglophones will never ever be part of a terrorist organization that promotes hate, kidnaps and beheads people who don’t support their foolishness.” Of course,the majority of anglophones will never support that your Etat unitaire centralise madness,that promotes kidnap,hatred,and division between SW and NW and behead anglophones like Sam Soya .
    We,the Ambasonians have said that it is fire for fire,blood for blood,behead for behead,hatred for hatred,kidnap for kidnap.Anything that you bring,we are equal to the task.If u kidnap any Ambasonian supporter,we kidnap CPDM supporters,you behead any Ambasonian supporter,we behead 5 LRC supporters,you kidnap Ambasonian leaders from Nigeria,we kidnap CPDM supporters like the chiefs e.t.c…Ambasonia forever…….

    • @ Kongosa. There you go again. When you have no argument to make against the majority of anglophones who don’t support your madness, you quickly associate them with the brutal Biya regime . A typical sign of weakness. Let me remind you that it was us who started this protest against the Biya regime’s marginalization of our people before you guys hijacked it with your foolishness that’s not going to go anywhere but destroy the lives of anglophones. Those your so-called Ambazonia leaders you are talking about are not recognized by the majority of anglophones the reason they haven’t taken to the streets to protest their arrest.

  17. @bobjazz So,who does the anglophones recognise then? the CPDM memberss of parliament and senators who have refused to resign even after the people have asked them to? We saw how the Kumba population went and asked Senator V.E Mukete and Co to resign,yet he is still there.We saw how MP Mbah Ndam was asked by his people to resign,yet he is still there.Are those the people that anglophones recognise? ha ha ha ha ha…wata..na wata